AVN Stars Like Sites To Start A Fan Page and Camming

What are some sites like AVN Stars where you can start a fan page? we are here to discuss some of the best AVN Stars alternatives where you can make money from your adult content in different ways.

AVN stars are relatively a new platform for monetization and selling private content, yet it was launched by famous porn group AVN, which has been in porn games for two decades. AVN Stars is a great platform for content creators, and it also allows creators to earn 5% from referrals from the lifetime earning of the creator they have referred.

There are so many other great features too in AVN Stars, but there are mostly only porn stars or models related to pornography. If you are looking for better AVN stars’ alternatives, you are at the right place. In this article, you will learn about the “5 best sites like AVN Stars.”

AVN Stars released a press release informing their Creators that they are banning adult content;

“Unfortunately, AVN and GayVN Stars has not been immune to the banking discrimination that so many of our industry friends have also encountered recently,” AVN Media Network CEO Tony Rios said in the press release. “We have had numerous corporate accounts shuttered in the past year alone.”

Sites that are alternatives to AVN Stars:

What are some of the best sites like AVN Stars where you as an adult content creator can start a subscription or fan site and also do camming? Following are some of the best alternatives to AVN Stars to start your online subscription business. The best of the sites which can replace your need for AVN Stars are given below:

  1. FriendsOnly
  2. ScrileConnect
  3. Fanvue
  4. Onlyfans
  5. Fansly

1. Friendsonly:

Are you still looking for the 5 best sites like AVN Stars? Friendsonly is in the top five list because it has some serious potential. Friendsonly is more like a planet where all of the members can approach the authors or creators. For the creators,

Friendsonly is heaven because it also gives gifts other than earning a car, a foreign trip, iPhone, and much more. The other benefit of Friendsonly for the subscribers is that they have cleared the stance that they will not allow any content which is against the law.

Following are some of the features of Creating content on FriendsOnly:

  • You can create vertical videos on FriendsOnly and introduce Subscriptions like Onlyfans.
  • FriendsOnly charges you 20% of the transaction fee like Onlyfans or AVN Stars. I would say, AVN Stars is a better alternative to Onlyfans.

2. Scrile Connect:

If you are someone interested to start an Onlyfans clone or AVN Stars clone, Scrile connect is the answer to the question. Scrile Connect has all the features that could let you start an AVN Alternative site. You can create your white label using the Tech infrastructure.

Scrile connect is the best platform for making a social platform for monetization of content and earning some good money. It allows you to create your separate brand under your name without any additional commission. It is best for those content creators looking to enlarge their social following, and it also helps popularise their brand.

Following are some of the things that you should know about Scrile Connect:

  • Scrile Connect doesn’t charge you service charges. You have to pay an upfront fee and you are done. How much money you make is of no concern for Scrile connect. You can make a million dollars and you would get 100% of the money.
  • Scrile Connect has all the features like letting you start a fansite, getting tips, mass messages, building your own brand, camming, and almost all the features you need to run a successful cam site.

3. Fanvue:

Fanvue is a social media site like AVN Stars but for every niche of creators, especially for Adult-content creators. The good about Fanvue is they charge you 15% for the first 12 months. Fanvue is a great website with good AVN Stars alternatives where you can create content and have all the features, like Subscriptions, camming, tips, and fast payment approval.

One of the things I liked about Fanvue is that they have a Creator+ program that helps creators get more engagement and reach potential viewership.

4. Onlyfans:

Onlyfans is a great platform for content selling and monetization. They have many features that a content creator can enjoy while working there. They have a user-friendly and a client interface. Onlyfans hosts millions of content creators, and they are happy working there. What makes it different from other platforms is the opportunities they provide to content creators for earning. There are many ways of earning revenue on Onlyfans.

  • Earning methods on Onlyfans: You can earn a handsome on Onlyfans from different methods, and you can make it your permanent career if you provide premium quality content.
  • PPV: The most popular way of earning money on Onlyfans is Pay-per-view messages. The creator sends paid content via messages to the subscribers, and creators also post PPV content on their profile with previews. Subscribers have to pay the amount set on the content, and after paying money, they can enjoy the content. It helps a lot of creators to maximize their earnings.
  • Profile Subscription: Onlyfans also allows creators to set a certain value on their profile if they want subscribers to pay money for viewing their content. It depends on the creator how much they want to charge subscribers to view their content.

So, long cut short, Onlyfans can be your best alternative to AVN Stars because of their mind-blowing features and earning potential.

5. Fansly:

Fansly mainly works with adult content creators and providers. Fansly same like AVN Stars works on a monthly subscription basis, and the creators on Fansly can also sell their photographs, videos, and audios to the subscribers. It has many features which are better than AVN Stars. The website has been working in the market for more than 6 years. Some of the best features of Fansly are given below:

  • Clean interface: Fansly, in terms of the interface, is better than its competitors and provides a clean and engaging experience to their visitors. It is also easy to use for both content creators and subscribers.
  • Earning Potential: Being an old player in the game, Fansly has more to offer to creators for earning. Fansly has a strong fan base, and content creators are enjoying this benefit.
  • Fanvue: Fanvue is a better version of AVN Stars, and it has many advantages over AVN Stars. It welcomes all kinds of content creators, and they are really enjoying working here. The team of Fanvue is super cooperative, and Fanvue recently announced that they welcome all kinds of content creators and they will never ban any kind of creator even if he is selling adult content. Some of the key points about Fanvue are given below:
  • Commission: Fanvue like Onlyfans and AVN Stars has a standard commission of 20% from the earning of the content creator. But they have a sweet deal for you if you create your account before the end of December 2021; you can enjoy a discount of 5% on commission, which means less commission and more earning. Note: The discount will be available for the first 12 months after the registration.
  • Better planning and features: Unlike AVN Stars, Fanvue is planning to introduce some more features to make discoverability more effective. Fanvue is also working on launching a feature through which creators will be able to sell their NFTs on Fanvue.

We have an amazing article discussing: how you can make money on Fansly?, if you are a Fansly creator, you might need to promote your Fansly to the right audience but the good thing about Fansly is that they have a better search engine compared to Onlyfans or AVN Stars.

Key Takeaways:

AVN Stars is a great platform for earning money through selling and monetizing your content. It has been in the adult industry for two decades and has great experience in selling adult content. However, if you are looking for AVN Stars alternatives here, we have provided 5 sites that can be your choice after AVN Stars; among them, Onlyfans is the best.

Selling and monetizing content is a crucial game to play, and if you are a good player, you can check out those 5 sites, and you will never be disappointed because all of those sites have been working in this industry for a long time. Here in this list, you have read about Fanvue; it is also a great platform for content selling, and its support team is also professionally trained.

Fanvue is giving a 5% discount on commission if you register an account before the end of December 2021, and it will be applicable for the next 12 months of your registration. So, it was a brief comparison of the 5 alternatives of AVN Stars.

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