Selling Feet Pics Reviews: Can You Make Legit Income?

What do creators think about selling Feet Pics on different platforms? We have shared reviews of creators on different platforms in this guide. What are the chances of getting scammed? And can you legit make money selling Feet Pics online? We have answered all these questions.

Feet Pictures seller reviews and is it legit that you can make money selling Feet Pics?
Feet Pictures seller reviews and is it legit that you can make money selling Feet Pics?
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It’s not unusual to joke about selling feet pics online. You’ve heard the stories. Chrissy is making $5k per month without showing her face. Why can’t you?

But things do feel different when it’s you. What if you get scammed? What if someone finds out your real name? Or worse, location? 

Is it true when people claim they earn over $70,000 yearly from feet pics? Can it become your full-time job? 

Before you can dream of earning $300 per day with feet pictures, let’s arm you with the pros, cons, and nitty-gritty of this niche business. 

Can You Make Proper Money From Selling Feet Pics Online?

Feet pics are in high demand, but not as much as the internet projects. 

Not every foot picture seller earns $500 every day. Some do not have any luck selling one for $5. 

What are they doing wrong?

  • Perhaps they chose the wrong seller platform. 
  • Maybe the shape, size, or even the aesthetics of their feet is not appealing to the buying demographic. 
  • They aren’t creating the right concept photos. 
  • It could be due to incorrect marketing. 
  • Finding it hard to sift through the scammers. 

However, those who manage to gain some footing- pun intended- in the market can make $100 every day at the least. 

One Reddit member claims they received $1000 in a day on the forum. 

Then, there’s Rachael, who mainly operates on the FeetFinder platform and confesses she earns about $500 per month. Yes, it’s her monthly income. 

Most accounts point toward an earning pattern suitable for a passive side hustle but not enough for a full-time job. 

If you are selling on a marketplace, you will likely have to part with 30% of your income as commission. Many of these platforms also demand a fee of $5 to $10 per month for account maintenance. 

It depends on how you package your services. If the price for a single picture is $5, you can sell 20 of them a day. It’s easily $100. 

But you have to find 20 people willing to buy. Pictures alone won’t do either. You have to take custom video requests. In fact, it is how you earn $5,000 to $10,000 per month. 

You find interested parties through your feet pics. Before you know it, they are sending you specific video content requests.  

A 30-second video can be priced at $300. If the specifications are too outlandish, you can raise the price anywhere from $500 to $1000. 

You have to find the right customer to make legit money from selling feet pics. The difficult part is sorting through all the scammers. 

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Sell Feet Pics on FeetFinder

FeetFinder is the No.1 platform for selling Feet pics. They have over a million creators on their platform selling Feet Pics and have creators who are making full-time income selling their Feet pics. You can make money through getting paying subscribers, selling Feet albums, receive a Tip, and custom offers from your fans.

Sign-up for FeetFinder

Is It Safe to Sell Feet Pics Online?

is it safe to sell feet pics online

Here’s the deal. No form of online business is safe. If you are selling a digital service, you always risk getting scammed. In particular, selling feet pics online presents a unique set of dangers. 

There are scammers on both buyer's and seller’s ends. Both parties can’t seem to trust each other as a result. 

Although, as a feet pic seller, the worst thing that can happen to you isn’t a loss of money. It’s having your identity revealed online to stalkers. 

The business is safer than any other adult service, mainly because you are rarely taking pictures of anything but your feet. 

Yet, small careless on your part can make it unsafe. 

One college girl tried to get customers from Omegle as a new seller. She had set up a PayPal account without using her real name and used Kik (a messaging app) to remain anonymous while chatting with strangers. 

When she found someone willing to buy, the buyer demanded she send the pictures first. 

Despite having her suspicions, she did because the buyer showed her a screenshot of paying another girl. 

Of course, the payment never came through. However, the worst was when two other men sent her messages with the pictures she sent the first guy. 

Suffice it to say the texts weren’t kind and were decidedly sexual. 

So, maintaining initial caution wasn’t enough. 

Again, as with all online services, you are safe if you are vigilant throughout. You can’t skip steps of safety. 

7 Things You Should Not Do While Selling Feet Photos Online

When a beginner feet photo seller made her FeetFinder account, she got about 50 messages from scammers. If she didn’t detect oddities in the messages, she could have lost at least $100. 

Do the following never fall prey to scammers and online harassment. 

1. Never Send the Photos First

This is the basics of avoiding scams. Doesn’t matter how many screenshots the buyer sends you of money in their bank account or proof of paying someone else. 

Never send pictures or videos first. 

Until the money shows up in your bank account, not a single picture should enter the message box. 

You can send blurry, small previews, but never the high-definition version. 

How do you know you’re dealing with a scammer?

  • They will claim they want to be your sugar daddy rather than only wanting pictures. 
  • They may send you the money first and show you a screenshot. Afterward, they will say you need to pay a tiny fee to get the money. Once you do, you will find out the money never got into your account. 

So, never send pictures first, and always check your bank statement. 

And no online transaction requires you to send a fee to another person’s account. 

You can make an exception for buyers who send half the money in advance though.

2. Sell Pictures Without Watermark

Before you upload any feet snapshot, always place a watermark over the picture. 

When directly sending one to a buyer, place your watermark on the corner.

This solidifies you as the owner and prevents those who preview or buy your pictures from using them without permission. They can not send your photo to anyone else. 

Or they can, but it gives you the right to use them over copyright. 

3. Not Having a Written Agreement

Always take screenshots of any conversation you have with a potential customer. Additionally, send them an agreement stating precisely how they can use your picture. 

More importantly, mention how they can not. 

Think of yourself like a general photographer and feet selling like a legit business. 

Have the person sign the agreement. 

Later, you can use this as evidence if they try to shortchange you. 

4. Trying to Sell on Social Media

reddit for promoting and selling Feet pics

As a beginner, you should never try to sell feet pictures on social media. 

Even if you create a new account thinking you are anonymous there, you aren’t. Apps like Instagram will push your account to followers on your other profiles despite disconnecting or opting out. Read: Apps to Sell Feet Pics

If you don’t want others to know your identity, it is the worst way to reveal it. 

Plus, social media sites have triple the scammers from foot pics marketplaces. You are unlikely to sort through it all to find legit ones as a newbie. 

Instead, sign up for sites like FeetFinder and OnlyFans

These require ID verification to keep out scammers and will keep you entirely anonymous. 

Of course, don’t forget to use a fake name and a neutral username. 

5. Not Using a VPN

It’s not only scammers; you have to think about hackers, too. 

When engaging in a business, you might not want others to know about; they have more reasons to want to embarrass you. 

Plus, some buyers may have stalkerish tendencies and could try their best to access your location. 

Use a VPN to spoof your location and secure the accounts you use for business. 

6. Including Other Details in the Picture

Your feet pics or videos should never have anything but your feet. 

There shouldn’t be a wisp of your hair present. Your face should never get close to the camera frame. 

The background shouldn’t have any furniture, personal items, or any other clue as to where you live. Stick to a plain white background if possible. 

People can glean the tiniest information about your life and figure out your identity. 

7. Giving Away Your Bank Details

Sign up for online payment platforms like PayPal, Stripe, or CashApp. 

Create a username on these apps utterly different from your real name. Link it to a business bank account for further protection and tax benefits. Never give your banking information directly to the buyer. 

Who Buys Pictures Of Your Feet?

Where you could sell Feet pics?

People with a foot fetish? Yes. 

But they are not the only ones. 

You are likely only focusing on the sexual side of the business. Let’s take a look at other sources of income. 

1. People with Foot Fetish:

This represents the biggest audience that will be interested in your Feet Pics and videos.

There are a lot of platforms that exist like FeetFinder, where you can sell Feet pics and videos and make a lot of money. They have millions of people who have a foot fetish and over a million creators selling their Feet pics and videos.

People who have foot fetish get sexual arousal when they see Feet pics or videos of a creator or model they like.

2. Stock Photography Websites

Think Unsplash or Pixabay. They buy images from photographers for bloggers and companies to use.

Selling feet pics is as easy as uploading the picture and putting a price tag on the content.

Multiple sites may use your one picture, and you get paid every time. 

3. Painters/ Clay Artists

You will be surprised how much artists and painters are willing to pay for your feet. They might pay way more than anyone buying it for sexual purposes. To them, it is essential to capture the essence of someone. For that, they are willing to pay a whole lot. 

Look for artists with a tendency to draw feet pictures on Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn. Message them, and if it feels safe, broach the subject. 

4. Modeling Agencies

The feet pictures with shiny nail polish on catalogs have to come from somewhere. 

Many modeling agencies hold professional foot photoshoots. You could try out for them. 

Or you can send them pictures of your feet via email, and if they like it, they will use it on their client’s website or on a magazine. 

You will get a one-time payment. 

5. News Agencies

Reputed publications can buy foot pics from you for their stories. 

They could be doing a beat on feet selling or one of those travel stories with someone’s feet dipping into the water. 

The business of selling feet pics is in a gray area. 

You can’t rule it as a purely adult act. Yet, there are enough people on the internet who want it for sexual purposes. 

As such, there is no country where selling pictures of your feet is illegal. However, some may have stricter laws to create a barrier to entry into the business. 

It’s not even illegal for a minor to sell feet photos. Although, most trusted platforms don’t allow anyone under 18 to protect them. 

Wrapping Up- Selling Feet Pics Online in 2023

This is the zinger. Legit buyers don’t want to see your face. 

They have a foot fetish. They are happier imagining someone else’s face or not face at all. 

Any buyer who shows interest in anything other than your feet is not legit. It’s how you know. It’s the way you can stay safe while selling feet pics online.  

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