How To Lock a Post On Onlyfans? Using PPV on Onlyfans

How can you lock a post (a video or an image) on Onlyfans? A Guide for creators to introduce PPVs and let users pay you for them.

How To Lock a Post On Onlyfans? Using PPV on Onlyfans
How To Lock a Post On Onlyfans? Using PPV on Onlyfans 

In Onlyfans, you can make money through different ways, like offering subscriptions, getting a Tip from your subscriber, or personal requests, and introducing PPVs (pay-per-view) based content. PPV-based content is also called Locked posts. What happened when you locked a post on Onlyfans? We discussed the whole topic at great length.

Do you know about Onlyfans? Onlyfans is a platform by which you can earn money by sharing your posts like images, videos. Onlyfans is an internet-based content subscription. Onlyfans content creators can earn money directly from the viewers or subscribers who can subscribe or content creators can earn money from fans paying for the PPV posts.

Onlyfans owners have the authority to set the price or lock the post to set the price on it and when the fans of the content creator when clicking on a post to view or subscribe.

What happened when you locked a post on Onlyfans?

Locked posts in Onlyfans are also called PPVs. It is another way of making money and you can lock those posts that you think your subscriber would love to pay for. 

For example, I followed an Onlyfans creator and one of the best things about him is he (the Onlyfans creator) visited different States or cities in the United States and have great sex with Hotwifes. Now, he introduces a PPV where he is invited by a husband of 20s years old wives. Who wouldn't pay for a post like this? This definitely makes him the most money introducing the right PPV to the subscribers or fans.

When you introduced a PPV, you can send it in form of mass messaging to your fans. This means all your fans can receive your PPV and they can pay right from the inbox to unlock the content. To start making money on Onlyfans, you need to verify your Onlyfans.

Lock post on Onlyfans

To lock on the post means that you set the price on the post. Post must be a picture, video, or audio. To set a price on the post or lock the post is a very easy and simple method. When you open the Onlyfans front page you will find a (+) sign to post on the Onlyfans.

Click on the positive sign button and then select an image, video, or audio. Then you will find an option of free preview or select price or set price. When you click on to set the price you will find different prices, like 5, 8, 10, 15, 20, 25, etc. Then-owner or content creator who is much famous on the Onlyfans platform he/she sets the price on his post. If I can mention a screenshot of the page that we can set the price on the post or lock the post.

The first one is an option of the free preview, which means that your fans can see your picture free without paying the cost of the post. And here is the second option, which is a price to view, which means that you can see the special post of your hero or a person which you love or favorite.

Here you can send personal to his fan to get PPV means that when your fan clicks on your post when your subscriber pays to you then the price of your post you can offer your fans a free preview, meaning they can see your picture without having to pay for the post.t comes to your account. In this way, you can earn money from this plate form. There are some people who allow her fans to see the special posts that they have attached or created on this form.

Here you can select the calendar that how many days your post on the plate form. It must be one, two days, three days, and so on. Here you can add more than one post at a time or add more than one picture or video.

Here is another twist on this platform. Everyone comes to this platform to earn money. When you want friendship anyone can become your friend but when you become a friend he says you that send me some money.

FriendsOnly is a social media platform for adult content creators who want to get discovered easily and can make money through offering subscriptions. You can create vertical videos and start subscription-like Onlyfans. Join FriendsOnly here

It may be 25$ or more then. You can say that your friendship on this platform only depends on the money or you’re on the dollar. When you send money to him, he will be a friend but if you do not send money he says there is no more friendship. You should pay ahead for your work, upload a post and set the price, or lock the price and earn money from this platform.

There is another good option for this plate is that when you want to send your post personally to your fans once then you should go to the create a new message and all subscribers add your description and attach media and click on the price button to select the price of the post but in other words, you can lock your post by setting the price they post. Setting the price or locking the post is a simple method.

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Restriction of PPV or locked posts on Onlyfans:

Restriction means that you can restrict your fans means that you can select privacy on your personal message. Select the restriction. By doing this no one can send direct messages to you or comment on your post. However, when you disable the restricted button by doing this your fabs can see your post and have the authority to send messenger personally and can comment on your post.

One of the most important things is that you can create an account of the Onlyfans when you are above 18 years .anyone who is less than 18 should not be involved in this platform. All this information is clearly written on the platform. The acceptable use information in the platform terms of service sets out clearly what is allowed on this platform, and more importantly, what is platform isn’t.

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