How To Promote OnlyFans on Reddit – Guide For Top 0.01% Creators

Reddit is one of the best platforms for promoting their OnlyFans page. Reddit is an NSFW-friendly platform where you can post your OnlyFans short clips and pictures and even add your OnlyFans page link to your Reddit profile.

O, Sweet Reddit. Reddit is one of my favorite platforms for Onlyfans creators to promote their Onlyfans page. The platform provides you with everything you need. But unfortunately, most people who contacted me and took my advice were more confused about using Reddit as a marketing tool.

I was bombarded with Reddit questions and ended up writing an article about it on my blog here to help you better understand Reddit and be more intelligent with the platform.

I have discussed everything you need to know about using Reddit as a marketing tool in this article.

NSFW Vs. Non-NSFW Subreddits on Reddit

Reddit has two sides; the SFW side and the NSFW side. A good number of the majority are using the NSFW side of Reddit. Reddit is a more liberal platform; there is no restriction on what type of content you upload and what kind of content is banned.

Reddit’s NSFW side is huge, and some OnlyFans creators solely publish their content on OnlyFans and market it on Reddit. They are the top %0.03 of OnlyFans creators and make over $20,000+ a month on OnlyFans. So besides creating amazing content, being consistent on the platform, and being in good shape, marketing plays a key role.

For OnlyFans creators, we are interested in the NSFW (Not-Safe-For-Work) subreddits, and we go through the whole thing to make sure we understand the platform better.

Understanding OnlyFans Reddit Marketing for Beginners:

Following are some important things you need to understand before you start promoting your OnlyFans page on Reddit;

  1. Karma: There are two types of karma: Post and comment. You need Karma to post on Subreddits. Many adult content creators go to Reddit and start posting their content, which gets them banned. You need to stay on the platform for a few weeks to understand it and let your account age.
  2. Subreddits: Subreddits are communities of similar interests. It is like a Facebook group but open for everyone to join without going through a review process.
  3. Your account age and karma: Some subreddits have an automatic setting to let you publish posts on their subreddit only if you have a Karma and account age based on their criteria.
  4. Account verification: In Subreddits, you can post a picture where you have to write the subreddit name and your Reddit username and post it on that subreddit. After a few hours, your account will be verified, and you will have a sign ‘verified user’ written every time you post in that subreddit. It increases confidence.

Why do mods of these NSFW subreddits do it? It has many reasons, but one prominent reason is to protect their subreddits or groups from scammers and spammers. In addition, these restrictions are good for Reddit itself, and they make the job of mods of these subreddits easier.

Once you go through all these steps, now it is time to properly discover great NSFW subreddits and use effective strategies to get more attention and fans on your OnlyFans page.

How to promote OnlyFans on Reddit?

Reddit is the right platform for anyone looking to promote their adult subscription business. However, one sad truth about NSFW Reddit is that it is too saturated. There are a lot of OnlyFans creators posting content, but now only those promoting their content through a proper strategy are getting recognition and more followers.

After reading this article, try it to almost guarantee results on Reddit.

For an easy understanding of the business of promoting your OnlyFans page on Reddit, I will divide the steps into bullet points.

  • Join every subreddit that you think could bring a target audience to your platform. At the end of the section, I have given a list of the 21 best NSFW subreddits for OnlyFans creators.
  • Verification: An essential process could clear your way to post your videos, Pictures, or GIFs on a specific Subreddit.

Here is what the verification post looks like:

r/latinafeet on Reddit / Verification post for posting into a subreddit.
r/latinafeet on Reddit / Verification post for posting into a subreddit.

You see, this is how you can verify yourself on Subreddits. But, of course, the excellent thing about verifying yourself is that “now the users know that you are a real person,” and they could happily pay for you to buy your feet pics. Or any adult content you are selling to them.

  • Creating videos instead of Pictures: Videos did well to give you the engagement you deserve. I have seen thousands of upvotes on short vertical videos (like TikTok) compared to Pictures. Pictures don’t explain the whole story.
  • Distributing the same content on multiple similar subreddits: If you and your partner recorded a great video, it is best to distribute it to all the relevant subreddits. Unfortunately, when we discuss promoting or marketing your OnlyFans on Twitter, Twitter prohibits using the same content repeatedly. Still, Reddit is an open platform, and you can post the same content on different subreddits.

Now there are hundreds of hundreds of NSFW (Not Safe For Work) subreddits where you can join and post your nudes or explicit content, or porn videos shot with someone else or with your partner. Before you start sending or publishing posts on these best NSFW subreddits, you need to build up your profile.

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How can you build up your Reddit profile?

While you need to leave some witty comments on different memes pages and be creative and post some memes, it might take you a few weeks to be able to post your NSFW videos and pictures on these sex subreddits.

When you can post on these subreddits, try publishing similar pictures or videos on multiple related subreddits. This will help you get more reach from these adult subreddits, and more and more people will visit your Reddit profile, where you have to add your URL to the OnlyFans page in the bio of your credit account.

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Best NSFW subreddits for OnlyFans creators:

Following are the ten best NSFW subreddits for OnlyFans creators;

  1. r/Onlyfans101
  2. r/OnlyFansAsstastic
  3. r/OnlyFansPetite
  4. r/OnlyFansBrunette
  5. r/OnlyFansBusty
  6. r/BestOnlyFansGirlsFree
  7. r/Onlyfans_Promo
  8. r/nsfw
  9. r/hotwife
  10. r/cuckolding
  11. r/couplegowild
  12. r/selfie
  13. r/feets
  14. r/gonewild
  15. r/milf
  16. r/tittydrop
  17. r/nsfwfunny
  18. r/legalteens
  19. r/NSFW_snapchat
  20. r/erotica
  21. r/NSFW_Gif
  22. r/Sex
  23. r/onlyfansguide
  24. r/selfienudes
  25. r.onoff
  26. r/swingers
  27. r/BBC

Tips and tricks to get more engagement on your Reddit posts:

Following are some of the Tips and Tricks to get more attention and life-long following on your Reddit posts;

  • Reddit followers and Karma is the most important thing. When you get a follower, you could inspire them to join you. For example, after a few weeks, I followed a creator on Reddit and subscribed to her OnlyFans account. At first glance, I didn’t subscribe to her OnlyFans, but she was making amazing content that let me follow her.
  • Don’t overshare. So, I visited your Reddit profile and scrolled your Reddit page; now, it took me a minute of scrolling (remember, the attention span is just 15 seconds for an average user) to reach another post. Why? Because you have shared your video or images in 15 subreddits. So, sharing your content with three to five subreddits is better. Remember, you can share the same content with other subreddits after a few days.

A Case study for anyone to learn and effectively copy this OnlyFans Reddit marketing strategy:

Here is what you have to do to succeed on Reddit and promote your OnlyFans through Reddit.

  1. Join Reddit. Build up your Reddit profile. Add the OnlyFans page link to your Reddit profile Bio.
  2. Enlist a list of 30 NSFW subreddit where you have to post every single day. Get verified from these NSFW subreddits to effectively use your content to get more subscribers to your OnlyFans page.
  3. Now, create more content every day and post twice a day on these subreddits. Try to be more adventurers and make content with diverse groups. For example, if you are making out with other guys, try to diversify your content by inviting two or three people a week to have sex with them.
  4. Boom! You are building a library of content. You can post a months-old video to the newcomers and use it as a marketing tool on Reddit to get more followers or fans on your OnlyFans page.
  5. Almost all content creators use this strategy on OnlyFans.

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