OnlyFans Alternatives To Create Own Adult Site

OnlyFans was started as a Patreon alternative, but one thing that made it different was it was open for everyone to join and make money. In August, Onlyfans announced banning adult content creators, which was later reversed. When the pandemic started, Onlyfans emerged as the single best player among adult content creators, allowing adult content creators to make big money, especially when porn sites like Pornhub pay cents for thousands of views.

Creating your site like Onlyfans could be discussed in two dimensions; you are an adult content creator who wants wants to make money, or you are an entrepreneur and looking for a starting site where adult content creators register and charge them a specific monthly fee.

Onlyfans is a choice of many content creators, especially adult content creators. However, you can also start your website as a content business. This article will learn about the differences between Onlyfans and your website.

What is OnlyFans?

Onlyfans is the most popular platform many content creators use to sell and monetize their content. Onlyfans provides you with an opportunity to make money creating adult content through your fan page. When you get subscribers or a fan on your page, you can make money through other ways like selling your pay-per-view-basedmonetizing videos and getting gifts from your subscribers.

OnlyFans has a number of features that a content creator needs to grow its fan page, and these features also help the content creator make money by monetizing content. But there are some drawbacks to working with a platform; for instance, you have to pay a commission to every platform from your earnings. The other drawback is the dependency on the rules and regulations of the platform.

Can we start our website like Onlyfans? How to start it?

You can obviously start your website like Onlyfans, and it is pretty simple. You don’t have to be an expert in coding to start your Fanclub. There are several benefits of creating your website for content monetisation.

The best option present in the market is ScrileConnect. You can create your platform for content business. ScrileConnect has all the features a content creator needs to boost its content business.

By creating a fan website on ScrileConnect, you can manage content creators and fans. The most significant advantage of choosing ScrileConnect is that it is pretty easy to use, and there is no expertise required for the operations. You get a professional admin dashboard and all the essential tools for managing content creators and users.

Pros and cons of Onlyfans


  • For the start of your career, you can opt Onlyfans because you don’t have to invest any money.
  • It is a safe platform with all the required features for content monetisation.
  • Onlyfans offer DMCA for the takedown of stolen content.
  • You can make 5% extra as a commission from the referral program of Onlyfans.
  • You can sell your content as individual videos or a set of videos.
  • Paid content is secured by a paywall which means your subscriber has to pay the amount set on photo or video to get access.
  • Live streaming is also a great feature of Onlyfans as you can make a good amount of money during the live stream by getting tips from your fans.


  • The platform charges a 20% commission from all of your earnings.
  • The layout of the website is not user-friendly.
  • There is severe competition between newcomers and established content creators. If you are a new content creator on Onlyfans, it might be difficult for you to succeed.

Pros and cons of Own website


  • If you go for a site like ScrileConnect, you can make money the same way you can make money on other platforms like selling your subscriptions, pay-per-view based videos, and sending mass messages to your fans.
  • You pay an upfront monthly fee but 0% commission on fans you get on your website.
  • You can set the rules and regulations according to your own will.
  • You can do marketing more effectively on your website.
  • If you ScrileConnect comes with all the features and an admin dashboard with all the necessary tools for managing content creators and users.
  • Email marketing is also very effective on its own website.
  • You are creating a brand of yourself and can get many benefits from it.
  • ScrileConnect could also allow you to start an Onlyfans alternative.


  • It requires a little bit of money to start your own website.
  • Marketing of own website can be a bit hard.
  • You have to make some initial investment, but ScrileConnect charges only $10 for a Startup package which I think is very affordable.

Which one is easy to use, Onlyfans or Own website?

If you want to make money creating adult content, Onlyfans can be a good choice for gaining experience. If you are an experienced content creator, you should go for your website because your website is easier for you to not pay a commission on every transaction between you and your users but instead pay a monthly upfront to retain your hosting. For instance, if we talk about a platform built on ScrileConnect has all the features and tools that you need for content monetization.

A platform built on ScrileConnect has an admin dashboard for the management of activities of content creators and users. Content creators also have a creator dashboard on the platform built on ScrileConnect. So, the usability with independence and more earning potential is on its own website.

Concluding thoughts on Onlyfans and Own website

Onlyfans is an excellent platform for content monetisation, and it has all the required and valuable features that content creators need. You can make money on Onlyfans by different monetisation methods, i.e., PPV, Paid-messages, Live stream, tips, and subscriptions.

But it also comes with some drawbacks; for instance, the UI design of the website is not so user-friendly. The website also lags a bit, and many content creators have complained about it. Moreover, it also charges a 20% commission on all earnings of the content creator. So, it is better to switch to your creator platform.

Own website

Own a website is better than Onlyfans in many terms, i.e., you get numerous features for the marketing of your content and the fan website you created. It has all the features that are helpful to generate money by content monetisation. For instance, you can sell content behind a paywall and can also make money through subscriptions.

ScrileConnect is the best choice for creating your own website that offers you the opportunity to make money the same way you can make money on Onlyfans or other adult subscription sites. ScrileConnect comes with different prices set according to the features you need. But it is still more profitable than other platforms. So, owning a website is a better and more reasonable option for starting a content business.

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