What Is a Good Price For Selling Custom Feet Videos?

As they say, there is no price to art. The same is true with feet videos. At its core, they are an expression of an “art form.” Therefore, it isn’t easy to put a defined price on it. Maybe, your clients are different. Maybe, the customers you have are different. It does not end here, and the question starts to become even trickier as you dive deeper into it.

In this post, I will try to uncover it for you and help you look into some of the best practices through which you can put a fair price on your feet videos. We have a blog post discussing: how much should you charge for selling custom feet pics?

Why do a Feet Video business?

Before you can, put a label or a price on your feet video. The first question that you have to ask yourself is, why do it? Because this is what will define for whom would you do it.

The reasons can be plenty. Perhaps you want a side hustle, or you want to enter the modeling world, and this seems to be your only ticket to it. Or maybe you’ve finally decided you want to become an Onlyfans celebrity, and feet videos are the only best and safest alternative that there is because your face will be covered, giving you an additional layer of privacy.

Why do people buy feet pics or videos? there are many answers to the same question; some of them are:

  • People bought it for featuring it in their magazine
  • Or add it to their blog posts.
  • Do you love the human body, and feet are the best place for you to start?
  • Do you have been hired by a foot jewelry blog or someone from the footwear industry?
  • Or people with foot fetish. (This is probably where you can make more money)

Where can you sell your feet pics or videos?

You can use platforms like FeetFinder, where you can make through two ways; first, by selling your feet albums, and second, by selling a subscription to your fan page. In 2021 alone, feet sellers have made over $90,000 on the platform, and now they have a massive audience of 500,000+ users and 300,000+ feet sellers.

The good thing about selling feet pics or videos on FeetFinder is you get the exposure you deserve. They spotlight feet sellers who are active on social media platforms.

Who will ask you for a custom feet video?

There will be plenty of opportunities and plenty of people asking you to make a custom feet video for them. It can be your exclusive Onlyfans or Twitter follower who has a foot fetish. It can be your feet jewelry client who wants you to make a video on wearing their new product. It can also range from a footwear client asking you to make a video on tying their new heels or sandals.

There will be no defined client you have, and therefore each will have a different requirement for you to fill in the custom video you will produce.

Determining your client’s requirements on making a custom feet video:

Your price for the custom video will entirely fluctuate on the client you have been made to produce the video for.

Of course, for a feet jewelry client, you will be asked to make sure that your feet are well maintained, the lighting at which you will shoot the video is bright and visible, thus all these “additionals” start to become a reason why your price will increase.

On the other hand, if your primary client asks you to make a custom video for them but their request is simple, you will, of course not be charging too much to them since it’s not a classy requirement but rather a basic one. Thus, you will not be charging too much for the basic one.

The bottom line is that you will have to see what your client’s requirement is. Once the condition is understood, that will help you to know how much you should be charging.

Length of the custom video:

Now you understand who you are making the video for, and how much effort they expect you to be putting in on it. The next question is the length of your custom feet video. This can very well range from 2 mins to 8 mins. Depending upon the size of the video, you will be deciding what you should be charging on that video or not.

Alongside the length of the video, the kind of activities you will be doing will also help determine how much you should be charging for that custom video. At times you will be asked to either wear jewelry, make a how-to guide on how to wear it, or you could be asked to make a video on how to apply particular nail polish or a lotion.

All of the demands on a custom video helps to determine the cost you should be asking your client.

What is a reasonable price that you should be asking?

You are considering all of the above factors, for example, if your client wants you to make an 8 min long video on how to wear their brand’s specific socks and take them off. You may ask a price them $80 to $200. Or, if your client is someone with a foot fetish and wants you to make a video of 4 mins long where you will focus your camera on your feet doing pretty much just nothing, for this video, you can be charging somewhere between $70 to $100.

Again, these are not defined rates, rather the subject ones but give you an essential starting point.

Platforms where you can sell your feet pics or videos:

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