How To Sell Feet Pics on Twitter?

Here is a step-by-step guide for creators to sell feet pics on Twitter.

How to sell feet pics on Twitter? A Guide for sellers to sell their feet pics on Twitter
How to sell feet pics on Twitter? A Guide for sellers to sell their feet pics on Twitter 

Are you searching for platforms to sell feet pics? Well, in this case, social media can help you to sell and earn money. You can sell your feet pics on Twitter as well. It’s a bit shocking but true.

Many people are unaware of it. Twitter is not only a communication media but also a marketing platform. Hence you can trade the photos of your feet securely. You need to know some techniques and processes of marketing your pics.

Why can Twitter be the best platform to trade your feet pics?

There are millions of users on Twitter, and you can take this advantage to sell your pics. You have to promote your brand, i.e., your feet pics. And upload to sell them out. Make sure to decorate the pictures beautifully.

Check out the following steps.

  1. A page on Twitter: First of all, you are required to create a page on Twitter. You can create an anonymous account, but I suggest going for a real one, as it works better. How to grow your account? It's simple, and you only need to create some daily tweets. Be active on your Twitter account regularly to help it grow.
  2. Upload your clicks on Twitter: After forming a profile on Twitter, upload your feet images. Don't forget to use a watermark on your picture. To show ownership, a watermark is essential. So that cheaters won’t be able to steal your photos. Now upload your feet pics and share that with your connections.
  3. Be active on Twitter to reach the purchaser. Do you have the desire to earn quick money? Then you are obliged to stay active to reach people of your interest. That’s how you can get more recipients.
  4. Provide links to your customer: While publishing your models, do not forget to stick links to your page, provide an email address, etc. These are the best way to connect with the purchasers.
  5. Promote your tweets: The smart way to promote your model is to use trendy lines as your caption. Remember, Twitter is famous for using hashtags. It works, so don't forget to use trending words related to your business. Like – ‘feet pics, hashtags can be used ‘#sellfeetpic’ #prettyfeet’, #happyfeet’, etc.
  6. Using the list from Twitter: Twitter list is like a group of Twitter accounts. Here your feet picture can stretch to multiple people at one click. It is just similar to the Facebook group. Don't have a Twitter list? Follow this-
  • Click on Lists in the navigation bar.
  • Create a new list icon
  • Make a list with a short description.
  • Next
  • Add people of your interest
  • Click on Done

7.  Grow your connection on Twitter

Intercept with other sellers. Observe their strategies and get inspired by them. Chat with your customers and study their requirements. Chatting with followers, tweeting polls, and sharing content regularly helps to grow connections.

Selling feet pics on FeetFinder:

You can sell feet pics on FeetFinder too and all you need to do is just make an account and boom, you are in complete control of your content and can make money selling pictures of your feet. Sign up here as a creator to sell feet pics.

The Reasons to Sell Pictures Online:

Why would you go online? There are numerous paths to sell pictures. So I am going to disclose some benefits of selling models of feet online for earning purposes.

  • Inexpensive to start

Online selling costs are very low, and you don't need a lump of money to start. For feet pictures you need a camera, a few lights that's all. Snap some attractive images of feet. Edit them like a pro. Choose the best of your snaps and go on.

  • Plenty of demand

Making money is easier over here. Many modeling agencies, designers of foot products, and marketers related to the foot always demand images of the foot. That means feet pictures are highly on demand. And it obvious if you can fulfill customers need then it can help you to earn more money.

  • Hidden Identification

Are you an introverted person? Or does not like the online game? See the solutions.  Create an anonymous account. Feet picture selling is not like modeling; it won't bid for the face. Hence you don't have to meet people physically. This is safer to sell feet pics online.

  • Limber timetable

You can carry your timetables. No fixed hour like 9-5 jobs. Make money online whenever you are free. Your mood, your money.

  • Natural to promote business

The online market is rich in websites where you can easily promote your models. The feet pics business is growing day by day—access to many interested people or marketing sites from home.

Reasons People are willing to Buy Feet Pics?

There are various kinds of markets, not only online but offline too. Companies like footwear brands, foot products want pictures of the foot to promote their brands. They always wonder about such professional clicks. Your images may comply with their demands, and they will pay you for that.

Not only brands, many video bloggers or knitting blogger purchases pictures of feet.

How Much Money do You Get from Feet Pics?

It depends on your dedication. Maintain a continuity tweet of pictures. Picture quality is most important. If the above features are strictly followed, then be happy. You may earn more than 500$ easily.

Read the following queries to clear your doubts.

Feet picture selling is legal in the USA, America, Canada, UK, New Zealand, and Australia. To be a valid seller, your age must be above 18. Do not click offensive pictures. That could violate illicit law.

NB: Photos of the barefoot might violate religious belief in some countries.

Some Regulations to be Maintain

We know online business might be full of hustle. Therefore, you need to be extra careful.

Glance these points to sell pictures safely:

  • Know your buyer

Before dealing, research your buyer, check the details of them. Go through their history, reviews. It is safer to deal with reputable websites. Be wary of sharing your credit card details. Do not overshare your info.

  • Conform financial records

Kindly keep financial records. While purchasing, these will help you to track transactions. Remember selling feet pics is abiding under the tax. Tracking transaction records help you stay organized for tax purpose.


Exchanging feet pics on Twitter is most effortless than any other social media platform. It is the safest, cheapest way out. The twitter features make it handy to sell feet pics.  You can gain plenty of sales and more traffic. It boosts messages of your brand and draws an audience.