Massive List of Restricted Words on OnlyFans With Examples

Restricted words on OnlyFans

There are some words in OnlyFans that you can’t use while chatting with your fans or publishing a post. Using these words could enable notification from OnlyFans and informing you that you have violated a policy on OnlyFans, and your account might be in danger of suspension for repeating and violating these rules.

It is interesting that OnlyFans is one of the adult subscription platforms where you can build a big business out of your content, but it could be a platform where you can’t build a sustainable business.

If you are building a business around your content, you need to be consistent, as it is hard to keep your fans or subscribers’ numbers intact if you are not consistent and working on building a library of content.

A few months ago, I worked with a creator, and she was not producing any content. But she has over 300k+ followers on Twitter, where she rarely posts content there. She was still making $1k to $2k a month without making any new content. It was nice earnings every month for her, and she was working with a writer.

I can’t post on OnlyFans because of Restricted words.

Whenever you use a restricted word(s) in your post, OnlyFans won’t let you post your content. It will warn you about using restricted words in your post, and you can’t post it until you remove that word from your post.

Some Fetish content is banned on OnlyFans, and you can’t charge for it or do something like it. For example, Pooping in a video is banned, and fans might be paying a lot of money for a custom, but if OnlyFans finds out, they might suspend your account or warn you.

So, if you can’t post on OnlyFans because OnlyFans is giving you a notification of using a banned word in your post, try to remove these words or use different but similar words, and you will be able to post them.

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What are some of the Banned words or censored words on OnlyFans?

The following are some of the words that you should never use anywhere OnlyFans like in posting content, especially while chatting with fans.

  1. Fifteen
  2. Diaper
  3. PayPal, Stripe, or any payment processor
  4. Eleven
  5. Any number in words less than eighteen.
  6. ManyVids or any other adult subscription platform like Fansly.
  7. MILF or MILFs.
  8. Booking.
  9. Using words like Whatsapp, Telegram, or other communication platform names in chats.
  10. Cashapp.
  11. Pegging.
  12. Meet and MeetUp are also on OnlyFans’ banned words list.
  13. Posting a picture of real blood or bleeding is against OnlyFans TOS, and using such words is also restricted.
  14. Animal, Abduct, abducted, abducting, Asphyxia, or other Asphyxia related words.
  15. Blacked (referring to an adult platform), Bloodplay, Bukkake, services, CBT
  16. Chloroform, choke, choking, or any choke-related words.
  17. Dog or any pet animals. Drinking, drunk, fanFuck, Fisting, flocked.
  18. Forced. Gangbang, bangbangs, golden, hooker, inzest, jail, Jailbait.
  19. Menstruate or any words related to it. Molesting.
  20. Pee, Piss, Poop, Teen, suffocating, torture, Toilet, Zoophilia.

How to get around Banned Words in OnlyFans?

When you write “Fifteen” in OnlyFans messages, even if you are referring to Fifteen dollars, you still get restricted notice. If you use the number “15,” you don’t get any restricted content notice.

Can your account be banned if you use OnlyFans-restricted words?

Yes, if you repeatedly use the restricted words and get a warning from OnlyFans, your account might be suspended, and once suspended, there is a minor chance of getting your account back.

OnlyFans in August 2021 announced that they would stop working with adult content creators starting in October, which was a decision later reverted. We have mentioned a number of OnlyFans alternatives in case you ever want to switch to other platforms or diversify your content business.

I hope this article helps. If you have any questions or want to add anything to this article, you can also comment on our articles now.


Why can’t I post the message “Restricted word” on OnlyFans?

When you as a creator use the word in messages or in posts in your Bio, OnlyFans will restrict your post or message, and you will not be able to send a message unless you remove that word from your post or from your message.

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