Fansly Vs Fanvue: The Difference and a Comparison

Fansly and Fanvue are two adult subscription platforms where you can create content, attract visitors, convert them into paid or free subscribers, and make money in different ways.

The Internet for adult content creators is changing. First, It was Pornhub who beat the traditional Porn DVDs, now Onlyfans and other Subscription sites like Fansly and Fanvue are killing Pornhub.

Fansly and Fanvue are both subscription-based platforms like Onlyfans, where you can create content and make money in different ways. When Onlyfans Tweeted about banning adult content on its platform, many companies started to evolve that let adult content creators start a subscription business. Fansly and Fanvue are the two platforms that emerge out of this trend. I believe both are the best platform for adult content creators.

Before you choose an adult content platform for creating content, there are some metrics that you keep in mind; (A) How Much is the service charge? (B) The customer support and (C) Are they safe enough for you and your users?

These questions are important because this build trust and safety for you as an adult content creator, and your users also feel safe communicating with you.

What is Fanvue?

fanvue and making money adult subscription through Fanvue
Fanvue and making money adult subscription through Fanvue / Screenshot by the author

Fanvue is an adult subscription website, started in August and is helping content creators from a diverse group of content creators to start monetizing their content. Fanvue is like Onlyfans (remember: Onlyfans began to as a site for connecting celebrities with fans)

One of the things I like about Fanvue is how they are “move fast, break things” (Mark Zuckerberg). They are launching more features every day.

You see, they are moving fast. They can also ‘request a feature’ option to let you request a feature, so they deliver. I like those companies that innovate and move forward with making the Internet a beautiful place for everyone.

Here are some of the silent features of Fanvue:

  • Fanvue charges you 15% service charges for the first 12 months.
  • The platform has a program with the name “creator+” where the Fanvue team helps you in your marketing strategies.
  • Your content will be safe as Fanvue uses encryption technology to protect your content from stealing.
  • Instant withdrawal. This is a surprise for me too. No company on the face of the earth helps you instantly withdraw in a few minutes but Fanvue.
  • Fanvue has all the features that Onlyfans have. They are also going one step ahead and introducing new features that might be very new to adult content creators.
  • Fanvue offers insights for creators so you can understand where your revenue is coming from, how much traffic your account is getting, and much more.
  • High discoverability, optimization for users, detailed insights for Onlyfans creators, and security for creators and users is the No.1 priority of Fanvue.

What is Fansly?

Fansly is an adult subscription website for adult content creators. Only adult content creators are allowed, and the platform has search engines. I am an avid Reddit user and seem like Fansly has a great brand among some Onlyfans creators.

Here are all the things you should know about Fansly:

  • On Fansly, you have to pay 20% service charges. For every transaction (for Tips, Subscriptions, or personal requests), you have to pay that much percentage to Fansly.
  • In Fansly, someone can record your content and upload it anywhere because they don’t have a DRM feature yet, and they might introduce it next year.
  • Fansly is also planning to go for Cryptocurrency based payment. Most adult subscriptions sites are under pressure from their banking channels. Check: AVN Stars alternatives or sites like AVN Stars to make money through camming.
  • Fansly is more like Onlyfans that still don’t solve the discoverability problem (in large)

Difference Between Fanvue Vs. Fansly?

Following are the five differences between Fanvue Vs. Fansly:

  1. Subscription charges: Fansly charge you 20% of service charges, Fanvue charges you 15% for every transaction for the first 12 months. Remember, 5% is a small percentage, but 5% makes a big difference when you make thousands of dollars every month. Winner: Fanvue
  2. Discoverability: One of the big problems with Onlyfans is giving discoverability to quality content creators. Fanvue solves this issue by introducing Instagram style discovery, so you get discovered by users. Fansly is solving this problem by designing a powerful search engine, but that is just part of the problem and not the whole solution. Winner: Fanvue.
  3. Payouts: Payouts or getting paid on Fansly could take you 2 to 3 days. In the case of Fanvue, you can get paid in minutes. They approve transactions in minutes.
  4. Requesting a new feature: Fanvue devs are pros, and they are an innovative company. You can request a feature on Fanvue and get them in 2 to 3 days. In the case of Fansly, they are developing new features, but I think bit slow compared to Fanvue. According to Fanvue Twitter, they introduce new features every week.
  5. Protection of your content: You uploaded your content, and after a few hours, you found them somewhere on the Internet. Fansly is still fighting this, and they haven’t implemented the technology to enable black screens for recording content. Fanvue, in contrast, is using encryption technology that could help you protect your content.

I am sure there will be more to it.

PS: A difference between Fansly and Fanvue: which adult subscription platform is better? If you look into technology and service charges, Fanvue seems like a good solution. Fansly is also a great platform for content creators and having the benefit of attracting adult creators after Onlyfans announces a ban on adult content.

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