OnlyFans Alternatives: 11 Potential Sites Like OnlyFans

Best OnlyFans alternatives or sites like OnlyFans to sign up

When OnlyFans announced that they would ban adult content, many content creators chose to shift to other potential alternatives to OnlyFans, and we predicated this thing from very early. I never thought that OnlyFans would be under pressure from Credit card companies to ban adult content. We have listed some potential alternatives for you to check out to join them to experience all the features that OnlyFans has.

In recent times, the need for creativity, innovation, and imagination cannot be overemphasized, especially in content creation. So many creative geniuses are making a ton of money doing what they love to do with the opportunity given to them by several platforms. In addition, so many people are now abandoning their regular jobs to pursue a career in content creation. It affords them more freedom and flexibility than any other kind of job.

Reasons to pursue a career in adult Content creation:

  • It’s an attractive option for making money: Companies like Onlyans claim that they’ve paid out $725 million to 450,000 content creators, and celebrities including Megan Barton-Hanson, Blac Chyna, and Tana Mongeau are also actively using the platform, and even Bella Thorne claims to have made $2m from it in less than a week. In addition, OnlyFans reported a 75% uptick in “model sign-ups” in early April, as unemployment skyrocketed worldwide due to coronavirus shutdowns.
  • As a creator, you have the luxury to earn with any activity you love doing. You can post your nudes or record your intimate moment with anyone and can make money.
  • You can’t easily choose when and when not to work, which helps significantly in terms of flexibility. For those who need a perfect side hustle, content creation is one of the best side hustles to consider.

The biggest and most popular platform for content creators is OnlyFans. OnlyFans provides a platform for creators to create and distribute valuable, premium content they can’t get anywhere else. Creators can set their page free or paid; fans then pay to access exclusive content. While creators can create accounts for free, OnlyFans pays out 80%, keeping 20% of the earnings as a fee when they earn money from the platform.

OnlyFans announced in August 2021 stating their intention to ban explicit adult content, and even though the ban has now been suspended, one can never be too sure they wouldn’t consider taking such steps in the future, which is enough reason to start exploring other platforms that provide a similar opportunity for content creators. To support your content creation ability and aid you in handling your solid fan base, plenty of OnlyFans alternatives are out in the market. Each one has its benefits and shortcomings.

Services Offered By These OnlyFans Alternatives:

Following are the features that you can experience in these adult alternatives for OnlyFans;

  1. They allow you to start a subscription business after verification.
  2. They allow you to bulk message your followers.
  3. Some of the potential OnlyFans alternatives help you create a custom domain. Having a custom domain is suitable for your branding. As an adult creator, I would love to have the liberty of having my custom domain.
  4. Live camming or 1-to-1 cam with your follower.
  5. Live streaming to your members.
  6. Pay-per-view. This is where creators make more money.
  7. Personal requests: This is the No.1 and the most effective way to reach $10,000 a month and make more money. Learn: How to make money on OnlyFans?

Best OnlyFans Alternatives For Content Creators

Following is the list of the best sites to choose from that are like OnlyFans for an adult content creator;

  1. FriendsOnly
  2. xFans and xModel
  3. CLIQ
  4. Fanvue
  5. Megacams
  6. ScrileConnect
  7. Flirt1to1
  8. Fancento
  9. JustForFans (JFF)
  10. AVN Stars
  11. Adult nude
  12. Patreon
  13. ModelHub
  14. Fansly

Now, let’s discuss each site in detail;

Friendsonly: A potential OnlyFans Alternative:

Friendsonly is a social network for bloggers and models, also works by subscription. It has algorithms to promote within the platform. You can withdraw money on demand (not once a month); it contains gifts and trial periods for users (facilitates more active subscriptions).


  • Promote algorithms
  • Adult-friendly platform
  • Welcome bonus for new users.
  • It has over a million views. FriendsOnly has a million viewers, which helps you get discovered easily.
  • You can place a withdrawal request monthly.


  • OnlyFans is one way to withdraw money on FriendsOnly.
  • You can only upload video content to FriendsOnly. They are more like TikTok+ Onlyfans hybrid, so you have to shoot vertical videos.

xFans and xModel by

xFans and xModel are two different products of the same company, and both products are amazing platforms for creators to start making money and create their own brands.

  • xFans: If you are an entrepreneur and want to create an OnlyFans clone, xFans provides you with a profitable OnlyFans clone to start offering a platform for creators to join and let them make money. xFans provides a customized dashboard for your creators, gives you a source code, allows you to decide how much commission to charge, and provides you with customer support for over six months. This product is ideal for entrepreneurs or people who want to build an Onlyfans clone site. Learn more about xFans here.
  • xModel: Onlyfans charges you a 20% commission on every sale you make, but in xModel, you can get 100% of the money by just paying a one-time fee. xModel provides you with features like getting paid subscribers, live-streaming, selling your custom content as pay-per-view, and selling your Merchandise. OnlyFans don’t give you any exposure, and it is you who brings an audience to them, and they charge you 20%, but in the case of xModel, you are bringing users to your platform (your brand) and building a sustainable business model. Buy xModel here as a creator.

CLIQ: A Site like OnlyFans

CLIQ is the new members-only experience for creators to make money engaging directly with fans by offering them exclusive paid content and direct paid interactions like paid texting and phone calls. With all the uncertainty around OnlyFans and the way they treat the adult community, we wanted to build a better platform for both creators and fans.

Some of the features of Cliq are:

  • Free and easy signup to create your own branded page
  • Multiple ways to make money with subscriptions, content feed, PPV messages, individual purchases, paid to text, paid phone calls, and more
  • Built by and for the adult community to provide a safe space and never abandon you
  • 2-day payouts compared to 7 days for other platforms
  • 15% platform fee for the first three months if you sign up today! Reach out if you are a larger creator for hands-on support and competitive rates
  • 3% lifetime referral fees for creators
  • 24/7 support and management services are provided for larger creators
  • New features every week based on creator and fan feedback
  • Affiliate program coming soon to bring traffic and boost your account

Sign up today and grow your CLIQ here.

Fanvue: A better OnlyFans like site

Fanvue is an adult subscription platform where adult content creators can join and make money. I think Fanvue is a better OnlyFans alternative where content creators can make money. Fanvue is free to join, and it is very easy to verify and start making money.

Fanvue gives you 85% of the money, charging you a 15% commission for the first 12 months which is one of the best alternatives compared to OnlyFans charging 20%.

The best thing about Fanvue is it is a better version of OnlyFans in many aspects;

  • You can get instant payouts – in a few minutes, your payment is approved.
  • Fanvue is a lot better in speed and ease of use and getting approved as a creator, and start making money.
  • They are partially solving the discoverability problem.
  • They have an excellent support team to help you with any problems.
  • The developer’s team behind the Fanvue are pros, and if you request a feature, you can expect it in a few days.
  • Data is the new gold, and I suspect neither OnlyFans nor any other adult subscription platform gives you important data like what time most of your fans are active what their interests are, and other important metrics to keep you in the loop. This is what makes Fanvue a better Onlyfans alternative.

Flirtback: Best OnlyFans Like Site for Chatting:

Flirtback is another potential OnlyFans alternative where you can make money in two ways; by selling custom videos and pictures and by charging a fee to sext with your fans. The best thing about Flirtback is they give exposure or discoverability to your content.

You can apply the same strategy by creating a mixture of free and paid content on Flirtback and share with your followers. The more free content you publish on Flirtback, the more exposure you get. You can also make money through sexting with your fans and letting them buy tokens in order to chat with you. You can later convert those Mega in order to get paid. Flirtback has over five ways to get paid, and I think one of the best OnlyFans-like sites for selling custom videos. Sign-up for Megacams now.


Scrile Connect is a very different platform, but it could be life-changing as it gives you more options to start your own brand under your white label. You might have heard about OnlyFans banning adult content, so even if you are an adult content creator or an entrepreneur who wants to start an OnlyFans clone site, Scrile Connect is the answer to the question.

In ScrileConnect, you get 100% of the money you make. You only need to pay $10 a month for the Startup package, or you can go for high tiers if you are making more money. They provide you with all the features that OnlyFans provide to you, like subscriptions, getting tips, sending mess messages, live streaming or camming, and much more. They have a great support team who could help you if you are facing any issues.

Sign-up for the ScrileConnect here and start your own brand. Sign-up for ScrileConnect 14-days free trial.


Flirt1to1 isn’t a subscription-based platform like OnlyFans, but it offers very different monetization tools for creators. For example, in Flirt1to1, you can arrange a live cam with your fan and charge them a fee. You can also have phone sex with your fan and charge them a fee.

Following are some of the strongholds of this OnlyFans alternatives;

  • Real women. If you want to chat (live phone or video chat), you can have a real-time chat with a real woman.
  • You can talk live with the audience. You don’t need to buy a subscription as you do in OnlyFans in order to send a message. The best thing about Flirt1to1 is that you first buy a live-chat window with an adult content creator and have a 1 to 1 chat with her.
  • Your information is private and confidential.
  • You can use your pen name or any information you want to share. Your identity or any type of content (video, audio, image) is protected and confidential.


FanCentro is a subscriber-based content platform that allows models, sex workers, or aspiring content creators to build an audience and start earning by posting creative content. In addition, there are available to let content creators engage with their followers, such as DMs, pay-to-view Feeds, Live Streaming, and a Clip Store.


  • FanCentro lets you offer multiple different subscription tiers.
  • It offers excellent support for creators through its video tutorial platform.
  • Adult-friendly platform

Just for Fans (Best for LGBT ):

Just for Fans is another popular content-sharing platform where creators may sell individual clips and personalized products, Direct message their followers, and go live. In addition, subscriptions or pay-per-view are used to sell content.


  • Immensely Adult-friendly content-selling Website
  • 70% of payouts and sales are compensated weekly
  • Effective and fast customer support and tips

AVN STARS: An old competitor of OnlyFans

AVN Stars is a social media network created by the AVN Media Network, formed around the adult entertainment industry. That means that they’re specialists in providing adult content. You can create an account and then post videos, photos, and more that you can either monetize through a subscription or charge on a per-clip basis. You can also make money by referring others to sign up for accounts.


  • Has many popular features of other social networks
  • Great for posting individual clips
  • Models the option to post images or videos that are not sexual content

Patreon (Best for Non-Adult Content):

Patreon is by far the best choice if you don’t plan on producing adult content. Instead, it is an excellent choice for making value-packed videos centered around fitness, healthy living, cooking, cosplay, or gaming.


  • Easy to sign up
  • Simple interface
  • No ads


  • Even though Patreon is a subscription-based platform, it allows a certain type of adult content creation. You don’t have the liberty to create content.


AdultNode is also a good option for those interested in making money online by sharing pictures and videos. They offer three different packages depending on your needs. They have a basic plan where you pay $5 monthly, a premium package starting at $10/month, and finally a pro package starting at $15/month. You can also get featured on AdultNode, and the features are the ones that decide this.


  • Fast, convenient payment processing
  • Hashtag system to help the content get discovered
  • Creator support groups


ManyVids is an adult-only website where users may sell single videos, physical items, memberships, and live camming services. Payments are made twice per month. In addition, ManyVids provides live streaming and video sharing features and markets itself as a “one-stop-shop” for your followers. The website is the only place where content is allowed to be shared.


  • Offers various options for marketing your content
  • There are several fetish classifications.
  • Reliable customer service

Fansly: An OnlyFans alternative that is getting ground:

Fansly is a platform like OnlyFans that is free to join and sell subscriptions to your viewership. Both sites are very similar, but there are some features for adult content creators in Fansly that OnlyFans don’t have. One of the things that makes Fansly a good OnlyFans competitor is its offer to let anyone subscribe to adult content creators and later buy subscriptions if they want to see locked posts or videos. This technique is called “holding from the hock.”

Fansly also uses the same model of payment as OnlyFans as it lets users who want to subscribe to Fansly creators subscribe using a credit or a debit card.

Why does Fansly get so popular? Because of one reason; the announcement of OnlyFans that are putting an end to adult content. This upset many creators and platforms like Fansly, which is very similar to OnlyFans get ground.

I hope this helps.

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