What Is FriendsOnly? How You Can Make Money On FriendsOnly

If you know about Onlyfans, it will be easy for you to understand FriendsOnly. Friendsonly is a potential Onlyfans alternative where you can make money in the same way as you can make money through Onlyfans or Fansly. We have discussed the difference between the two big adult content platforms Onlyfans Vs Fansly. FriendsOnly is another platform where you can make money by starting a subscription business and making money.

We discuss everything you need is understand about FriendsOnly and how it helps you make more money and FriendsOnly is solving critical problems like the discoverability of adult content creators.

There are a lot of problems with Onlyfans and FriendsOnly is making sure to solve all those problems by helping you get discovered, making the verification process as simple as possible, and helping adult content creators build a sustainable business model.

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What is FriendsOnly?

FriendsOnly is a social media site for adult content creators where a creator can just sign-up, create an account, verify their account with a simple process, and start creating TikTok-style videos and start making money on FriendsOnly as you do through Onlyfans. In FriendsOnly, you can make money through subscriptions and through selling your videos as PPV.

This is what subscription-based videos look like in FriendsOnly:

Subscription-based FriendsOnly videos where you have to buy a subscription in order to view this video
Subscription-based FriendsOnly videos where you have to buy a subscription in order to view this video / Picture by the author

If you want to sell your individual videos, you can do that too by marking your videos as paid only and someone who pays a specific amount will be able to view them. It is what is called PPV (pay-per-view) based videos. In the screenshot given below, here is what it looks like;

PPV based video in FriendsOnly / You can watch this video only if you pay a specific amount of money
PPV-based video in FriendsOnly / You can watch this video only if you pay a specific amount of money / Screenshot by the Author

How to make money on FriendsOnly?

You can make money on FriendsOnly through a very simple process. You go to FriendsOnly.me, register an account, set up your profile, verify your identity, and start creating content and making money. The process is very simple as joining any social media platform and you will end up getting more viewership by creating quality content.

In FriendsOnly, users who want to subscribe to you can pay through debit or credit card. The subscription is recurring the same way on any other platform and you can start making money by getting more fans. Remember, when joining the platform, consistency is the key. You will reach more people if you go for consistency on any platform. We have a marketing guide for adult content creators to grow their pages.

You can make money on FriendsOnly; here are some ways you can make money through FriendsOnly as an adult content creator:

  • Subscriptions. Get a fan page where people pay you a recurring fee.
  • Selling Videos as PPV: You can sell a single video for PPV and make money.
  • The third way is if someone contacts you with a personal request, you make a video for them and list them as PPV and they bought it at the agreed price.

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Silent Features of FriendsOnly that you should know about:

  • You can make money on FriendsOnly through subscriptions, PPVs, Gifts (Tips), and letting someone request you for a custom video.
  • The verification process of FriendsOnly is very simple and easy to join. You can just upload your national identity documents and boom! you are set to make money and start a fan page.
  • FriendsOnly charges 20% of commission from every transaction. You get paid in 4 to 5 days when you request a payout.
  • The one disadvantage of being an adult content creator is that you can only upload vertical videos like TikTok.

Comparison between FriendsOnly Vs Onlyfans:

Following are the three main differences between FriendsOnly and Onlyfans:

  1. Onlyfans charges a 20% commission well FriendsOnly charges the same amount.
  2. The biggest problem FriendsOnly is solving is giving more exposure to creators which Onlyfans didn’t solve or they could solve but never take any solid steps. So if you are someone looking for getting discovered, FriendsOnly is the answer to the question.
  3. In FriendsOnly, you can only upload Video content while in Onlyfans, you have the option to upload videos, pictures, text, and Gifs. This is one of the serious cons of FriendsOnly.
  4. In FriendsOnly, you can upload short-form videos and there is no option for uploading a privately recorded complete homemade porn. While In Onlyfans, you can upload long-form content.
  5. FriendsOnly is a very safe platform for adult content where there is no bad news for you to stop payment for adult content creators like Onlyfans creators get shocked when they heard about Onlyfans creators

Is FriendsOnly a good platform to join as an adult content creator?

Yes. Even if you are an Onlyfans creator, there is nothing wrong with uploading the same content and locking it for the users on other platforms like FriendsOnly. It will be your second source of income.

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