OnlyFans Pricing Guide: Charging The Right Fee For Your Content

This is an OnlyFans pricing guide for creators looking at how much to charge for their OnlyFans page subscription, selling PPVs, and for the custom content. We have discussed everything from beginner-level creators to the Top 0.01% OnlyFans creators. This is an OnlyFans content upselling guide.

OnlyFans Pricing Menu and how much to charge for your content? An upselling Guide for creators to make more money
OnlyFans Pricing Menu and how much to charge for your content? An upselling Guide for creators to make more money

This is a guide for anyone looking for OnlyFans pricing, how much they charge for the OnlyFans subscription, PPVs, and custom content. It is always harder for people to find out the right pricing for their content, and this is the ultimate guide I wrote for OnlyFans creators to start upselling their content.

I have years of experience working as a writer for OnlyFans creators, working with adult subscription companies and OnlyFans management agencies to understand how the pricing should be done and when to charge for something.

If you are a Beginner OnlyFans creator looking for answers like How much I should I charge for My OnlyFans subscription, pay-per-view videos, custom content, and much more, this article will help you better at pricing.

The OnlyFans business model is subscription-based. There are a lot of creators who choose to monetize their OnlyFans page by getting paid followers. On the other hand, some OnlyFans creators provide content for free. We have listed down 21 free OnlyFans creators to follow. If you plan to make money on OnlyFans, choosing a subscription fee is very important.

There are a lot of creators who are wondering how much money is too much to charge for subscriptions. We have an answer to this question with some tips and tricks for you.

If you are an OnlyFans creator, then you might be wondering what amount of money you should : charge from users; before you decide on a number, you should keep something in mind, charging more could reduce the number of followers, charging very low could get your more followers, but you will make less money.

It is better to have an OnlyFans niche and have amazing OnlyFans captions for your content in order to make more sales on your content.

The No.1 Factor to decide the rate of your OnlyFans Page:

If you have a following of Millions, you should think about your OnlyFans subscription a bit high. Bella Thorne has 22 million Instagram followers, and she is charging a $20 per month subscription fee. She is pulling millions of dollars every month from OnlyFans.

Getting paying subscribers is regular money. OnlyFans subscription is recurring. This is excellent for OnlyFans, as it gives you recurring money.

If you don't have a big social media following, you have less exposure, so fewer people might subscribe to your OnlyFans account.

This is why having great social media could help you get more subscribers even if you are charging more money. Some OnlyFans creators have a big following on Instagram, but don't havethey are charging more. Is this strategy helpful? We have discussed this question in detail in the next section.

How much is an OnlyFans subscription?

Before we discuss the pricing for the OnlyFans subscription, the better idea will be, if you are a beginner OnlyFans creator, why not go for a free OnlyFans page?

If you are looking for a Free OnlyFans account and want to upload content, you will need to do OnlyFans Verification. OnlyFans verification is an easy process, and it takes an hour, or in some cases, it might be more in order to upload content.

You can still make money with a Free OnlyFans page. You can receive a Tip, sell PPVs, and receive a Tip for the custom content. The free OnlyFans page is only free for the content you post. The people who want to watch your content still have to subscribe (free) in order to view it.

If you are a beginner OnlyFans creator, better to go with the Free OnlyFans page, and after two or three months, when you have enough content. You can introduce paid OnlyFans page later and charge a subscription fee.

OnlyFans allows you to set a price between $4.99 to $49.99 per month. There is no restriction over setting up different prices on Onlyfans. But, of course, the more you charge, the fewer people will subscribe, and vice versa.

Charging high Vs. Charging low monthly subscription: Pros and cons:

A lot of users don't subscribe or follow your OnlyFans if you are charging above $10. If two creator with the same social media following, one is charging a $5 subscription while the other is $10; let's say that charging $5 per month get 1000 subscribers while a creator is charging $10 to get 500 subscribers, now both creators are making the same amount of money.

What if a hundred people each unsubscribe to both the creators? A Creator that charges a $5 per month subscription loses $500, while creators trusted $10 lose 1000 dollars. This is a big difference.

Another factor is to charge low subscriptions is; There are multiple ways to make money on OnlyFans. The more people have followed your page with fewer subscriptions could make you money. You can make money on OnlyFans through subscriptions, getting tips, PPV content (pay-per-view), and charging people for custom requests through DMs.

The following are some of the factors that you need to keep in mind while charging a fee for your OnlyFans page:

  • How much content have you uploaded to your page?
  • Your social media followers
  • The number of content available for the paid subscribers Vs. PPVs. PPVs are a turn-off for many subscribers or fans, but this doesn't mean you shouldn't do PPVs.

There are people making thousands of dollars just from getting personal requests for completing the kinks of your followers. Some creators charge $100 to $300 per DM request.

How much should we charge for the pay-per-view videos?

I worked with an OnlyFans creator, and she was charging $4.99 per Pay-Per-View video. The videos were great, but she was making less money. Now, what should you do? You can charge $9.99 to $31 for a PPV video.

There is another strategy to make more money with PPV videos. You can categorize the fans based on how much money they spend on you and send them your PPVs at a higher price. You can charge $31 to $42 or anything in between this interval for your content.

OnlyFans pricing is a bit tricky thing for the PPV content. If you have a better understanding of your audience, you can always make more money with OnlyFans subscribers if you charge more compared to charging less to get more sales.

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How much to charge for the OnlyFans custom content?

Charging for the content is a bit tricky subject. If you are a beginner OnlyFans creator, you should always charge less. Charging less for your content is because your focus should be on building a fanbase and don't have 100% focus on making money.

You can charge $30 for different custom content requests. If you are making a stable income, you can charge up to $100 to $400 per custom video.

What type of custom content requests do users get?

You can get the following types of custom content requests from your fans:

  1. Dick Rating
  2. Foot Fetish
  3. Doing something outside your home.
  4. Fucking yourself with a dildo
  5. If you do B/G content, it might involve something with them.
  6. And many more... There might be some weird custom content, but you can always charge more and make sure it follows OnlyFans community guildines.

Learn something from Top OnlyFans creators based on monthly subscription charging:

Bella Thorne's example is suitable for any creator to make money on OnlyFans. She has a big social media following, and this thing makes her the most successful OnlyFans creator. You can charge lower and let more people consume your content. But, you have to keep the quality at a top standard.

If you want to charge more, do it if you have fulfilled all these three criteria;

  1. You look awesome, 9/10.
  2. You have a big social media site.
  3. You have somehow a celebrity status and followers from countries like the United States, The UK, Canada, and European countries.

How much should I charge if I am ugly?

There is nothing like the word "Ugly," but if you are a beginner OnlyFans creator or someone who is old, you should be considerate about the pricing.

If most people don't find you attractive, then the best strategy is to use charging low or build yourself a decent social media following. If you have a big social media following, your face or body doesn't impact the price of your Adult subscription,

So, OnlyFans creators charge money for subscriptions, personal requests, or camming or phone sex based on the number of people following them.

This phrase means that the more money you charge from your users, the more your users will expect high-quality content.

PS: OnlyFans Pricing: How much do we charge for OnlyFans?

If you are looking for an OnlyFans pricing menu, this is a pricing menu division by what stage you are a creator:

OnlyFans Pricing Menu for Beginner Creators:

The following is how much you charge for your content:

  • Subscription: Make it free or make sure it is minimum, as you have no content.
  • PPVs: Send fewer PPVs; if you want to send PPVs as a mass DM, charge $3.99 to $4.99.
  • Custom content: Charge $20 to $50 per custom video for the first month or two based on how many fans you have.

As a beginner OnlyFans creator, you can add more trial links to get free subscribers. In OnlyFans trials, you can add a number like 15 or 25, and the first 25 people can actually subscribe to your OnlyFans for free.

OnlyFans pricing Menu for Intermediate creators:

The following is how much you can charge or a pricing model for OnlyFans creator with an intermediate between the top 4% to top 2%

  • For a subscription, charge $7.99 per month or $17 for the first three months' subscription.
  • While sending PPVs, charge $9.99 or anything in between. Don't charge double-digits unless you are sure that you recorded one of the best videos ever.
  • For custom content, you can charge between $50 to $200 per custom video. You can look to the interest of a fan, and if he is demanding something extra, you can always charge more.

OnlyFans Pricing Menu for top OnlyFans creators:

If you are a Top 2% to Top 0.1% creator, you can charge $11+ a month or more and can also charge a minimum of $19.99 per PPV. And can charge $80 to $400 per custom video request. At this stage, you should also be looking for more opportunities.

If you want to make $100k a month, you should be working with an agency, and making $100K a month is not possible without working with an OnlyFans management agency.

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