How To Create a Website Like OnlyFans?

Create a website like OnlyFans as an entrepreneur, or you can be an OnlyFans creator to start a community. For the platform that you are going to build a website like OnlyFans, you need to have features like getting paid subscribers, getting a Tip, selling PPVs, mass messages, going live and charging for it, and a lot of other features. In this article, I have discussed everything to help you build a clone site like OnlyFans.

Why should you create a site like OnlyFans? In August 2021, they announced that they were going to ban adult content creators starting in August 2021. This decision was later reverted, and they said they would make changes to the platform, one of which was to introduce restricted words on OnlyFans.

OnlyFans is one of the most profitable sites on the face of the earth. OnlyFans recently announced that they are going toward more strict conditions for uploading creators who upload adult content. This is got creators worried about their future in the platform and all the time and money they have invested to make good money from the platform.

OnlyFans, at the same time, is a very profitable company, and a lot of people who are interested in making money or starting an entrepreneurial journey might want to start a variant of OnlyFans.

What is OnlyFans, and how it works?

OnlyFans is an adult subscription platform where adult content creators can start making money on the platform and make money. You can make money by getting paying subscribers, receiving a Tip from your fans, and sell PPVs, and adding a wishlist to your OnlyFans page.

OnlyFans is the No.1 platform for adult content creators where you can make money by building a business around your adult content. OnlyFans make money by taking a percentage of every transaction between you and your fans. OnlyFans has 20% transaction charges which means if you sell content worth $100, you end up making $80.

How OnlyFans clone sites work?

Building a clone site means building a platform like OnlyFans, but it has all the features the platform has.

You can have all the features like:

  1. Subscriptions. Letting your creators charge a monthly fee for giving access to the content.
  2. Tipping feature.
  3. Selling PPVs.
  4. Mass DMs.
  5. Live streaming.
  6. A custom domain.
  7. And you have the features like how much your service charges.

Sites for OnlyFans creators:

Want to build your own custom site as an adult creator? Scrile Connect is one of the best platforms for a branded adult creator. Sign Up Here.

Following are the sites for OnlyFans creators that help you integrate into an OnlyFans-like experience but with more independence;

  1. Scrile Connect: Scrile Connect is probably the best solution out there that could help you build a fully functional OnlyFans alternative with no restriction on the type of content you upload. You can build an independent business using Scrile Connect. It charges a 0% transaction fee from revenue. Anyone with no experience can start a fully functional, independent platform using Scrile Connect. You can start a 14-day free trial here.
  2. MyTribe: MyTribe is probably the most advanced tool out there that could help you start a paid subscription-based community around your adult content. If you have more fans, you can go for their enterprise plan, which is like making your own site like OnlyFans. They have two plans; a 10% transaction fee if you have less than 10,000 fans and a custom solution if you have more than 10,000 fans. MyTribe is providing a clone of OnlyFans to the creators as well as entrepreneurs.
  3. iFans: iFans is a potential OnlyFans alternative with a more promising solution to creators. They have no cap on Tips, both NSFW and SF positive, public live-streaming, and custom messaging. I believe creators should go for platforms that are potential OnlyFans alternatives. iFans works on a standard 80/20 split of transactions between creators and the company, much like OnlyFans.

Make a Potential site like OnlyFans using Scrile Connect (but with your domain and brand)

If you are searching for a clone of OnlyFans or for a platform that gives you a custom domain, branded opportunities, and all the features that OnlyFans give to you, I personally find Scrile Connect one of the best for adult content creators.

.Sign Up Here for Scrile connect 14-days free trial.

How can I make a website like OnlyFans using WordPress or Wix?

First things first, it takes a lot of money to manage a site like OnlyFans. When you give the ability to everyone to create content, you could expect a huge amount of data sent to your servers; this will cost you a lot of money to manage, run smoothly, and give a better and fast video or content viewing experience to your users. It could cost you a lot of money, in millions, to manage a site like OnlyFans.

If you want to create a website like OnlyFans using WordPress or Wix, you can’t do it. You need to find a host like Amazon web services and a tech developer who helps you solve bugs. Bugs will always be there, and if you aren’t a technical person, it would be really hard for you to manage a site like OnlyFans.

This is just the operational costs; we even aren’t talking about marketing and paying your employees. It could cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Can I make an App like OnlyFans?

Do you know, OnlyFans has an App hosted on Playstore and Appstore, but when more adult-content creators go to the platform and the platform is known to be a place for adult-content creators, they just ban the app? Can you make an app like OnlyFans?

Yes. OnlyFans isn’t just an app now; they have designed their website in such a way that while using their website on mobile, they give you an app experience.

The first thing you need to make an app like OnlyFans is to create a website and then create an app just by integrating it into an app. But, as we already discussed, it is costly to run a site like OnlyFans.

Step-by-step Guide to Building an OnlyFans Clone Website:

Here is the step-by-step guide for anyone looking to build an OnlyFans clone website:

  1. Go to Scrile Connect.
  2. Sign-up for seven days, $10 trial.
  3. Add a custom domain and do all other settings.
  4. Connect your desired payment gateway.
  5. Start uploading content.
  6. Boom! You now have an OnlyFans clone that you monetize.

Pros and Cons of Creating a Website like OnlyFans:

The following are some of the Pros and cons of creating a website like OnlyFans:

Pros of creating an OnlyFans clone:

  1. You can pay 0% in commission as a creator. This means you make 100% of the money.
  2. You can build a sustainable business around your content. No fear of getting your account deleted or suspended.
  3. No restriction on what type of content you can publish. There are certain OnlyFans niches that are now banned.

Cons of OnlyFans clones:

  1. You have to build your audience.
  2. You have to do most of the technical work, but it is not huge. Once you set up everything, it is ready to go.

PS: OnlyFans Clone: Is it worth it?

Suppose you have the means to drive traffic and your fans from OnlyFans to your branded website. You can build a brand and your own audience by creating an OnlyFans clone website for yourself.

You might end up making more money and can build something very powerful by building a business around your content. One big problem with OnlyFans is it doesn’t give you any exposure. You need to do everything by yourself so why not build a clone website like OnlyFans?

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