Make Money On OnlyFans: A Beginner Guide 2024 [Updated]

OnlyFans was started in 2016 to help content creators make money by starting their subscription-based fan page and making money in many ways.

The idea was to build a better version of an already existing platform like Patreon. Some of the things that make OnlyFans different from its No.1 competitors; there were many options to make money, and the platform was open to everyone, including adult content creators.

Nobody knows about OnlyFans in general until the pandemic hit. When everyone was in lockdown, the business of sex workers or adult content creators almost stopped, and OnlyFans found its perfect market fit, aka the adult content creators. For example, it made rounds when Bella Thorne made $1 million in one day on Onlyfans, and the platform reached its heights.

Onlyfans is now known for adult content creators, as 98% of OnlyFans creators are producing adult content. Remember, for every transaction between you and your fans on OnlyFans, you pay 20% of the commission to the platform.

Make Money on OnlyFans: TL: DR

You can make money on OnlyFans in different ways; the following are some of the ways where you can start making money on OnlyFans as a creator:

  • Making money on OnlyFans by charging a fixed fee for the subscription.
  • Making money receive Tips from your fans as well as in messages. Tips with messages appear on top of it.
  • Your fans can also request custom content, and some of the creators are charging $100 to $500 per custom order.
  • You can also send mass messages to your fans. Most of the creators send a PPV in mass messages.

OnlyFans is one of the best platforms for anyone looking to sell explicit videos and pictures. OnlyFans was the first platform for anyone looking to start a business around adult subscription business.

What is OnlyFans? and how does it work?

Onlyfans is an adult subscription website where content creators, especially adult content creators, can make money by starting their subscription business.

How does it work? It is simple. You create an account on Onlyfans and verify your account by going through a KYC (Know your customer), which is a hectic process and takes an hour to complete.

Once your account is verified, you will be able to make money by adding a paywall to your posts in Onlyfans. This is where the magic began.

Running an OnlyFans page is a business, and in this business, your product is the content you produce. But any business can’t be run with just a good product; you need to do marketing. This article discusses everything beginner creators need to understand to start marketing and make money on OnlyFans.

In your Onlyfans, you can share the following types of media;

  • Text: Something witty or funny thing or an update in text form. It is like how you add a post in the text on your Facebook or Twitter.
  • Pictures: You can upload your picture(s), share an update, or announce something through an image that excites everyone.
  • Videos: A big part of Onlyfans creators share videos. A video might be worth a million if a picture is worth a thousand words.
  • Live-streaming: You can live-stream on your Onlyfans page for your fans. You can make your live stream available to everyone who subscribed to your page or let people pay first before they see your live stream.
  • Gifs: You can share Gifs, moveable pictures telling a story.

A story is what you need to tell. Remember, those who tell a powerful story are the ones who move people and end up making more money.

What type of content can you share on OnlyFans?

OnlyFans is 98% porn, and the majority of creators who are making big banks are adult content creators. But your next question will be; what is the ideal adult content to be popular on Onlyfans?

Following is the list of the 21 best adult content you can share on your Onlyfans. These are the categories, so remember to target just one category at a time;

  1. Nudes: I have worked with a creator who was very active on Twitter teasing her followers but never uploaded a nude on Twitter or any social media. If you want to see her nudes, you have to subscribe to her Onlyfans. A great strategy, in my opinion, and you, too, can use it.
  2. Hotwife Lifestyle: Hotwife lifestyle or cuckolding is when a husband wants to see his wife romantically involved with another man. You can record your wife having sex with another man and boom! Upload it to your Onlyfans. There are a lot of hotwives that are making good money.
  3. Recording your videos as a bull: You can create content as a bull (a lover or a person who visits a hotwife); some creators make thousands of dollars every month.
  4. Just orgasm in front of the camera: This might seem very odd to you, but you can go for recording yourself having an orgasm. There are a lot of adult content creators who are making good money on Onlyfans just doing it once or twice a week.
  5. Or anything related to showing your body. Like performing a skill in front of a camera, like playing the violin and being nude.
  6. Selling your Feet pics and videos: You can sell your Feet Pics on OnlyFans; many creators make hundreds of thousands of dollars selling their Feet pics and videos on OnlyFans.

How to create an account on OnlyFans and make money?

Getting verified on OnlyFans is very important, and you can’t make money unless you verify. There are a lot of creators who are against this notion that Onlyfans have a very hectic process of being verified creators. You need to verify your identity before you start adding a paywall to your OnlyFans page. Following is the step-by-step process for starting an Onlyfans account and adding a paywall to the page.

  • Go to, and create an account. It is easy pezzy, like how you make an account on any social media platform.
  • Now, add your profile picture and the header for your profile.
  • Now, go to the main page and click on your profile picture. You can find it on the top-left side.
  • Add the bank detail as shown in the picture.
Adding a bank detail in your Onlyfans to verify and to make money on Onlyfans
Adding a bank detail in your Onlyfans to verify and to make money on Onlyfans
  • It will then give you a message that you need to verify your identity before adding your bank details. The following message will show up.
To add a bank account in Onlyfans and to make money, you need to verify yourself
To add a bank account in Onlyfans and to make money, you need to verify yourself 

As you can see, you need to complete your verification before adding a bank account and then adding a paywall to your videos or pictures.

  • Click on ‘Complete Verification,’ and you will be redirected to another website where you have to agree to the terms and services and then upload the documents.
  • They would ask you to input your number and then send you the link; you can use that link for the other verification step.
  • The mobile verification service would ask for a picture of you and other documents, like a document that verifies you are a citizen and legally eligible to be on the platform.

It’s simple, but it might take you half an hour to verify and be eligible to start making money on the platform. Once the verification process is done, you are set to go and enjoy being the best on the platform and start making money. But there are some questions that you might have, and we would love to answer them.

Adding a price to your OnlyFans fan page:

Once verified, you can add a price to your Onlyfans fan page. Now, your next question will be, how much should I charge? There are multiple answers to this question, so let me list them down.

  • If you have zero social media following: If you have very little to no fans based on other social media channels or want to start new ones for your Onlyfans being anonymous, you can charge a minimum of $5 a month or $12 for the first three months. Why do you need to charge a minimum? Because your mission should be to get more fans and engagement on your posts. Once you have enough content and social media following, you can increase your price.
  • If you are an influencer on any social media platform: You can charge $10 to $15 a month. Some creators are charging $40 a month, but I think that is very expensive for an average user. The best thing to do is make sure you make more money and that more people who land on your page subscribe.

The subscription to Onlyfans is just the tip of the iceberg. The most money you can make is by selling custom videos or pictures or through PPVs.

I have discussed this issue in detail: How much should I charge for an Onlyfans subscription?

Different ways you can make money on OnlyFans:

What are some ways through which you can make money on Onlyfans or as a creator on Onlyfans?

Some of you might think that there is only one way to make money aka charging for the subscription, but there are multiple ways through which you can make money on Onlyfans:

  • Make money through subscriptions: Subscription is the start of the journey. The Onlyfans subscription is recurring, which means once someone subscribes to you, they will pay a monthly fee to get content from you.
  • Make money on Onlyfans by selling PPVs: PPV or Pay-Per-View-based videos where your fan will have to pay to view a video. As a creator, you shouldn’t list every video for sale because it annoys your fans, and you might lose fans. Read: How much should I charge for PPV in Onlyfans?
  • Make Money on Onlyfans through Tips: There are two ways someone can tip you; first, your fans can leave a tip on the content you have published on your page. Second, your fan can add a tip with a message; this will make their message appear on top of all the messages irrespective of the time and number. You should reply to your fans who leave tips ASAP.
  • Make Money on Onlyfans through Custom requests: There are some of your fans who might want to pay you $100 to $400 for a single video request. If you are selling nudes, then a video request might be “sent me a video of you being nude in your garden” the person adds $100 as a tip and delivers the request by shooting a video naked in the Garden. Easy money.
  • Make Money by charging for live streaming 1-on-1: You can make money on Onlyfans by setting up 1-to-1 live streaming with one of your fans.

Three Best Onlyfans alternatives where you can make money:

In August 2021, Onlyfans announced that they were banning adult content. This was a sad day for many adult content creators on the platform, and after a few days, they took back their decision. In response, we write an article discussing some potential Onlyfans alternatives, but if you want to be a creator on Onlyfans, it is always better to have some backups.

Don’t keep them just backups but instead upload the content behind the paywall on these sites, too; what is wrong with that? Nothing. You don’t lose anything and invest in keeping your content and future safe.

Following are some of the potential OnlyFans alternatives or sites like Onlyfans where you can make money:

  • FriendsOnly:

FriendsOnly is an adult subscription platform where adult content creators can make money selling their subscriptions by getting paid subscribers, selling their videos as PPVs, and getting gifts (in the form of $$0 from their fans. FriendsOnly charges you a 20% commission on every transaction. FriendsOnly is a better Onlyfans alternative to solving problems like getting exposure on the platform.

The best thing about Friendsonly is it gives you exposure or discovery of your content. You get paid subscribers without you doing any marketing. Sign-up for FriendsOnly here.

  • Fanvue:

Fanvue is a social media platform like OnlyFans where adult content creators can make an account and easily start making money. The verification process is very quick and easy. Fanvue charges a 15% commission for the first 12 months. Fanvue developers are very proactive, and you can request a feature and get it in under 48 hours.

Recently Fanvue launched the Fanvue Discover option where they list all your free videos to let people discover them. Join Fanvue here as a creator.

Tips and tricks for Onlyfans creators:

Following are some of the tips and tricks for Onlyfans creators to start making more money and be a better content creators:

  • Use two or three social media for marketing: You are missing big opportunities if you are not using these platforms. Choose at least two or three social media platforms and start sharing your content there. I believe Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, and TikTok are the four best social media platforms for promoting or marketing your Onlyfans page and making more money.
  • Be consistent: Many content creators often say that they don’t make money on Onlyfans, but you would do fine if you are consistent and upload content every day or on a fixed schedule. Keep your expectation low and goals high.
  • Join Multiple Onlyfans alternatives: Many Onlyfans competitors provide you with an opportunity to get discovered (market your content to their users. They are also legit websites helping you make more money.
  • You don’t need to invest money into buying more equipment: It is good to have a high-quality video, but remember, if you are just starting out, your smartphone will do the job for you. All you need is to invest in a good microphone, so there is no issue with sounding.

Promoting your Onlyfans page to get more fans:

As a beginner creator, one of the hardest things to do is to reach more people. The market is very competitive, especially after Covid-19 and the highest inflation. Recently,

I have read this article In New York Post. It stated that ‘1 in 5 people considering Onlyfans to afford to live in the NYC’ Onlyfans is already very competitive, 1 In 5 people considering Onlyfans to afford to live in the NYC‘ Onlyfans is already is very competitive, so you need to think differently to reach more people.

How to better understand these social media platforms to market your Onlyfans? This is a guide for Onlyfans creators to better understand these social media platforms and reach more people using the strategies I have explained.

Some Onlyfans creators take a small shot from an Onlyfans video and publish them everywhere, including Twitter, and Reddit, and create personalized content for TikTok and Instagram (these two platforms don’t allow adult content)

Use Reddit to market your Onlyfans:

If you asked me what is the best platform to market your Onlyfans? I would say; Go for Reddit. Reddit is nowadays more competitive, but there is always a chance to make your way with the right marketing. Marketing your Onlyfans on Reddit is different, and those who go unprepared get banned by subreddit mods.

You should remember two things before you start promoting your Onlyfans on Reddit. First, Reddit isn’t a traditional social media platform; you need some authority to post. You get authority by commenting and posting on different subreddits (groups).

Karma and the age of your account are two important things on Reddit. You get Karma by posting and commenting on different subreddits, and the age of your account is self-explanatory. Make an account and start commenting on memes and subreddits.

Here is a step-by-step guide to market your Onlyfans on Reddit:

  1. Go to Reddit and make an account. Your Reddit username should be matched with your Onlyfans.
  2. Add your Onlyfans page link in the Bio of your Reddit account.
  3. Join some of the NSFW subreddits.
  4. Start posting your videos and pictures.
  5. Boom!, you are in the business of marketing your Onlyfans on Reddit.
  6. Just be consistent with your content.

Reddit is a sex-friendly platform where content creators can share whatever content they like.

Use TikTok To promote your Onlyfans:

TikTok might not be very well regarded among your friends, but the platform is amazing when we talk about getting more exposure. Just 10K views on TikTok videos, and you will see 10 to 20 paid subscribers a day. TikTok is an amazing platform. It takes less than 20 minutes to create 2 amazing TikTok videos, and you are done.

But, Aamir, Can you add Onlyfans link on TikTok? True. You should not add a link to Your Onlyfans on TikTok; otherwise, they will ban you.

You should add your Linktree link, and there you can add your Onlyfans. Also, one of the things an Onlyfans creator told me is ‘she has two TikTok accounts; one is just a backup account’ also, don’t mention Onlyfans in your videos or talking with someone or in your profile at large.

You can read an article we write here: How to promote your OnlyFans on TikTok?

Using Instagram to Promote your OnlyFans and make money:

Like TikTok, Instagram is also a great marketing channel for OnlyFans creators. But, a similar way is also very unfriendly for Onlyfans creators. According to Instagram rules, you can’t mention the OnlyFans link in your bio or anywhere on their platform, or you risk being suspended on the platform.

Instagram was the first platform creators on Onlyfans used to market their content. The platform is amazing for giving exposure to your content. Videos perform way better compared to pictures on Instagram. Like TikTok, there is a certain limit to showing your body, or if they found something sexual, they might ban you on the platform.

Marketing your Onlyfans page on Twitter:

Twitter is an amazing platform, and the average user of Twitter is more wealthy than the average user of Instagram or Reddit. Twitter gives you the opportunity to reach millions of audiences, and being consistent on Twitter is highly awarded. Twitter is also an adult content-friendly platform where you can upload any content (including 18+)

The users on a platform determine its worth. On Twitter, the users are mostly well-educated, in high-paying jobs, or in executive and managerial positions, making Twitter an amazing platform for promoting your content.

Let me tell you a story about a creator that I have worked with;

She approached me on Twitter and asked me if she needed marketing for her Onlyfans. The good thing was she was very passionate and consistent about her content. I set up everything. I told her some tricks and tips for doing Twitter marketing.

She was in the Top 16% of Onlyfans creators, but after a few weeks, she was top 4%. If you just use Twitter and can reach that big milestone, think of someone who is using all these social media platforms.

Marketing your Onlyfans page through Shoutouts:

There are different ways you can get a shout-out from a page that has hundreds of thousands of followers. You can either pay for shoutouts on big Twitter pages or the second way is to invite an Onlyfans creator and record videos with them. You give them a shoutout, and they do the same.

This is one of the best ways to grow and reach a huge audience in a short time. This is the initial push you need and helps you motivate to produce more content. Your audience would love to see someone. I find the idea amazing, and there are a lot of big famous creators who do the same.

OnlyFans stats and earning case studies: How Much Money Creators are making on OnlyFans?

Onlyfans charges you a 20% commission which means for every $100, you pay $20 to Onlyfans. It is a free platform and is available to everyone to make money.

Following are some of the stats and case studies of how much Onlyfans creators are making:

  • On Average, OnlyFans creators are making somewhere between $100 to $150 a month. The average will reduce when more and more people join the platform.
  • Top content creators are making big money on the platforms. For example, Kitty K, aka Morgan Edwards, made over $2.1 Million in 2 years on OnlyFans. Other creators like Audrey Aura have 3,000 subscribers and are in the top 0.46% of Onlyfans.
  • If you have a big social media following on platforms like Instagram or you are a celebrity, it will be easier for you to make good money on OnlyFans. There are some celebrities who made over $1 Million in one day on OnlyFans.

A Case study of a creator who uses Reddit and Twitter to make good money:

I am a curious person and an observer. I discovered this Onlyfans creator who is now making $20,000 a month on Onlyfans. He is using Twitter and Reddit very religiously. His content is he visited different hotwives (the husband wants to see his wife having sex with other men) and recorded a video. He uploaded the complete video to his Onlyfans page and took some main shots, and reuploaded them to Twitter and Reddit.

He is very consistent with the content and his marketing, which makes him a successful male Onlyfans creator. You can also learn: How to make money on Onlyfans as a guy?

How to make money on OnlyFans with feet?

I have an article about selling feet pics on OnlyFans, and most of the people who learned about it first go crazy. But the reality is you can make a lot of money selling pictures of your feet on Onlyfans. Selling pictures of your feet on Onlyfans is very easy, but your feet should look attractive.

People with a foot fetish can buy your feet pics. The good thing about Onlyfans is it gives you a subscription option which means once someone subscribes to you, they pay you a monthly fee in order to view your content.

But there are some better Onlyfans alternatives for feet pics, and one such platform is FeetFinder. On FeetFinder, you can make money by making feet albums and selling them as a one-time product; Feet albums can be bought multiple times; and second, you can make money on FeetFinder by offering a subscription which is similar to what Onlyfans provides.

Can you really make money selling your feet pics on OnlyFans? Hell yeah. There is a big audience of feet buyers interested in buying your feet pics. For example, FeetFinder, an alternative to Onlyfans for selling feet pics, has over 350,000+ creators and half a million users.

Make Money on OnlyFans as a couple:

How, as a couple, you can make money on Onlyfans? You might already know how Onlyfans works, and it is the same for everyone in how you make money on OnlyFans.

As a couple on OnlyFans, you can make money in two potential ways;

  1. Through making videos recording yourself, and sharing your intimate videos. There are a lot of creators who make money through this method.
  2. Opening your relationship from one end or both ends. There are a lot of content creators on Onlyfans who have opened their relationship from one end, like letting their wife have sex with other men and recording those moments (also called the hotwife lifestyle), or you can open your relationship on both ends, and be part of MMF, FFM, or FM, or MF.

I think people who have already a partner find it very easy to start making money. You can also get more custom requests as people might be interested or have a kink to try in their own relationships.

People usually pay $100 to $400 per custom video request. If there is more than one person appearing in your video, you will need an OnlyFans consent form which is actually a legal document you can download on your Onlyfans page to help Onlyfans company that the person consented to appear in your videos.

Make Money on OnlyFans as a girl:

In my opinion, for women, Onlyfans is one of the best platforms, and they can find it easily compared to men. The majority of the Onlyfans creators are women, while the majority of those who pay are men. More than 90% of Men are straight or heterosexual, meaning more people pay creators of opposite genders.

You probably know about how Onlyfans works, and the process is almost similar for any creator, irrespective of what gender they belong to.

The difference in the content. As a woman Onlyfans creator, you can make money by showing your nudes, finding a partner, inviting random men to have sex with, or just showing your body and enjoying different adventures.

Can you make money as a solo girl or woman on OnlyFans? Yes, absolutely. All you need to look young, sexy, and sexually attractive to the opposite gender.

One of the woman OnlyFans creators I have worked with were uploading posts full-cloth on Twitter and only uploading her nudes on Onlyfans. She made the most money from just getting custom requests where your fans might pay you $100 to $400 per custom request.

Make Money on OnlyFans as a transexual:

Making money on OnlyFans is the same for everyone, whether you are bisexual, transexual, or straight or someone who is just uploading his/her/their nude photos.

I have been in contact with one of the transexual OnlyFans creators, and she is making over $5k a month. On social media, you have to do all the same things, like marketing your content and being consistent.

Your target audience is out there, and you can make a lot of money, but you just need to find a way to reach to them.

How Guys or can men make money on OnlyFans?

Yes, you can make money as a male Onlyfans creator. You need to think differently and focus on yourself more than anything. Smart, young, having a big dick, and a great body could help you get attraction from both genders.

There are other ways through which you can make money on OnlyFans, like finding a partner and taking her consent, and uploading videos on your page, or if you look into the Gay perspective, you might get requests from men to perform certain acts and get $100 to $500 per videos.

One of the recent case studies that I have studied is about a male creator making over $20,000 to $30,000 a month by visiting hotwives (a wife who has permission from her husband to have sex with other men), and making love with them, record videos, and share them on OnlyFans.

These men are called Bulls or Lovers, while the husband is called the cuck. You need to be physically strong and have great skills in bed to make hotwives happy. This is how you can make money on Onlyfans. You can also read my Medium article: How to make money on Onlyfans as a guy?

Make Money on OnlyFans Without showing your Face:

Can you make money on Onlyfans without showing your face? Yes, you can. There is no restriction on showing your face on Onlyfans in order to make money on Onlyfans. You also need to show your face when you are doing verification, which is a safe process, and your information isn’t shared with anyone. Even companies like Onlyfans can’t have access.

It is no secret that people who show their faces make more money on OnlyFans compared to those who don’t show their faces, but this doesn’t mean you can’t make $20,000 or $30,000 a month on OnlyFans because I have worked with a lot of OnlyFans creators and they are making $20K to $30K a month without showing their face. So, you need to understand that it is something that is possible.

How to make money on Onlyfans without showing your face?

Well, it is easy. Follow the following step-by-step process to be anonymous on Onlyfans and make money:

  1. Create an Onlyfans account with a pen name or generate your name, or choose a name for yourself.
  2. Create social media accounts using that pen name. Never invite your friends or never have a picture that shows a picture on any social media with a picture of you. The general rule of the internet is; if your face isn’t showing, you are fine.
  3. Verify your Onlyfans and start creating content.
  4. If you upload videos on your Onlyfans, try to blur your face. Blurring your face means nobody will see you. Also, try to never record in a public space or never let someone know that you attended an event. Be anonymous and only create content. No life updates.
  5. Boom! You are in the Business of Onlyfans, and you are making money without showing your face. I have worked with a lot of faceless creators who were making $10K to $30K a month.

How to promote your OnlyFans page?

You need to promote to make money on OnlyFans, as it is very hard to get discovered on OnlyFans. The following are some of the ways to promote your OnlyFans page:

  1. Promote your OnlyFans on social media platforms: You can promote your OnlyFans on platforms like Reddit, TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and other social media platforms.
  2. Promote your OnlyFans on Fansmetrics: Fansmeytrics is getting over 60,000 page views a day from fans looking to subscribe to creators. Fansmetrics worked with hundreds of creators, helping them reach their targeted audience. Promote your OnlyFans page on Fansmetrics here.
  3. Another way of promoting your OnlyFans page is to have Guarantee Gains or Guarantee Fans deal with other models or agencies selling fans’ subscriptions. This is also called the collaboration with other influencers or creators, but you just have to promise the number of fans, and the other creator does the same.

Tips & Tricks For OnlyFans creators:

The following are some of the Tips and Tricks for OnlyFans creators:

  1. You need to produce consistent content and give away some of the content for free by sharing it on social media platforms.
  2. The sexiest or more erotic content you upload, the more money you will make. Someone who shoots BG, GG, or any combination of making love with other partners will end up making more money than just being a solo creator.
  3. You can make the most money on OnlyFans by selling your PPVs and taking custom orders.
  4. Working with OnlyFans agencies could help you solve a lot of your problems, especially repetitive tasks, and end up making more money as they will help you with marketing as well as management.
  5. Always try to 1% better every day with your content and the strategy you want to use.

Frequently asked questions about making money on Onlyfans:

What are some of the ways creators can make money on Onlyfans?

You can make money by charging a subscription fee, selling pay-per-view-based videos, getting custom videos requests, and receiving tips in messages and on their content.

OnlyFans creators also have the option to charge for live-streaming or make it free for every fan.

How Fast Can You Make Money On OnlyFans?

How fast you can make money depends upon how big your social media following is or how consistent you are with your content publishing. All these things come into play. I have seen creators making $1000 a month on their very first month.

Is OnlyFans worth it in 2024?

Yes, but there are other platforms like FriendsOnly or Fanvue where you create content and make money very quickly compared to OnlyFans. OnlyFans in 2024 is very competitive.

How Much money can you make on OnlyFans?

There is no limit. There is an OnlyFans creator who is making hundreds of thousands of dollars.

I have worked with some creators who sell their solo nude pictures and upload thirst pictures on Twitter only. One big struggle is to create content and don’t quit this business.

What are some creative ways you can make money on Onlyfans?

Being a creator on Onlyfans has many benefits, and one such benefit are you build a loyal social media following. You are building a brand on social media as well as Onlyfans.

You can use your social media user base to sell your Amazon Wishlist or sell your used undergarments. It will be easier for you to get other creators to collaborate with you when you have social proof.

How to make money on Onlyfans as a beginner?

On Onlyfans, you can make money as a beginner, the platform is very competitive, but if you are passionate about your content and consistent, you will get results.

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