Why Your Money Is Still Pending In OnlyFans?

Why is my money (balance) still pending on OnlyFans? How do I withdraw money from Onlyfans? Answering your burning questions about getting paid on Onlyfans.

Why is my money still pending in Onlyfans? How long does it takes to get paid in Onlyfans?
Why is my money still pending in OnlyFans?

Making money on OnlyFans is simple. Sign up for an account, link your bank account, and collect subscription payments. Once you have a substantial amount, you can request a cash-out. Most cashouts take about two days to appear in your bank account.

But in case you are wondering why my money is still pending on OnlyFans, we got you covered! In OnlyFans, you can make money by selling your subscriptions, selling your PPVs, or getting a tip from a fan, your amount will enter a pending balance. Pending balance doesn't mean it is added to your earnings but it will take up to 8 days in order to show up in your earnings tab.

Along these lines, you recently started uploading your content to OnlyFans, and the incomes are not going through. What's up with that? Fear not! You're not alone, and this article will explain everything. There are two conditions for that.

What is the pending balance on OnlyFans?

When the creator earns anything on OnlyFans, either from subscriptions, PPVs or tips, that amount will add to their pending balance. The earnings will then stay there for eight days. After eight days, the funds will transfer into the creator's current balance. This method works on a rolling basis.

The creator can log in and go to the Earnings section on their account to see whether particular payments have processed through to their available balance. If an earning has a tick in front of it, then it is no longer pending and is now available for withdrawal.

Minimum payout requirements:

Most social media platforms, including OnlyFans, have a minimum earning condition to transfer the creator's funds to their account. For OnlyFans, that minimum earning is $20. This indicates that unless the creator's earnings from subscriptions, tips, and pay per views on the platform total at least $20, a creator will not be able to transfer those funds to their bank account.

The creator must have a balance of at least twenty dollars to withdraw money on OnlyFans.

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What is the current balance in OnlyFans?

Once the earnings have completed the eight-day pending period and are in the creator's current balance, the creator will be able to withdraw funds to their bank account.

If the creator has set automatic payments to either weekly or monthly, earnings from their pending to current balance will be automatically scheduled for payment on the date specified on their Statements page.

Once payment has been requested, it will take three to eight business days to process into the creator's bank account.

The creator can go to the Payout Requests section in their statements to keep track of payments. If a payment has been sent from OnlyFans, this will be signalled by a tick to the right of the payment in question or the date that the payment was sent out.

Better OnlyFans alternatives

Following are some of the alternatives to OnlyFans that you can join:

Eight-time period

After the creator has initiated earning, their money will appear on their pending balance for eight days, after which it will transfer to their current balance. This cycle duplicates itself over time. After eight days, the fund's creator has transferred to OnlyFans will move into the creator's current balance.

OnlyFans permits creators to publish anything they like when they want. However, to earn money with OnlyFans, the creator will have to work for it. A creator can start earning right away by uploading their photos or videos. The creator will have to give only 20% of their earnings to the platform and own the rest.

How does the OnlyFans creator withdraw money?

The creator can get money withdrawals with the following options

  • Automatic Transfer
  • Manual Transfer
  • Direct Transfer (OTC)
  • International Bank Transfer (SWIFT)
  • E-payments

Automatic Transfer

In automatic recurring earnings, the creator's earnings are instantly transferred to their bank account linked with their OnlyFans profile.

Manual Transfer

In the manual transfer process, a creator can choose how much money they want to withdraw, and they can send a "Pay Out Request." From their current OnlyFans profile account. These two methods are typically used to cash out creators' money.

The creators don't have to pay taxes on every payout in this process, but the creators pay their taxes every year. So the creator should hold a part of their income to pay tax at the end of the year, and according to Megan's Recommendation, the creator should save 25% of their annual income.

Direct Transfer (OTC)

The creator receives their payoff via OCT (VISA direct) in their bank account.

It takes one business day to take out the payment in the creator-linked bank account, and the minimum withdrawal limit is 20$. The creator can also withdraw 1000$ per withdrawal. The money is transferred into the creator account via VISA and VISA debit cards.

International Bank Transfer (SWIFT)

Payments are transferred to the bank account Via SWIFT payments. The minimum amount is 200.00$, and it takes 3-8 working days.

No limitations on the number of day-to-day withdrawals. Payments are added to the creator account Via the international SWIFT banking system located in any UK bank.


Earnings are added to the creator's e-payment wallet, and the maximum that the creator can withdraw is 100.00$. The processing time is one day. The creators can withdraw money from their E-Payment wallet either by bank transfer or onto an E-Payment prepared Mastercard.

Following is the analysis of the payment opportunities obtainable for each territory.

For Uk creators

Onlyfans Payment threshold for the UK creators
OnlyFans Payment threshold for the UK creators

European Creator

Onlyfans payment threshold for the European creators
OnlyFans payment threshold for the European creators

Canadian and Australian Creators

Canadian and Australian Onlyfans creators threshold in order to get paid.
Canadian and Australian OnlyFans creators threshold in order to get paid. 

USA Creators

The minimum threshold for the US
The minimum threshold for the US

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