OnlyFans Guarantee Gains: Explained For Adult Creators

OnlyFans Guarantee Gains is a new way of growing your account by collaborating with other creators. Guarantee Gains in OnlyFans are also called Guaranteed Fans.

What are Guaranteed Gains or Guarantee Fans? How can you find platforms where you can get these types of services? And what are some of the best ways to grow your OnlyFans page?

Adult content creators on OnlyFans, especially the ones just starting out, find it very hard to grow. The same problem might be faced by creators who are already making a good amount of money. One of the ways to solve this problem is to exchange Guarantee Gains or Guarantee Fans by getting exposure on other creators’ accounts.

What are Guarantee Gains or Guarantee fans?

Guarantee Gains or Guarantee fans, as the name indicates, is a promise that a creator, a person, or an agency makes with you to help you get a specific number of fans on your subscribers, and they will be under the contract until that number is achieved.

Guarantee Gains of fans on your OnlyFans page can only be done for free OnlyFans pages or using a free trial OnlyFans link. It can easily be tracked, and you can see how many free subscribers someone referred to you by a creator.

How do Guarantee Gains work on OnlyFans?

Here is a step-by-step process of how you can start with Guarantee Gains or Guarantee fans contract with another creator or an agency:

  1. You contact someone for Guarantee Gains, or someone else contacted you.
  2. If you agree to the numbers, you can create a trial link to your OnlyFans page. The other creator does the same. Using the trial link, you can measure the number of fans.
  3. You can publish a number of posts in different content forms and mention the creator’s account to help them get more trial fans. The other creator will do the same for you.
  4. This process continues for an indefinite period of time till the number of guaranteedWhen fans promised is delivered.
  5. Boom! When you achieve your side of the trial fans from any creator or agency, you can start a new one with another creator to get more exposure.

Also, sometimes it will be just one shoutout on another OnlyFans page, and you do the same, but the number of fans a creator gets from this shoutout is not known or can’t be predicted.

3 Different Ways to Find Creators for Guarantee Gains:

Note: Guarantee Gains and Guarantee Fans are interchangeable; they have the same meaning.

1. Joining Telegram/Discord Groups:

Telegram is the No.1 source where you can find a lot of groups of OnlyFans creators where you can find people willing to provide Guarantee Gains services.

Why Telegram? Telegram is where you can connect without revealing your identity or your phone number shared with the people you are chatting with. You could be anonymous.

Telegram has other features to help you like not everyone can direct message you or you can have the option to turn off that option. If you go for a premium, you have a lot more options.

2. Reaching out to creators on OnlyFans:

I have seen a lot of messages shown to me by creators where they are messaging a creator for the partnership for Guarantee gains.

Does this work? Yes and No.

Big OnlyFans creators already have well-established social media profiles, so unless you are as big as them, you have a hard time getting any response.

Getting shoutouts on a smaller page isn’t worth it.

3. Reaching Out to creators on Twitter or any other social media site:

Twitter and other social media platforms are the best way to reach out to your favorite creators and exchange Guarantee fans with them.

One strategy to use is to reach out to creators who you think have active followers and also they are somewhat interested in the same thing as you are.

For example: If you are a hotwife, better to reach other hotwives creators and go for guaranteed fans or Guarantee gains with them.

Pros and Cons of collaboration with creators for Guarantee Gains:

The following are some of the pros and cons of Guarantee gains or Guarantee fans:

Pros of Guarantee Gains:

  • You can start with a bang. It is hard to grow on OnlyFans, and at the start, if you got a good number of fans, it would act as motivation to create more content.
  • There is a high chance that the fans will also stay subscribed and pay you a monthly fee.
  • It is good for exposure. You can get exposure to potential fans. You can end up making more money. I have worked with a creator, and she was making $16K a month just doing it.
  • If you work with a marketing agency, you pay for Guarantee Gains or Guarantee Fans whenever you receive the number of fans they promised.
  • It might be a very good investment as you can get a yearly return of more than 1000% on your investment. This is the best thing for anyone, but you need to work with creators as well as marketing agencies that provide these services.

Cons of Guarantee Gains:

  • You can be scammed, but it is very rare if you see potential testimonials or pay when the project is delivered.
  • The people who are subscribing to you might be subscribing because it is free to subscribe for seven days or any trial period.
  • A lot of times, paid advertising doesn’t really produce good results in terms of user orientation, but you can eliminate the chances of it by producing high-quality content and being consistent.

Is it worth it?

Is Guarantee gains worth it? Yes and No. It is worth it if you are making amazing content and have a solid social media strategy. It isn’t worth it if you have only one strategy to grow your fans.

It could be a very good investment, and you can get a good return, but if you stop doing it, you will lose traction, and your earnings will go down as a result.

This is a new strategy; some of the creators do it while others try to avoid it. There is no right answer for anyone to do it or not do it.

If you go for Guarantee Fans or Guarantee gains, the best way is to have a clear plan for using it to promote on other platforms.

You can use the following platforms as an OnlyFans creator to grow your OnlyFans page:

  • Grow your OnlyFans page through social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Reddit, and others.
  • You can use adult-free video platforms like Pornhub or other tube sites. You can upload free content on these sites and start to direct your fans to your OnlyFans.
  • You can use Guarantee Fans or Guarantee Gains.
  • You can use other platforms like Fansmetrics to get a paid package to reach over 60,000 fans a day.

Tips and Tricks for OnlyFans creators interested in Guarantee Gains:

If you are interested in followingcollaborating with creators for a shoutout or a Guarantee gain project.

The following are some of the tips and tricks for OnlyFans creators:

  • Always work with creators to guarantee gains if they already have a good engagement. The most prominent scam is someone who might get exposed to your audience, but in return, they don’t have that much active subscriber base. This isn’t a scam but poor due diligence, in my opinion.
  • If you stop doing Guarantee fans, your follower count and your revenue might go down. This is why it is a good strategy to build a social media base.
  • Guarantee gains might be tempting as it is an easy way to grow but remember, doing this for the long term is not good for your brand.

Twitter Shoutouts Vs. Guarantee Gains:

There are a lot of big Twitter pages where you can get a shoutout. You pay them $100 to $400 (the charges depend upon the popularity of the page), and they post a video of you mentioning your Twitter handle. This is another potential way to grow your page.

Some agencies or companies might be doing the same thing but to Guarantee gains. Say, you work with a marketing company, and they will have to find your specific number of followers. They can use Twitter and these big Twitter shoutouts pages to help them reach the promised number.

Guarantee Gains for working with a creator are based on the fact that they publish a post on their page asking their fans to subscribe to you.

Here are some questions you might be asking about Guarantee Gains in OnlyFans:

Yes. If you understand Guarantee Gains, you will know why it is legal on OnlyFans. OnlyFans gives you the opportunity to create a free trial link, and you can share that link with the service you are paying for.

Are Guarantee Gains profitable?

Yes, it does. I have worked with some creators who were free to subscribe, and they were making more money from creators who were at the same stage but charging a subscription fee. Not every fan is going to pay you a lot of money in a Tip, buying your PPVs, or placing custom orders.

Is it profitable? Yes, it is. Say, you order 100 fans in Guarantee gains for $200. 5% of those fans pay you in some way like buying your PPVs, placing a custom order, or leaving a Tip, you end up making more money than you invested, and in return, you also get a good number of fans.

PS: OnlyFans Guarantee Gains. Is it worth it?

Guarantee gains are one of the best things to do if you want to grow. A lot of the agencies or people who provide services of guarantee gains are actually using bots, so always be careful about dealing with such cases.

What are guaranteed gains? Guarantee gains are when someone promises you a set number of free trial subscribers. It is what guarantees, and when you reach that quota, the project is completed.

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