Onlyfans Clone: A Guide For Creators To Start A Clone Site Like OnlyFans

Building an OnlyFans clone is easy, thanks to the platforms that provide you with the custom solutions to build a site like OnlyFans.

There are two types of people who might be interested in building an OnlyFans clone site; entrepreneurs who want to build a better solution.

The second type of creators will be OnlyFans creators looking to build their own brand. This article is valid and provides useful information for both of these users.

OnlyFans is an amazing company, and it changed the whole porn industry. Companies like PornHub pay cents for thousands of views, but now Onlyfans, where creators are making thousands of dollars every month.

OnlyFans has more than 16,000 creators who make $50K+ a year. Not sure any other creator platforms can close to topping that.

OnlyFans Clone: Build an Ultimate subscription website:

OnlyFans is the most profitable website on the face of the earth. They charge 20% on every transaction between a creator and a fan. You can build a better OnlyFans clone, offer a site to creators, and make more money.

You can quickly launch an adult subscription website and start a subscription website for your fans.

As an OnlyFans creator, you are paying 20% on every transaction between you and your fans, and using an OnlyFans clone; you can build a brand and start getting 100% of the money.

These OnlyFans clones have all the basic features like:

  • You can start a subscription-based fan page.
  • Start making money through PPVs, sending mass DMs, sending a PPV in messages, and receiving a Tip from your fans on your public page as well as in messages.
  • Using Scrile Connect, you can have all the features above and also get paid for live streaming and tons of other features which we discussed in these articles.

What is an OnlyFans Clone?

An OnlyFans Clone is a site like OnlyFans that provides all the features but with a different domain, has different policies, and offers something extra like different features and charges you less commission.

Two types of people might be interested in building an Onlyfans clone.

  1. Adult content creators: If you are an Adult content creator, you might be interested in starting a new site where fans can subscribe to you, give you tips, and you can sell them your pay-per-view videos. It is like building your own brand and running a more sustainable business.
  2. As an entrepreneur or a businessman: If you are motivated enough to start a site helping adult content creators find a better OnlyFans alternative, there are a lot of Onlyfans clone solutions available that you can avail of and build a brand like Onlyfans.

But why would you be interested in starting an OnlyFans clone site? Well, there are a lot of adult content-providing sites like Fansly, Fanvue, FriendsOnly, and dozens of other adult subscription platforms but this business isn’t a zero-sum game, and you can always come up with a great solution.

Is it worth it to develop an OnlyFans clone site?

This is the question you have to ask yourself. All I can do is help you with making better decisions. There are many potential OnlyFans alternatives, but if you think making your own Onlyfans-like site is a better idea, my advice will be; to measure the pros and cons.

Let’s assume both conditions, and you will better understand the answer;

OnlyFans clone is worth it if you are suspended on OnlyFans or have a big social media following and don’t want to pay a 20% commission to Onlyfans.

You don’t need technical skills as an adult content creator to build an OnlyFans alternative. All you have to do is to buy a domain and pay a monthly fee to some of the sites we mentioned in this article.

OnlyFans clone isn’t worth it for you if you have no social media following, and neither are you making money on adult subscription platforms.

The Big Problems with OnlyFans:

If you are a creator or an entrepreneur and want to build a Clone of OnlyFans, you should know about the cons of OnlyFans and where you can significantly improve yourself.

  • The platform is very buggy: You start uploading a video and it just doesn’t move or the site is unavailable or under maintenance. Adult content creators are fed up with the platform.
  • Poor customer support: You create a ticket for the support, and it takes days for OnlyFans customer support to reply.
  • Low discovery options: Getting discovered on OnlyFans is very hard for creators. Creators have to be marketers to promote their pages on social media platforms like Reddit, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and other social media platforms.
  • The commission: Almost all other adult subscription platforms charge a fixed commission. OnlyFans charges a 20% commission on every transaction. On OnlyFans clone sites, you don’t have to pay any commission. You get 100% of the money but just pay a monthly or yearly fee.
  • Build your own brand: OnlyFans can suspend your account anytime, and you will lose everything you have worked on. You can build your own brand with no worries whatsoever and work hard to make a safe space for your fans.

What Features do OnlyFans Clone Sites give you?

What features can you expect from sites that offer you to build an OnlyFans clone site?

The following are some of them;

1. Building a subscription fan page:

An OnlyFans clone site offers subscription features to help you make recurring earnings by letting fans subscribe to your page.

It works the same way as OnlyFans. You can choose to upload content for everyone or restrict your content just for paying subscribers.

Almost all the sites that help you build an OnlyFans clone provide you with this service.

Note: Subscription is just the start of something good; most adult content creators make money through selling their videos as PPVs or receiving custom video requests.

2. Communication Features like Messages and comments:

When I can go to PornHub and watch videos there for free, why should I subscribe to you? One word; connection.

Communication through messages and through comments on the content you share with your fans is very important, and it is where you could make more money by engaging with quality communication with your fans.

Do you know? Adult content creators make the most money through custom video requests, and most of them happen when a fan messages you about one of his kinks or something he wants ‘you’ should do.

3. Selling your Videos as PPVs and Mass messaging:

Most of the OnlyFans clones give you the option to sell your videos as PPVs and give you the feature to send them to all your fans. This is one of the best features for creators to maximize their earnings.

4. Receiving Tips in Messages as well as on your content:

Most of the OnlyFans clones we mentioned in this article give the options to creators to receive Tips on the content you share on your website as well as through messages.

5. Model Management for Entrepreneurs:

If you are an entrepreneur, then some of the OnlyFans clone sites we mentioned in this article are actually providing a model management dashboard where you can see all the data and better manage those models.

6. Live Streaming or Camming from your profile:

Camming is also a big business.

You can start streaming or camming on your brand site and let only those people in who pay or live-stream for your already subscribed fans. The opportunities to make money are unlimited.

7. Payout settings and Model verification (For Entrepreneurs only)

Your models or creators can add their bank details, add documents for verification, as well as they can request a payout.

They have all the features to help you run a successful Onlyfans clone site.

Pros and Cons of OnlyFans Clone scripts:

Following are some of the pros and cons of building an OnlyFans clone as an adult content creator or an entrepreneur;

Pros of OnlyFans clones:

  • 0% commission which means you are bringing 100% of the money home.
  • Building your brand. It will be a platform owned by you.
  • You can have all the features to make money that OnlyFans provides to its creators.
  • Fast payouts. If you are a creator, your money will be added to your bank accounts in a few days compared to 9 to 12 days of processing time in Onlyfans.
  • You can make more money as you are saving a 20% commission on every transaction.

Cons of OnlyFans clones:

  • If you are new to this business, it will be hard for you financially. It is easy to start an OnlyFans clone as an adult content creator. For a businessman or an Entrepreneur, it will cost between $500 to $1K a month.
  • Building a brand is a hard job. If you already have a big social following, it might be easy to get traction, but for a very new creator, it will be a hard job.
  • Your fans might have trust issues. Why do I enter my debit card details on another site? You need to give them a better reason. A fan who is already following a handful of creators on Onlyfans might find it easy to follow someone’s Onlyfans rather than on other platforms.
  • To add more features, you need to hire very developers.

Some Potential OnlyFans Clone-Providing Sites:

There are many potential OnlyFans clones providing solutions, and we will share everything in this article to help you understand every aspect of starting a clone Onlyfans site.

Following is the list of some of the OnlyFans clone sites:

  • Scrile Connect
  • xFans
  • And More More Smaller OnlyFans Clone providing sites.

Creating an OnlyFans Clone Site on Scrile Connect:

Creating a fully-branded platform for monetization through ScrileConnect
Creating a fully-branded platform for monetization through Scrile Connect

Scrile Connect is an amazing platform for content creators to start creating a platform like Patreon or OnlyFans clone.

They give you a complete turnkey solution, and if you go for the higher packages, they also offer you complete source code so you can add more features to your Onlyfans clone.

How much does it cost to create an OnlyFans clone on Scrile Connect?

There are three different packages for creators to entrepreneurs;

  • The Startup package: Costs $10/month. Yes, for $10 a month, you can have all the features like adding your domain name, testing billings account, and 5GB of storage. This is best for adult content creators. The startup package gives you a testing ground, and you can’t use it to make money but for testing purposes only.
  • The professional package Costs $250 for the first month and then is followed by $500 a month. This is for someone who is in the top 2% of OnlyFans creators.

In the professional package, you can have the features like:

  • Everything in the Startup package
  • 0% commission from the subscriptions or any transactions.
  • A professional package helps you easily integrate payment gateways, like you can add PayPal as a method to accept payments. You can also add more payment gateways like CCBill, NETbIlling, Stripe, Cryptocurrencies, NFTs, etc.
  • Create unlimited pages.
  • 1TB of storage.

A step-by-step guide to building an OnlyFans Clone site:

Follow the following step-by-step tutorial to create an OnlyFans clone site using Scrile Connect:

  1. Go to Scrile Connect
  2. Click on start your 14 days free trial.
  3. Enter your information like your subdomain, Email, name, and phone number.
  4. After verification of your phone, you will be directed to a dashboard where you can set up everything.
  5. Boom!, you started an OnlyFans clone site.

PS: Building an OnlyFans Clone site

It is easy to build a site like OnlyFans using the clone script providers. There are a lot of user-made clone scripts uploaded to Github, but I wouldn’t recommend it for a non-technical person as it might be easy to hack.

The best solution is to go for other sites like Scrile Connect, where you can create an Onlyfans clone very easily and pay very less.

They also have a great number of features to help you start a successful business around your adult content.

Here are some Frequently asked questions asked about building an OnlyFans clone site:

How Much does it cost to build an OnlyFans clone site?

It might cost you $10,000 a month or $500 a month, depending on your requirements and how you want to proceed. If you’re going to hire developers and build your servers or pay for Cloud hosting, it might be a bit expensive for you, and you will need huge funding for that. If you want to go with Onlyfans clone script providers like ScrileConnect, a professional package might cost you $500 a month.

Where can I get the OnlyFans clone app?

There are a lot of Turnkey solutions available in the market. Some of them provide you with a one-time license, while some provide you with options to pay a monthly fee. A one-time license fee is good, but you should definitely compare the features of both platforms.

What is your experience with the OnlyFans clone?

I was doing research about OnlyFans clones and found this question on Quora here. Onlyfans clones sites like ScrileConnect are easy to set up and start, but for the more professional package, you need little technical skills to set it up.

Why should I prefer the OnlyFans Clone script? And suggest to me the best Onlyfans clone script provider?

There are a lot of options available that you can avail like ScrileConnect, xFans, and many more sites that provide you the solutions to start an Onlyfans clone, but they are way smaller.

What is the Tech Stake for the OnlyFans clone?

Swift, Node dot Js, and Kotlin as a programming languages. Using MySQL as a database and for hosting the content using cloud hosting services like Amazon web services, Google Cloud, or other cloud hosting providers and using jQuery, SocketCluster, and Flutter for the framework.

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