What is Fansly? Fansly Review With Pros and Cons

Platforms like Fansly provide adult content creators the opportunity to monetize their audience by offering subscriptions. When Onlyfans announced, according to a BBC report that they are banning adult content, new and improved platforms come into existence.

Fansly is one of those platforms that get traction as adult creators started doubting the intention of the platform, so they were looking for alternatives.

Fansly is a social networking website with a content subscription service that combines both. Fans must pay the content producers on Fansly to view their particular material, such as photos and videos. Content creators keep 80% of all revenue generated, while 20% goes to the Fansly site itself. Fansly launched on September 5th, 2017.

How Does Fansly Work?

Fansly has a tiered membership system with five different price points. Fans can pay monthly or yearly for access to exclusive content from their favorite per-viewper-view broadcasters. Fans can also pay per view of or channels if they want just a taste of someone’s material instead of subscribing. Fans must be 18 years old or older to become members of Fansly, and all transactions are done through secure PayPal payments. Fans who subscribe get access to exclusive photos, videos, live broadcasts, fan clubs, and more, depending on what type of package they select.

In other words, consider Fansly to be the next OnlyFans. It is gaining a lot of traction already, and many variants and designers are signing up.

The platform’s allowing of adult material in addition to other genres such as fitness and music is a major reason why content creators must be at least 18 years old. Fans do not have to be 18 to subscribe, but Fansly does retain the right to delete any content they deem unfit.

A friend attempted Fansly out for himself and found it simple enough both to create a profile as well as follow one of my favorite internet models who is currently a member. Fans can follow their favorite performers from Twitter or Tumblr now straight into Fansly without much work from the performers’ end, either.

So what are Fansly’s pros and cons? Well, let’s take a look!

Pros of Using Fansly:

  • Fansly is incredibly easy to use, with an accessible interface for all levels of tech-savviness. Nontechnical users will have no problem navigating Fansly. Newcomers may need some assistance in getting started acquainted with the platform.
  • Fansly is easy to understand for both content producers and Fans. The terms are clear with Fansly, allowing performers to feel confident that they won’t be “held over a barrel” when it comes time to negotiate their contract.
  • Fans can follow multiple performers, making Fansly ideal for those who enjoy several different types of fetish or entertainment genres on the site.
  • Fans will have no problem finding anything they are looking for on Fansly if they know what they are searching for beforehand. If you already know the type of performer you want to follow, Fansly makes it quick and easy to do so. Fans can also browse Fansly without a content subscription.
  • Fansly offers Fans the option to pay via PayPal, Amazon, Google Wallet, and Apple for Fans who don’t want to use credit cards due to security concerns or lack of funds in their accounts.
  • Fans can message performers directly from Fansly when they subscribe, making Fans feel more involved in a personal way with the performer they are supporting. Performers may not always have time to reply, but it is still a nice feature for Fans who wish to connect on a more intimate level with their favorite adult entertainment stars

Cons of using Fansly:

  • Fansly support team has been reported by some as being difficult to get ahold of, which could be an issue if Fans do not scroll through the content for long.
  • Fans must have an account at PayPal, which some people find intimidating since their personal details are required at Paypal. Fansly recommends having a virtual credit card if Fans are uncomfortable providing their PayPal information.
  • Fans must upload at least one photo to Fansly, which is something some people might not wish to do. A tip for Fans who don’t want to do this right away: Fans can sign up and save money on Fansly by using the free offering. Once you proceed past your free trial, Fansly will ask you for payment details before continuing service.
  • While Fansly does allow multiple performers to be followed, it’s currently only available in English. There is no translated content of any kind at this time either so any French, Spanish, or German speakers out there will have to wait for now before they can join in. Fansly does plan on offering Fans the option of other languages in future updates. Fans who are looking for Fansly review content can find Fansly reviews here.
  • Fansly is still a relatively new platform, but it has already gained considerable popularity among fans and performers alike since its launch thanks to its ease of use and fair terms among Fans and producers.

How To Make Money At Fansly?

Fansly is unique in that Fans pay Fansly to view the material. Fans can tip performers for specific requests, while performers on Fansly will earn money by selling their content or selling services such as custom videos or webcam sessions.

With Fans paying Fansly to view the performances of others, Fans get an opportunity to set up a profile and post some of their own photos and videos, thus giving themselves an advantage over other models who do not offer any free content at all.

However, unlike OnlyFans, there are no additional fees for “private” chats with Fans except for standard messaging rates applied by phone carriers (that applies to both performers and Fans). This makes it easier for Models to make money since they only need to focus on providing quality content to the subscribers.

Here is this video explaining: Starting Fansly – Beginner Money Making Guide

Fansly, like OnlyFans, has several ways to make money:

  • Create a paid account and get money by having to pay subscribers who want to see your private profile and material.
  • Fans can subscribe to your posts for a one-time fee, which allows them to view the post without ads.
  • The more people who like or subscribe to your page, the more money you will make, and this is why promoting your profile and content is crucial.
  • Receives suggestions through direct messages – fans may send money-valued suggestions by sending direct messages.

You may sign up for Fansly at their site.

You can create either a free account (no monthly subscription charge) or a paid account (fans must pay a monthly charge to keep subscribed to your profile).

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Select a Display Picture on your Fansly account:

You have the option of keeping your profile free (i.e., followers can follow your account without paying) or charging a monthly subscription fee (i.e., fans must pay a monthly charge to follow your account). The benefit of having a free account is that fans get to see what kind of stuff you offer and whether they want to pay a one-time payment for your locked paid postings or provide you with tips.

Bank and Credit Card Information Verification

To be paid, you must provide Fansly with personal and account information for verification. This is to ensure that you are a genuine person who owns the accounts and any related social media pages. As part of this procedure, it will want you to provide a form of government-issued identification. This might be a passport, an ID card, or even a driving license. After your application has been accepted, you’ll be able to enroll in the program and withdraw your money via bank transfer.

How to Make a Profile at Fansly Fans?

If you opt for a free Fansly profile, your profile will be completely open, allowing fans to view all your posts and photos. Fans who subscribe to any page can see your basic info, which includes age, location, sexual orientation, and whether or not you’re single.

Compare Fansly With OnlyFans and JustForFans

Several content types may be uploaded, and they’ve all been successful. Although some sorts are more difficult to market than others, it is entirely up to personal choice as to which one you prefer. Non-nude material (with or without face) and nudity are implied but not visible (where the vieweras can’t tell how undressed it is). Also, implied nudity (where nudity is inferred but not seen for certain) and Fetishes (such on feet, legs, hands, etc.) are provided.

OnlyFans is different from Fansly as it helps Models gain income with each and every new subscriber. Fans pay their favorite models a monthly fee of $15 to $25 for special access. This is more profitable than Fansly, as you make more money if people subscribe to your posts.

However, unlike OnlyFans, there are no additional fees for “private” chats with Fans except for standard messaging rates applied by phone carriers (that applies to both performers and Fans). This makes it easier for Models to make money since they only need to focus on providing quality content to the subscribers.

The user interface of Fansly is somewhat comparable to that of OnlyFans, however, this site offers more capabilities than OnlyFans, including the capacity to look for a creator on it. You may share your work on Fansly with a free or paid subscription. You can host content on Fansly whether you have a free or paid subscription. As a fan, you may subscribe to free or premium accounts of artists you admire.

One disadvantage of Fansly is that it only allows consumers to pay with a credit card at the moment. If Visa and Mastercard withdraw from the platform, as they did with Pornhub and are allegedly doing so with OnlyFans, Fansly might suffer disruptions if alternative payment options such as crypto aren’t available.

Onlyfans and Fansly are similar platforms that allow fans to support their favorite creators by subscribing to their services or purchasing products from them. On Fansly, creators set their prices to charge for subscriptions. However, there is a distinct difference between Fansly and Onlyfans: creators may offer a variety of subscription levels on Fansly.

JustForFans differs from Fansly in many ways, the most important distinction being that JustForFans has a monthly minimum payout of $25 while Fansly only requires $5. Justforfans allows individual creators to set their own paywalls and pricing whereas Onlyfans does not allow this level of control oversubscriptions.

Is Fansly Worth The Money?

This can be hard to answer as it depends on the person and their needs. JustForFans is only $24.95 a month and Onlyfans charges $45 for its premium membership, so if you’re short of money, Justforfans may prove cheaper than Fansly.

JustForFans provides promotional tools such as referral and affiliate programs and also offers cross-promotion on their social media platforms at no extra cost– those features are unavailable on Fansly. Justforfans has more tools for managing your account compared to Fansly, including chatroom features that allow you to connect with fans easily through live chats.

Fansly offers a limited number of features, but its only difference from Fansly is that it lets you set your own prices on subscriptions.

If you’re looking for a larger audience and prefer to take advantage of Fansly’s cross-promotion tools, Fansly may be worth the money. Fansly limits users to one post per day so creators are encouraged to use Fansly’s chatroom feature. Fans have access to your updates forever unless they cancel their subscription so if you want your content shown for as long as possible, Fansly might be an excellent choice.

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