Is It Legal or Illegal To Sell Your Feet Pics?

If you are someone interested to sell your feet pics, you might ask this question; is it legal to sell your feet pics? what if you live in the US and want to sell your feet pics? Feet Pics is something that is related to fetish content, fetish is the arousal of sex watching a specific type of content.

A legal and legit feet business is often considered illegal. The fact that feet pics are in big demand in the fetish industry, is associated with adult content. However, it is not legal for individuals below 18.

Let’s find out what more criteria is there to legally sell your feet pics.

Should remain within the state jurisdiction

Many muslin countries don’t consider it legal to sell pictures of your body parts. It is strictly prohibited to sell your feet pics on any public platform. However, you can be at risk if you try to sell your feet pics privately through any means.

Platforms like OnlyFans, Feetfinder, and Instafeet do not work in Asian countries to avoid such social interactions. The only solution is to earn through other ways, or you can move to the US to sell your feet pics without any restrictions.

Should be 18 or older

To be 18 or older is the only condition to sell your feet pics in the US and other western countries. This criterion is followed on almost every platform except Reddit. Reddit considers it legal to sell your feet pics if you are 16 or older.

In case of selling your feet pics on platforms like FeetFinder or Onlyfans, you need to verify that you are of age before you sell your feet pics.

Have copyrights of feet pics

Did you get feet pics for sale? Then you should also own the copyright to sell them legally on any platform. To avoid content theft it’s been strictly suggested to brand your feet pics with a watermark.

As soon as the payment is made you can now remove your watermark from previews and send them to your client.

Sell Feet Pics on FeetFinder

FeetFinder is No.1 website for selling your feet pics. You can make money on FeetFinder by selling your feet pics in two ways; you can create feet albums and sell them unlimited times, second way of making money on FeetFinder is through getting paid subscribers who pay you a monthly fee. Sell your feet pics now on FeetFinder here

Do not showcase non-consensual acts

There’s no place for selling feet videos of someone who is not willing to do so. You should have the consent of the performer before you record any kind of acts in your feet videos and pics.

Pay income tax

You can run your business legally as long as you are an active taxpayer. Yes, selling feet pics can be annoying, you will have to pay self-employment tax to legally sell your feet pics.

The tax is imposed as soon as your earnings exceed $600 for a year. So make sure you have got all the finance records.

How do you know if you are doing something illegal?

If you still want to make sure that you are running this business legally, you can verify it in two ways:

1. Read terms and conditions

Read the terms and conditions of each platform before registering your account. Make sure you are following all the rules according to their policies which might differ from region to region.

For example; OnlyFans is a legal source of earnings for individuals who are 18 or older. On the contrary, you need to be at least 16 to join Reddit.

However, most of the policies are common, but it’s better to carefully read them once at least.

Instafeet has now announced a new policy according to which only females users are allowed to register on this platform. This new policy has been imposed to filter out potential sellers and make it the safest way to sell feet pics.

In the same way, other platforms have built different verification systems.

2. Join relevant forums

There are various foot fetish communities hosted by different platforms such as fetish Subreddits, stock images communities, Quora, and groups over Twitter and Facebook. You can join these relevant forums and ask anything that you find shady.

Not just that, you can share your client’s weirdest requests on these platforms and ask for any suggestions you need from experts.

Reddit has one of the biggest communities for feet sellers where you can find more customers for buying your feet pics and also you can make money. Also, you can use these communities to post your questions or any problem you facing during your journey of selling feet pics. We have an article about Using Reddit to promote your Onlyfans page and I hope this will really help you.

Europe is one of those continents where you can legally sell your feet pics following the conditions discussed above.

In fact, feet fetish is practised most commonly in UK and Germany. However, none of such content should showcase any kind of hate against any cast or non-consensual act.

Fetishistic porn is mostly hosted by European sex workers all over the world. Most European clients request sexy barefoot walks, touching and playing with one’s feet, doing footsies, and other sensual acts.

Where can you sell your feet pics in Europe?

You can legally sell your feet pics through different platforms that include OnlyFans, Feetfinder, Feetify, Reddit, Pixabay, iStockphoto, eBay, DollatFeet, and Etsy, etc.

One biggest opportunity to increase your sales is that you can take part in different missions hosted by stock photo websites.

Here you can post one picture keeping in mind the outline provided by the company. The best three get the cash prices of anywhere between $200 to $2500.

After the UK down in the list comes the US where you can legally sell your feet pics. However, the foot fetish is practised less here in the US than in the UK.

You will need to have a valid ID for age verification and original content to sell your feet pics. Some platforms like Instafeet also verify the user by their face.

However, the details are not shared publicly and are only used for authentication purposes.

FAQ; Why is it considered illegal, but is it not to sell your feet pics?

Well, it’s the taboo that the public has associated with it as most of the clients buy them to sexually gratify their fetish for feet.

It’s nothing more than just a barefoot pic, socked feet or feet in high heels. But, some users like to offer fetish porn to earn more. However, such adult feet content is shared exclusively for more than $200 for a single 10-sec clip.

Yes, it is 100% legal to sell your feet pics specifically when you belong to western countries. Feet are one biggest assets of the fetish industry.

The industry earns its major profit by taking commissions from feet pics sellers. And this is why they say selling feet pics is one lucrative way of earning big bucks.

It’s important that you verify each of the steps that you take in this field. You can verify the legality by joining different platforms like the fetish community on Twitter, Quora, Facebook groups, and the experienced audience of any platform you join.

However, the major requirement to keep your feet selling business legally are;

  • You should be at least 18
  • Own the copyrights.
  • Have a valid ID card.

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