How To Promote Fansly Page in 2024 | Beginners Guide

Fansly is the No.1 OnlyFans competitor that you should be looking out for. They are not new, but they got more and more sign-ups when OnlyFans announced in August 2021 that they would ban adult content creators, which is a later reverted decision.

When OnlyFans decided to ban adult content, a lot of content creators tried other platforms. One of the platforms that emerged and capitalized on this race is Fansly.

Fansly is a new hot spot for OnlyFans or, more specifically, Adult content creators interested in starting their subscription business. In this guide, I will go through the whole process and get you the complete picture for promoting or marketing your Fansly account and getting more fans or followers.

Before I start with the marketing tactics you can use to grow your Fansly, let me present a picture with you to help you understand the competition so our later talks could make sense to you. Pre-pandemic, very few people knew about OnlyFans; during the pandemic, more adult content creators joined OnlyFans. The CEO of OnlyFans once woke up and decided to ban adult content, and so more and more creators moved to platforms like Fansly.

Now users or fans are treated as a very important thing in the business.

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Find the category you are going to target:

Fansly can somehow give you little room to get discovered. It is still far from being a good site like YouTube to give you good discovery, but it is way better than OnlyFans. Here is a screenshot that shows you the variety of profiles you get when you search for a keyword;

Fansly powerful search engine to let you get discovered
Fansly powerful search engine to let you get discovered / Screenshot by the author

Include keywords like ‘hotwife,’ ‘swinger,’ ‘amateur, ‘ or ‘couple’ in your profile to get discovered if you just started out on Fansly and don’t have any followership on any platform.

Be the category pirate, which means that you should definitely go for a specific category and dominate it by putting more content.

Using Reddit to promote your Fansly page:

Whether you are using OnlyFans or Fansly, Reddit is of great help to the creators. You need to join some of the best NSFW subreddits where you can promote your content and include your Bio in the pinned posts on your profile as well as in your Reddit Bio. This could help you get more recognition.

The three important things you need to know as a begineer to Reddit marketing of your Fansly is to understand how Karma, Subreddits, and Verification work. Karma is like the likes you get from people. Subreddits are like Facebook Groups but open to everyone, and everyone can post in them without getting approved. Verification is when you take a picture of yourself (you can show your face or not), but you have to show your name and the subreddit name on a paper page.

Once verified, you can post in these big NSFW subreddits and take advantage of their big user base.

What works best in Reddit for Fansly or adult content creators? It is videos and GIFs. The Picture might not do justice, so it is better to go for uploading videos or GIFs. You will get better reach and more engagement and followers.

Using Instagram to Market Your Fansly Account:

Instagram is also a great social platform for creators to promote their Fansly page. The good thing about Fansly is that you can get good engagement as you post more often and use the relevant tag. Once you build good followership, you can grow faster than ever. Always remember there is a thin line between Instagram TOS (terms of service) and adult content creators uploading more explicit content.

You can use Instagram hashtags and upload at least twice or thrice a day to get more people. You can also tell your viewers about the link in the Bio to follow you on Fansly or add a Linktree link to drive more users to your Fansly account.

Using TikTok as an adult content creator on Fansly to get followers:

Recently, I have seen adult content creators getting good results through TikTok. You can use this platform to get more recognition and link back to your Fansly. TikTok could also be very rewarding, but it is hard to go viral, and you must go through many experiments before reaching hundreds of thousands of people.

Using the right hashtags and uploading at least thrice a day could be a better start for a Fansly adult content creator.

Using Writing to Grow on Fansly:

This is very underrated, and very few people I have seen use this. Consider you reading my articles and you are the No.1 fan of my writings, but five minutes after reading my best articles, you go to my Fansly or OnlyFans and see me having sex with someone. Will that feel amazing?

Well, for me, it is such a turn-on. So, it is better to join writing platforms like Medium, Quora, and Vocal to start writing. (PS: You can also make thousands of dollars just by writing)

So, use your writing to direct your readership to your Fansly page. You can also narrate your fantasies or your experiences with people on the Internet using your writing.

Use videos on YouTube or Probably also upload your TikTok as YouTube shorts:

I once worked for an OnlyFans creator, and she has over 15K subscribers on YouTube. She was making $2,000 a month.

With the right branding and marketing, you can use videos on YouTube to grow your audience. You can share your experiences or have great fun and let your fans or subscribers ask to follow you on Fansly.

Using Free OnlyFans and FriendsOnly account to grow your Fansly:

So, most adult content creators who are interested in getting more subscribers or fans to your Fansly page are using FriendsOnly because it is a platform that gives you more discovery. You get discovered by thousands of people.

I think platforms like FriendsOnly are solving a problem that OnlyFans or other platforms have ignored for too long.

Don’t give you a chance for your fans to leave a subscription:

The hard part of any subscription business is that you could lose your fans if you aren’t consistent or don’t produce the content your fans subscribe to you in the first place. Retain the fans that you already have and try to make the best of the content for them.

Your mission should be to retain your already subscribed fans as well as try to reach and release more free content on different platforms to grow your Fansly account.

Sell your Fansly subscription at lower rates:

An OnlyFans creator once asked me what the best price is for keeping my subscription. Read: How much to charge for OnlyFans?

The borderline of this article is the more you charge, the fewer followers and the more wealthy people will subscribe to you; the less you charge, the more fans you have, and you probably end up making more money.

But, then the next question should be:: the adult subscription business has one big secret; the Fansly or OnlyFans creators that make the most money through personal requests. So, getting rich people to subscribe to your OnlyFans could be a very rewarding factor.

Collaborating With Adult Creator on Fansly:

If you are recording more explicit content or when you are into a hotwife lifestyle or swingers, it is better to find other hotwife or swingers in the Fansly community and collaborate with them.

You can build connections with them and let them introduce you to their community, and you introduce them to your fans. It is a win-win situation for both parties.

Using Fansly promo subreddits to promote your Fansly page:

The Fansly promo subreddits are evolving, and more and more creators are using it to post their Fansly page with users. It is your time to use them and get more fans or subscribers by posting your Fansly on these evolving Fansly subreddits.

This is a complete guide for Fansly creators to grow their Fansly page and get more followers or fans by using these strategies. I hope it will help you.

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