How To Promote OnlyFans On TikTok?

TikTok is one of the most popular apps and websites with over one billion+ user. The site is famous first for short-form under 15-seconds videos, but now you can upload up to 3-minutes of videos. So how you, as an Onlyfans creator can use TikTok to promote your Onlyfans?

This is a guide that I think everyone should read as TikTok is very critical about using Adult content and driving traffic to adult sites, so it will help you preserve your account as well as get more fans.

I have studied a lot to give you a detailed view of using TikTok as a Medium to grow your Onlyfans.

I have read somewhere on Reddit that a creator’s TikTok video got over 10K views, and she got around 40 to 50 subs on her Onlyfans every day.

I was browsing Reddit when goes through the question; how to promote OF on TikTok? so I thought why not answer this question in more detail and discuss the topics to help content creators.

Things to remember while creating TikTok Videos for your Onlyfans marketing:

  • Remember, TikTok doesn’t like you as Onlyfans creator. So your goal should be to don’t use the word Onlyfans or other related terms in any of your TikTok.
  • TikTok is very strict when it comes to adult content. Make full-clothed videos but always leave a thirsty thing in your TikToks.
  • TikTok gives you the option to add a link in the Bio; you can’t link an Onlyfans; otherwise, you are prone to get suspended anytime on TikTok.
  • Trends are the best way to grow but you need to be creative and use them. Make trends sexier.
  • Ban a lot of people who post negative comments. They are the ones who mass report your TikToks, and if you make any mistake, they will take advantage and try to report your account.

Use Fansmetrics To Promote Your Onlyfans

Fansmetrics is an amazing platform and if you check the testimonials of creators, they have got 2K to 3K fans promoting on Fansmetrics.

Promote Yourself On Fansmetrics

Understanding TikTok as an Onlyfans Creator:

Remember, TikTok like YouTube works on algorithms to help you grow your Onlyfans. The more people stop and watch the end of your video, the higher the chances that your videos will get more views.

So, let say you go viral. Keep your calm, do hard work and never think of it as the end of a line thing.

Look at the example of an Onlyfans creator doing this on TikTik:


Nice try #fyp #accountantsoftiktok

♬ stop using this for bad takes bozos – ale

See, this is what I believe is smart marketing. Even though she used the word Onlyfans in her videos, she has millions of views, and she did this very smartly. You too can use these strategies to grow your Onlyfans using TikTok.

How to get more followers using TikTok on Onlyfans?

  • Create videos multiple times a day: This is what we call Content marketing. Your TikTok videos are content propaganda for you that you are the best creator, and people like you want to see more of you.
  • Being consistent: Just because you created three videos on the first day doesn’t mean your job is done. You need to show up every day to be successful. Consistency is the key to getting more followers on Onlyfans through TikTok. You feed the algorithm every day and it will return you the favors.
  • Using Proper TikTok hashtags: I have discussed this in detail in one of my articles about Onlyfans Hashtags. In addition, we have discussed some of the trending hashtags for TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter. Don’t use hashtags like #Onlyfans in your TikTok as it directly signals that you are promoting your Onlyfans and your intention for creating content on TikTok is to promote your Onlyfans.
  • Creating videos between 20 to 30 seconds. Even though TikTok allows you to upload TikToks of length 15 seconds, 1-minutes, and 3-minutes, a video duration of 20 to 30 seconds will best fit content creators on TikTok. However, it is still a big number as the average user retention decreases.
  • Live to stream: If your TikTok Account gets shadowbanned or you are not getting more views, try to use the Live Streaming feature on TikTok to get more followers and views. This will help you with your content strategy.

Using FriendsOnly with TikTok Marketing Your Onlyfans:

FriendsOnly is an adult version of TikTok. You can create a profile on FriendsOnly and upload the same TikTok videos. You can make money by getting subscriptions. One of the best things about FriendsOnly is getting a more organic promotion or passive traffic as FriendsOnly promotes your videos. Join FriendsOnly as an adult creator here.

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PS: How to use TikTok for Onlyfans marketing?

Go to Onlyfans and create an account. Then, add an attractive picture of yourself and use a good Bio that gives some idea of yourself. Then, add a Linktree or other services that give you the opportunity to include show up all the links where someone can check out.

Create content every day and try to upload videos that are more family-friendly or don’t have a lot of nudity, like not showing your cleavage or your butts. Take part in Trends and be consistent.

You can expect 10 to 20 fans on your Onlyfans if you consistently create content.

You can read my other Onlyfans marketing articles to learn more.

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