Can You Have Multiple OnlyFans Accounts? Creating Free & Paid OnlyFans Account

Can You Have Multiple Onlyfans Accounts? Creating Free & Paid Onlyfans Accounts on Onlyfans, and is it is allowed by Onlyfans? what are some pros and cons of creating multiple Onlyfans accounts? We have discussed everything in this article.

Can You Have Multiple Onlyfans Accounts? Creating Free & Paid Onlyfans Account
Can You Have Multiple Onlyfans Accounts? Creating Free & Paid Onlyfans Account / Image created by the author

In Onlyfans, anyone can have an account, and if they verify and add their bank details, you can make money on Onlyfans. One big problem with Onlyfans is it is hard to market your page inside the platform, and also, not everyone who lands on your Onlyfans page is going to subscribe to you, so this is why Onlyfans allows you to create two accounts; one free which is for everyone can enjoy your content for free, and one is paid that is only the content available to subscribers who pay you a monthly fee.

There is a reason why OnlyFans is a subscription-based popular social media platform. It provides content creators a safe place to sell their content to their subscribers and helps them earn a decent living by providing their content security and privacy.

These days, all thanks to OnlyFans, people are arguing how sex work has changed entirely, and now sex workers do not have to go to hidden places and meet their clients. Rather, they can do this work by being in the comfort of their home, and to achieve this, they need to have some basic know-how of how to take good-quality videos and images.

OnlyFans understands you as a creator require more from the platform, and this is why it has a feature allowing you to make multiple accounts. In this article, I will look into how you can create multiple accounts on OnlyFans, and how you can use them to your advantage.

Benefits of having a Free OnlyFans page:

You can use OnlyFans' second account to retain your fans who don't pay you and feed them some of the content you already share on other social media platforms.

Following are some of the benefits of having a free OnlyFans page:

  • Those who subscribe to your OnlyFans page already have an OnlyFans account and are just one step closer to subscribing to your paid OnlyFans page.
  • You retain your audience and bring them to a platform where they could be your potential customers in many ways.
  • It is safe to build a following on different social media platforms. It is easier to get noticed if you upload free content as people share your Onlyfans free page with their friends or on their social media accounts.

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How much do people make from OnlyFans?

While the data collected on average OnlyFans earnings is not from the official source because OnlyFans does not reveal the earnings of their creators, at least directly.

However, most of the sources on the internet quote the average earnings from OnlyFans to be somewhere between $140 to $180. At the same time, other sources quote it to be somewhere a bit higher than this, which is about $160 to $200.

Whatever the case, on OnlyFans, you can certainly make a huge amount of money if you understand the platform well, have good communication skills, and have the know-how to make good quality content on Onlyfans.

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The following are some of the tips that you can apply for you to become more popular on OnlyFans:

1. Make the best use of social media for your advantage:

Social media is where the majority of the internet is located. For you to grow your OnlyFans, you will need to learn some basic elements of the social media market and apply them to your benefit.

Having an active presence on OnlyFans will surely give your page a boost since you will be able to sell your product to an even larger audience.

Some platforms like Reddit and Twitter are sex-friendly social media platforms where you can easily upload your content and don't fear getting banned or suspended. Other social media platforms that creators use a lot are TikTok and Instagram, where you can get a good number of followers.

You can read some of our OnlyFans marketing guides here:

2. Learning the basics of image editing

These days without knowing the basics of editing, you cannot produce images that will take you ahead of your competition. Spending some time learning how Adobe Lightroom works and how Adobe Photoshop work will change the game for you. You can learn it for free from countless different sources on the internet.

3. Engaging with your audience:

If you are not engaging with your audience, there is no chance they will stick. Rather they will go somewhere else.

Getting a response from their model is something many cherish on OnlyFans, and it helps to make sure they become more loyal to and consider you “genuine” than someone who considers themselves to be on top of their game.

How many accounts can a user make on OnlyFans?

On OnlyFans, you can make two accounts from different emails and connect them with one another, although they would not show on your profile unless you want them to. Beyond this, OnlyFans will not verify your account, and you will not be able to sell your content through it.

OnlyFans only allow you to have two accounts. You can make one account available for free to everyone and one for only people who could subscribe to you.

Why would you want to create multiple accounts on OnlyFans:

The answer to this ranges.

There is no one unique answer to this; rather, the answers are very divided. However, the best practice that many content creators on OnlyFans use is making one account pay, whereas the other is free. This way, they use the free one to attract a wider audience to their paid account.

Think of it as a tool of marketing within OnlyFans. It also helps the community of OnlyFans to learn what your content is all about and what they will get once they start paying you.

However, this is not a must. Rather it is one strategy that has done well for many but not too well for others. It also depends on what kind of content you create on OnlyFans. Of course, if you create adult content, then you can use your free profile to share behind-the-scenes of your photoshoot, and on the paid account, you can share the complete photoshoot.

Apart from this, there is not much use in having multiple accounts on OnlyFans. This may make it difficult for you because managing two accounts is more difficult than managing one account.

How you can create a secondary account on OnlyFans:

To create a free account on OnlyFans, you will first have to visit OnlyFans Registration, where you will register your secondary account with the secondary email. Please note that if you use the email to sign up with the account you already have, this will not work. So it is important to use a secondary email address for this purpose.

After you enter the secondary email, you made for this purpose; the remaining steps will be the same.

One thing to keep a note of when making the username of your secondary account is that you can either use a “+” at the start or end of your username, or you can put a “FREE” at the start or the end of username so that your subscribers are aware that the account they have followed is the free version.

An example of this would be: @ilovelife_FREE or @ilovelife_+

It is a good practice for you to add the link to your paid account on the bio of your free account. This way, your fans will know the actual deal, and the moment they think it is time for them to start paying you for your content, it will only take seconds to reach your paid account.

How to connect your secondary account with your main paid one on OnlyFans?

The following is how you can connect your secondary account (possibly the free version) with the main account, which is then paid one. These steps are:

  • Go to settings on the main menu of your account.
  • After reaching the setting, you will find “Account” just below where “Profile” is written.
  • Click on Account.
  • Tab will open where it will say “connect another OnlyFans account.”
  • Click on that and provide the username of your secondary account. It will take a few moments for OnlyFans to confirm your request and will link it up with your main account.

Connecting your secondary account with the main one will allow you to easily move towards each account just by going to the side menu. However, it will not be public; therefore, you will have to mention your main account on the bio of your secondary account, as I mentioned earlier in this article.

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