7 Best OnlyFans Tools For Creators To Use in 2024

Running an OnlyFans page is a very difficult job for anyone, and here in this article, we will introduce you to some of the best OnlyFans tools to help you better manage your OnlyFans page.

If you are someone who is just starting their OnlyFans career or making $50,000 a month, this article is going to help you.

The life of an OnlyFans creator is very busy, especially when they have to do all the jobs like creating content, posting the content, social media marketing, marketing, and all the tedious jobs. We have shared the best OnlyFans tools in this article to help you better cope with all your OnlyFans problems.

Tools for OnlyFans Creators:


OnlyFans Agency

Chatters Softwares

Social Media scheduling tools

Canva or Figma


7 OnlyFans Tools For Creators: A List

  1. Supercreator App: Supercreator is an App and is a Chrome extension to help you with upselling your OnlyFans PPVs.
  2. Joining an OnlyFans agency: Joining an OnlyFans agency could help you manage your OnlyFans effectively and have more time for creating content.
  3. Management Software: There is a lot of management software that you can use to work with ghostwriters or chatters without letting them login into your OnlyFans account.
  4. Social Media Scheduling Tools: Now, it is very easy to manage your social media account with these social media scheduling tools.
  5. Use Canva or Figma.
  6. Link shorting tools like Linktree. Linktree is an amazing OnlyFans tool to display all your links on one page.
  7. OnlyFinder – OnlyFinder is a Google for OnlyFans. You can use this tool for marketing.

Let’s discuss each of these best OnlyFans tools to help you better understand and start using them in your OnlyFans journey.

1. Supercreator App:

What problem this OnlyFans tool is solving: Giving you data about your fans and helping you upsell your PPVs in chats.

Want to incorporate data into your OnlyFans page? Supercreator app is an extension that helps you find data about the fans you chat with. It gives you data like:

  • How much money do fans spend on your content?
  • Is he/she/they subscribed or expired fans?
  • What is the maximum and minimum rate they a fan pays for a Pay-Per-View (PPV)? Based on this data, you can increase or decrease the pricing.

When you sign up for Supercreator, they give you a Chrome extension that you have to install and then make decisions based on the data they provide to you. This tool is best for the top 1% OnlyFans creators and agencies. If you are someone making a good amount of money, Supercreator can help you a lot in making smart decisions and selling more PPVs.

2. Joining an OnlyFans agency:

What problem are they solving? Working with an OnlyFans agency, you can outsource all the repetitive and boring tasks to these agencies.

The best thing about working with OnlyFans agencies is they help you with management as well as marketing your OnlyFans account. You can only focus on creating amazing content and building connections with other creators.

An OnlyFans agency isn’t a tool but a service. They charge you a percentage of your net revenue.

The best OnlyFans agency that you can join is OFAgency.co, it is an agency that helps you with OnlyFans marketing and management, providing you with chatters or ghostwriters 24/7 and also helping you with social media marketing and building a solid brand for you.

Their philosophy is to help you outsource every repetitive task so you only focus on creating high-quality content. They can help you grow your earning by almost 150%, so they are the best service to join. Contact OFAgency.co here.

3. Management software and working with Ghostwriters:

If you don’t want to work with an OnlyFans agency, you can work with some Chatters or OnlyFans ghostwriters who could help you chat with your fans, sell your videos, and get you more custom orders.

There is a lot of software available in the market that you could use to manage your Ghostwriter, and most of the software provides you the information like:

  • Help your chatters get access to your OnlyFans page without login in.
  • Measure how much a chatter made a sale.
  • The time a chatter or a Ghostwriter spends.
  • And more features to help you better manage them. Some of the software are Infloww, OnlyCreators, and others.

I would recommend you to work with this software only if you have a big flow of messages and you think you are just missing out on a lot of money by not hiring Ghostwriters.

4. Using social media scheduling tools:

Managing your social media accounts is one hell of a job, and it might take a big chunk of your time. What if I told you that you could manage and schedule a week’s worth of content on all of your social media platforms in just a few hours?

Yes, social media scheduling software is there that you, as an OnlyFans creator, can use these tools to make social media marketing easy. The following are some of the tools that you can use for scheduling your OnlyFans content:

  • Social Media poster by SEMrush
  • Sprout Social
  • Hoot suite
  • And 100s of other social media scheduling tools that you can find online.

5. Use Canva or Figma for designing:

You can use Canva and Figma or any of them to help you design social media posts and other visual content. Mostly Canva is being used by creators as it is very easy and you can ship your design easily.

Figma is a bit difficult to use, but once you master it, you can use it for many other things.

Canva is a great OnlyFans tool to help you design your social media posts with ready-made templates.

If you are promoting your OnlyFans page on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and other social media platforms, they only allow you to add one link to your bio. Now, using tools like Linktree and other potential Linktree alternatives, you display your OnlyFans and all other social media links.

PS: Best OnlyFans Tools for Creators and agencies:

It is hard to run an OnlyFans page and manage everything from content strategy to content creation to editing and publishing your content on OnlyFans and then social media marketing, as well as chatting with your fans; using these tools could help you better manage your OnlyFans page.

We have shared the best OnlyFans tools that you can sign up for; here are their short descriptions:

  • SuperCreator: A Chrome extension to help you better understand your fans and sell them more PPVs.
  • Fansmetrics: To promote your OnlyFan page to over 60,000+ fans/day.
  • Working with OnlyFans agencies: You can work with OnlyFans agencies and let them manage your OnlyFans account.
  • Paying for OnlyFans management tools: More than 50 to 55% of the OnlyFans creator revenue is from sales of chats. You can hire chatters or Ghostwriters and manage them using OnlyFans management tools.
  • Use Linktree to display all your links in one place and Canva for designing your social media posts.

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