17 Best Free and Paid Onlyfans Creators To Follow In 2022

The Onlyfans creators you should follow. Some of these creators are running free pages while other are both (free & paid), we have a huge list of Onlyfans creators that I think you should follow in 2022.

17 Best Free and Paid Onlyfans Creators To Follow In 2022
Best Paid Onlyfans creators to follow / Some of the best free & Paid Onlyfans creators that you should follow (a complete list of Onlyfans creators)n

Onlyfans got everything. From Bella Thorne to Mia Khalifa, you can find actresses and actors who are willing to show you their most exclusive content but you have to pay a specific amount for it. In this guide, we have made a huge list of creators who you can follow on Onlyfans.

When the pandemic hits, a lot of sex workers struck and didn't have an option to make more money. Onlyfans as a platform was the survivor who introduced the idea of paid subscription. This guide is where we discuss and mention some of the top Onlyfans creators that you should follow. We mentioned how much they charge and also direct you to their social media platform.

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The Best 17 Onlyfans Girl/women Creators to follow:

  1. stormy Summers
  2. Molly Sims
  3. Doutzen
  4. Kacy Black
  5. Daisy Dray
  6. Maria Moobs
  7. Booty and the Beast
  8. Zayla
  9. Jack and Jill's Sexual Encounters
  10. Di and Nick
  11. Savannah Paige
  12. Jade & Jake
  13. Levi & Cam
  14. Yasmin Baker
  15. Mati

1. Stormy Summers

Stormy has a lot of intense stuff to offer in her Onlyfans account with a standard subscription fee of $15/month. You don’t have to worry, as she loves to offer bundles to her die-hard fans. You can get her premium stuff which includes 2800+ posts, 4500 pictures, 778 videos, and guess what!! She also has 22 sizzling audio recordings on her account as well.

She has a range of killer stuff on her account, which is difficult to miss. Despite her tiny stature, she surely knows how to grab the attention of fans with her deadly hardcore videos. As her bio shows, she’s undoubtedly a tough chick to handle. You can subscribe to her to satisfy your fetishes, especially if you’re a submissive girl fan.

Stormy has two accounts, one with a free subscription and less stuff; the other is a premium account where you can get your hands on her exclusive posts.

Onlyfans Account URL (Paid): https://onlyfans.com/stormy_nsfw

Onlyfans Account URL (Free): https://onlyfans.com/babygirlstormy

2. Molly Sims

Molly has everything a top Onlyfan creator could have, nice lips, killer curves, and a savage ass. But what makes this girl stand out is her engagement to the subscribers and the 18+ content she offers to her fans.

She has posted more than 800 posts with around 69 hot videos and 778 pictures. She has a large audience with 174K likes on her Onyfans account. And the best part is: “Her Subscription is Free.” You can get your hands on her free photos, although you'll have to pay a small fee to view her sizzling videos.

To get more insight into her “world,” you can send her messages, and she’ll surely not leave you in despair.  

Molly has a magnetic personality for cameras; she leaves no efforts to make her fans happy. She doesn’t feel shy to show her wares in front of the camera. Moreover, increasing fan following is her themed videos; she accepts requests for her paid fans to satisfy their fetishes.

She has a lot to offer in her premium content, from dildo shows to schoolgirl shows; she has everything an Onlyfan fan could ask for. We will admit, though, that watching her use that giant gadget left us in a spell for days. No kidding!

Onlyfans Account URL: https://onlyfans.com/babymollys

Twitter Account: https://twitter.com/babemollys

3. Doutzen

Doutzen is a verified Onlyfans creator with almost 114K likes on her profile. She is not among the top creators, but she’s offering more than them. Her increasing popularity among users is her provocative style and steamy live streams. In addition, she offers sex tapes exclusively to premium subscribers.

Her specialties include a threesome, lesbian, POV scene, etc. But she’s mainly known as Queen of Anal, so to confirm she’s the queen or not, you’ve to check it yourself. She has posted 2400+ posts and four videos.

This enticing girl is offering subscriptions to her exclusive content for free in the United States. It’s a limited-time offer, after which the price will go back to $20/month. So, don’t miss the chance.

OnlyFan Account URL:https://onlyfans.com/doutzenxo

Instagram Account: https://instagram.com/DossAgency

4. Kacy Black

Kacy is one of the best content creators on the Onlyfans platform. With a model-like body, she’s offering classy and erotic stuff at $30/month; for a limited time, you can get it for $3/month on discounted subscription bundle.

She has more than 1K posts and 502K likes on her profile. Her Onlyfans account holds 1000+ compelling images and 65 video clips, which are seductive enough to go crazy.

Onlyfans Account URL: https://onlyfans.com/kacyblack18

Twitter Account: https://twitter.com/black_kacy

5. Daisy Dray

Daisy is very good with the camera lens, and she surely knows how to provide premium stuff to her viewers with her crisp modeling images and videos. Daisy’s fans call her Ariana lookalike, but it doesn't matter whether she is the look-alike of a pop star or not; all that matters is how well she can handle her fans' desires.

The number of posts on her account is not so high but don’t take her capabilities lightly. Not joking at all! She has almost 250 images and ten high-resolution videos worth watching.  Daisy is a Latina who’s a master in creating NSFW content, and she feels no shame in showcasing everything she has in her live streams, making her fans drool for her.

Subscription: Free

Onlyfans Account URL: https://onlyfans.com/mydaisydolly

Twitter Account: https://twitter.com/mydaisydolly

6. Maria Moobs

Maria moobs are the perfect choice for the Olyfans lovers that love live streams. This tiny little girl has a variety of videos and images on her profile, and that’s not it. She loves to do live streams and interact very actively with her viewers. Her shows are always available for purchase so that you can get them anytime you want. However, if you get a chance to see her live stream, consider yourself lucky!!

Maria is all about exclusive live streams and tasty treats in her Onlyfan account, containing 889 images and 38 tantalizing videos. She doesn’t offer any freebies; despite this, she’s a vast audience who follows her.  

Regular Subscription: $5/month

Discounted Subscription: $3/month

Onlyfans Account URL: https://onlyfans.com/miamoobs

Twitter Account: https://twitter.com/mariamoobs

7. Booty and the Beast

We all know Beauty and the Beast, but this couple has changed the entire meaning of that fairytale. With a huge army of 2.7K subscribers. They have a way to hook the audience. To find out their specialty, you have to visit their account yourself.

They’ve 972 pictures and almost 400 videos on their Onlyfans account. They’re famous and offer G/G, B/G, live chats, and threesomes. You get to lay your hands on all their exclusive content for just $15/month. And the best part is that they offer a free account to their fans as well. They’re offering a discounted price of $4.5/month for a limited-time offer. So, don’t waste time and subscribe to them as soon as possible.

Subscription Bundles:

  • 30% for 3-month at $31.50
  • 35% for 6-month at $58.50

Onlyfans Account URL(Free): https://onlyfans.com/bootyandthebeast69free

Onlyfans Account URL: https://onlyfans.com/bootyandthebeast69

8. Zayla

With almost 1217 pictures, 113 videos, and one audio file to dazzle her viewers, Zayla certainly puts a lot on display. She offers her premium stuff at $30/month, but to welcome her fans, she is offering the subscription at a low price of $3/month.

She’s a bold stepmom with a great range of NFSW and seductive bikini shoots. Her photo gallery is full of exclusive one-piece and two-piece bikini sessions. Once you subscribe, there is no going back. You’ll not regret paying that amount to see Zayla flaunt her curves.  

Onlyfans Account URL: https://onlyfans.com/stepmother

Twitter Account: https://twitter.com/stepmommyzayla

9. Di and Nick

Di & Nick are one of the most fun and kinky Onlyfans couple creators who’re even offering to travel to you for some fun time. Di is 6-6 and an avid squirter who loves fingering, anal, rimming, and wet play. They are a welcoming couple who love to play with each other’s bodies alone or in groups.

Their steamy, wet content is available to everyone, and they don’t feel shy to show off their dirty love. Di & Nick have 7.9K images and 991 videos on their profile full of nude, DP, DAP, DVP, self-pleasure, adult material. You should check them out if you’re into couples.  They offer a monthly subscription at a rate of $11.80, which is available at a meager price of $9.44/month.

Onlyfans Account URL: https://onlyfans.com/crazybicouplemw

Twitter Account: https://twitter.com/crazybicouplemw?lang=en

10. Jack and Jill's Sexual Encounters

Long gone, the time of Jack and Jill going up a hill, now is the time of Jack & Jill’s Sexual Encounter. They are Onlyfan couple creators who have 1000+ images and 390+ videos in their account to provide full-fledged fun to their viewers.

If you’re a die-hard fan of a threesome and this couple has a lot to offer. You can also get hot threesome material right into your inbox at a subscription rate of $8.5/month. So what are you exactly waiting for?

Onlyfans Account URL: https://onlyfans.com/jandjbts

Twitter Account:https://mobile.twitter.com/_jackplusjill

11. Savannah Paige

Savannah has both free and paid accounts but she does not let her fans get bored by the content on free accounts as well. She is a very open and provocative girl who loves to show squirt videos and solo plays. She never hesitates to show off her curvy body.

She loves to do dick rating but you might have to pay for it. She usually charges $15 for cock-rating. You can subscribe to her for $15/month to watch her private videos and images. Or you can choose to have some fun with a free account only.

Onlyfans Free Link: savannahpaige

Onlyfans paid Account Link: savannahpaigevip

12. Jade & Jake

They are an unconventional couple with extensive tattooed bodies and a unique hairstyle, making them stand out at the Onlyfans platform. They are a very active couple who post regularly and keep their subscribers on their toes. They have a lot of lingerie wear, nude,  NSFW cosplay, uncensored pictures, and intimate behind-the-scenes shots on their profile that you surely don’t want to miss.

You can subscribe to them at a rate of $7/month and can get direct access to their 1000+ revealing pictures and 159 videos. But, surprisingly, they are offering a flash sale discount in which you get access to their content for $5.25/month.  

Subscription Bundles:

  • 15% off for 3-months at $17.85
  • 35% off for half a year at $27.30
  • 40% off for a whole year at $50.40

Onlyfans Account URL: Acoupletoremember

13. Levi & Cam

This couple is ready to boast of their intimate love to their fans and offers a variety of content on their profile. They have top XXX-rated adult content with single, couple, and threesome videos and pictures.

They are also open to personal requests and are versatile with their content. They’ve 460+ images and 295 videos with a lot of hardcore stuff to watch.  You can subscribe to them at $14.99/month or choose from these packages below; the choice is yours.


  • 20% for 3-months at a rate of $35.98
  • 40% for 6-months at $53.96

Onlyfans Account URL:  lLevicam

Twitter: lconlyfans

14. Yasmin Baker

Yasmin is a 27-year-old British babe with sexy curves. With 100+ videos and 4.3K images, Yasmin shows her wild side to her most devoted fans only. You can watch her intimate content by paying $9.99/month. She is also offering a discounted price of $3.50/month for a limited time. So don’t miss this chance. We can guarantee, you’ll not regret subscribing to her.

Subscription Bundles

  • 20% off for 3-month at $23.98
  • 25% off for 6-months at $44.96
  • 30% off for a year at $83.93

Onlyfans Paid Account Link: https://onlyfans.com/vip-queenb

Onlyfans FreeAccount  link: https://onlyfans.com/queenb94

Twitter Account: https://twitter.com/yasminbaker18

15. Mati

Mati is a provocative creator who has 600+ photos and 170+ videos showcasing her curvy body which is hard to overlook. She’s very responsive and replies instantly to the messages which are why fans love to interact with her.  She has more than a million likes on her Free account. You can get access to her free content as well as on paid one at a rate of $20/month.

Subscription Bundles

  • 20% off for 3 MONTHS at $48
  • 30% off for 6 MONTHS at $84
  • 40% off for a year at $144 total

Free Onlyfans Link: https://onlyfans.com/matiofficial

Paid Onlyfans Link: https://onlyfans.com/mativip

Twitter Account: https://twitter.com/mativiptv

16. Destiny Skye

Destiny Sky has kept her account open for everyone with zero subscription fee but to get your hands on her most exclusive intimate stuff, you might have to pay some amount. She’s offering custom videos at a rate of $350/video.

She’s open to messages and is a very playful creator. She surely knows how to show herself in front of the camera. Her account has more than 3.7k images and 857 videos that you can watch to entertain yourself.

Onlyfans Account Link: https://onlyfans.com/destinyskye

Twitter: https://twitter.com/exoticdes

17. Brynnwoods

We’ll wrap up our list with this little girl eager to put some show in front of the camera for the love of her viewers. She is very open to posting her bold and nearly nude pics and has 1.7K images on her accounts with 425 videos. You won’t regret visiting her profile. And the best part is she’s offering all the content for FREE.

She’s open to messages and cute yet explicit stuff. You can send your special requests to her in the DM. She loves to play with her body and has a very unique way to show her “world” to her fans.

Onlyfans Account Link: https://onlyfans.com/brynnwoods

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