How To Promote Onlyfans On Twitter? A Subtle Guide

How to promote your Onlyfans page on Twitter? Twitter hashtags and Twitter marketing tactics to get more fans on your OF page from Twitter.

A Guide for Adult content creators on Onlyfans to effectively promote their content on Twitter
How to promote Onlyfans on Twitter? A Guide for Adult content creators on Onlyfans to effectively promote their content on Twitter and get more fans or subscribers on their Onlyfans page. 

Twitter is another platform where you can promote your Onlyfans page. Twitter has over 350 Million users, and most of them are very active. You will find high-net-worth people, from businessmen to entrepreneurs to the top management of companies to government officials.

Onlyfans is a fantastic platform, but one big problem out of many is they promote and give exposure to your content. This is one of the reasons why adult content creators on Onlyfans are also part-time social media marketers.

There are other platforms where you can promote Onlyfans, like Reddit, Instagram, and TikTok.

Twitter and Reddit are my two favorite social media platforms for publishing content, and there are many pros to that which I have discussed in this article.

Twitter Stats you should know as an OnlyFans Creators:

I have looked for some of the resources and found some of the most interesting statistics for you, so It could help you decide better about the platform.

  • Twitter is the world's 9th most visited website, with 6.2 Billion impressions.
  • 25% of the audience of Twitter are from the US. Most of the users of Twitter are highly educated with good jobs or running businesses.
  • Twitter is the most liberal social media platform, meaning you have more opportunities to grow as an adult content creator on Onlyfans.
  • 85% of Twitter's audience earns more than $30,000 a year, and 34% of the audience earns $75,000 or above a year.
  • One-fifth of Twitter user is below the age of 30. And the most interesting is that 54% of all Twitter users are most likely to purchase a product or subscribe to a service.

What are some pros of Twitter with respect to Onlyfans?

Twitter is an adult-content-friendly platform. This means you can upload adult content or short videos, and your account will be completely safe and fine, unlike other platforms like TikTok and Instagram. In addition, you can easily promote your Onlyfans page on Twitter and Reddit compared to other social media platforms.

Twitter is also a platform where you can be discovered very easily. All you need to do to get more engagement is to upload more content on your Twitter. Initially, you need to engage with other Twitter Onlyfans creators to get more followers.

Twitter helps you to build a loyal audience on the platform. The Twitter algorithm is amazing; if you are serious about this business, you will find Twitter to your rescue.

Case study 1: A Woman who was just uploading pictures on Twitter and promoting Onlyfans:

An Onlyfans Woman creator contacted me on Twitter; she discovered my Twitter handle from one of my blog posts and wanted to use my marketing services. Now, I don't market Onlyfans creator contact but instead, I help with coaching them on a better way to get more traction.

We have an amazing one-hour meeting with her and her boyfriend. I corrected some of the mistakes she was doing on her Twitter posting and after a few weeks, she jumped from the top 16% to the top 4% of Onlyfans creators.

What was her Twitter marketing strategy that worked? First and foremost, she was very active on Twitter. The only platform she was using to promote her Onlyfans page. Second, she was uploading fully-clothed pictures on her Twitter handle while for her Onlyfans subscribers, she was uploading nudes. So, if you want to see her nude pictures and videos, you have to hover over her Onlyfans page.

This Onlyfans promoting strategy worked for her and If you are in the same boat, you can use it for your Onlyfans page promotion through Twitter.

What do we learn from this Onlyfans Twitter marketing strategy?

  • Be consistent on Twitter. Upload at least once every day, seven days a week.
  • Leave something to the imagination of your fans. Let your super fans subscribe to your Onlyfans to get the content they are hoping for.
  • Engage with the content.

Case study 2: A story of Bull promoting his Onlyfans page:

I followed a bull on Onlyfans who later contacted me and wanted to use my services. He was amazing and have a good following. Who is a bull? If you know about the Hotwife lifestyle, there are three important parts; the wife aka hotwife, the husband aka husband, and the Bull, or the lover.

You could be a bull or a hotwife and create content and make money on Onlyfans. On Onlyfans, you will find creators from both these sides of the lifestyle.

So, what was unique about this Onlyfans creator, and how he was using Twitter to promote his Onlyfans page?

First, he visited hotwives from all over the states. He record-making love to those hot wives and end up recording and uploading those videos to their Onlyfans pages.

The bull working with me used a strategy that is very simple to adopt. He takes very small (under 1 minute) clips from those recorded videos and uploaded them to Twitter and Reddit. It got over 30K to 100K views. This is amazing free marketing and you could reach your potential audience in a very short time. It is way better than TikTok or Instagram.

You wouldn't get big engagement on the short videos you post to Twitter from your very first week but it will take you some months before you start traction and if you are consistently publishing two or three short clips every day, you can get traction very early.

Another thing he did was to visit the already famous OnlyFans Hotwives. Hotwives on Twitter have a good following, and if you mention those hotwives and they retweet your video or a picture, you get exposure to a whole different audience. So this is how you can use Twitter as an Onlyfans marketing tool.

How to promote your OnlyFans on Twitter?

Before starting Twitter, try to make sure to use a decent profile picture, a banner on your Twitter profile, a bio, and add a link to your Onlyfans page. Yes, it is allowed to add a link to adult material on Twitter. When everything is done, turn on the analytics feature.

Twitter Analytics feature to turn it on for Onlyfans Creators
Twitter Analytics feature to turn it on for Onlyfans Creators

When you turn on the Analytics feature, you can see all the important data like the Tweet impressions and the number of people who visited your profile, and more data that could help you better understand your marketing efforts.

Twitter analytics dashboard for Onlyfans Creators
Twitter analytics dashboard for Onlyfans Creators

Learning from the experience of the two case studies we shared about marketing your Onlyfans on Twitter, here are some of the things that help you reach your targeted audience:

  • Use videos as content. Presently, videos perform best. You can get more engagement and viewership if you publish short 1 minute videos compared to other content.
  • Engage with other creators: Follow other Onlyfans creators on Twitter and leave a thoughtful response. You should at least leave two responses every day.
  • Be consistent: On your first day, you can't expect to reach 1,000 people but slowly and gradually, you can reach more audiences.

Hashtags for promoting your OnlyFans on Twitter:

Even though I am not a big fan of using hashtags, if you are new, using the right hashtags could help you feed the algorithm about what type of content you publish.

You can use the following seven hashtags on Twitter to get more relevant impressions from your future fans:

  1. #Onlyfans
  2. #Sexy or #Sex or #adultcontent
  3. #Onlyfanscreators and #OnlyfansModel
  4. #Cuckold #cuckolding #bull #Hotwife or relevant hashtags but only use them if you are a hotwife or a bull.
  5. #OnlyfansGirl or #Onlyfansman #Onlyfansgirls
  6. #FreeOnlyfans #Content #sexygirls #sexOnlyfans
  7. Mention the category you are producing content in, like #BBW #BBC #BWC #Milf, etc.

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