What Type of Content Is Most Popular On OnlyFans?

If you want to start an Onlyfans page, out of dozens of other questions you might have, one of the questions will be: what type of content should I start uploading my videos or pictures on Onlyfans?

Onlyfans started a whole new different thing, and when the pandemic happened, adult content creators started looking for a platform to find a new way to monetize their content and make more money.

Pornography and adult contents are now among the most popular ways of earning a significant amount of money. OnlyFans is a website that sets a platform to allow interactions among people interested in producing adult content.

On OnlyFans, people pay you for viewing your content. It is up to you what kind of content you are willing to provide. OnlyFans gives you a choice to post your artistic skills that may be useful to people. Or adult content that may be pleasing to your subscribers. Either way, you only need a good camera, intimate content, and a good number of subscribers to keep the cash coming.

What is Onlyfans?

OnlyFans is an adult website that offers an opportunity for adult content creators to start their subscription business.

OnlyFans work through subscriptions. People who subscribe to a creator are called “fans”. They pay a subscription fee for subscribing to each creator. The creator decides the fee. And it goes to the creator’s earnings after OnlyFans cuts their share. The creator can also offer free content for their followers and subscribers if they want to.

Creators can be from journalists to photographers, writers, and YouTube video creators. However, Onlyfans has become popular mainly for Adult content creators, since some of the most famous adult creators are on the platform, and their numbers are growing each day.

You can make money on Onlyfans through the following ways;

  1. Getting paying subscribers or fans.
  2. You can sell your pay-per-view videos to the creators.
  3. Can get Tips on your content as well as through messages.
  4. In Onlyfans, your fans can request a custom video or a picture from you, and you can charge them. I have worked with a creator, and she made over $100 to $400 per video. A customer asked her to go outside and record herself nude and she charged $400 for it.
  5. You can sell your Merch or add an Amazon wishlist to your Onlyfans.

What format of content can you upload to your Onlyfans page?

When you sign up for Onlyfans and become a verified seller on Onlyfans, what format of content can you share with your fans or followers?

  • You can add Text to your Onlyfans page.
  • You can upload Videos.
  • Other content formats like GIFs are also allowed.
  • You can add pictures in JPG, or PNG are also allowed.

Type of content offered on Onlyfans:

OnlyFans offers a ton of variety for its viewers. Adult content is plentiful, and other kinds of stuff are also found on OnlyFans. It involves entrepreneurs and some artists trying to sell their work. So, whatever your skills are, you are welcome on OnlyFans. But before that, it is compulsory to have a general outline of the type of content that will help you make a name on OnlyFans.

Adult content on OnlyFans:

Adult content on Onlyfans is the most popular one. 98% of Onlyfans content is porn and let me share a video where you can see the CEO of Onlyfans stunned to find out how much their website hosts porn.

Adult content available on OnlyFans can be of any category. It may be revealing or just pleasing. OnlyFans does not put any limitations on the type of content you offer. However, in the case of free content, you cannot post extremely intimidating stuff.

However, the kind of limitation Onlyfans has is ensuring all adult models are 18+ so that the platform is clean for the underaged.

If you are looking for some of the popular types of content on Onlyfans, here is the list of the most popular type of content on Onlyfans for adult content creators:

  • Nudes
  • Role-playing
  • BDSM
  • Couple sharing their private sexual movements
  • Couples inviting another man to have sex with their wife (Hotwife Lifestyle)
  • A man (Bull) visits couples and records his moments with a hotwife.
  • Lesbians (for women) and Gay porn (for men)
  • FFM, MMF, FFF, or any variation of it.

There is no big or small category; if you are passionate about producing content, you can make thousands of dollars in any of the above categories.

Non-adult content on OnlyFans:

Other than of adult content, people also offer their services in different art fields and can attract some subscribers through their work. So it won’t be wrong to say that OnlyFans is a home for all kinds of people who are eager to earn.

Some creators can make good money on Onlyfans without producing adult content. The percentage is way lower than the of adult content creators, but you can still be a content creator there and monetize your skills.

Being an adult genre website, it is not difficult to guess that most of the high-rated content offered on this platform is intimating, nude, and erotic. However, you can never know what kind of content will make you famous when the website is used by thousands of people worldwide with different likings. Here’s a general idea of fields in which you need to have a good grip in order to be a popular member of OnlyFans.

Intimate content:

Adult content has a good fan base because most people join OnlyFans looking for pleasure. You can offer any variety to your subscribers as long as it keeps them drooling.

Good adult content that attracts an army of subscribers must have the following characteristics:

  • It should be seducing enough.
  • If you cannot offer extreme nudity, make sure to show little of your skin to keep your followers craving for more.
  • There is no hard and fast rule for the degree of pornographic parts in your content. But if you want to make a name, porn would be a recommended option.
  • The viewers also appreciate videos or pictures of the creators with their partners sharing intimate moments.
  • Viewers also prefer content that shows creators doing intimate activities like swimming or dancing.

Foot pictures or feet pics:

Did you know foot fetish is one of the most common types of fetish that is out there? Well, now you do! Therefore, it is no wonder that Onlyfans is one of the best places for foot fetishes, and they would love to pay you to see your feet pics.

People looking for foot photos also tend towards OnlyFans. So if you are not into making intimate content, you can easily earn through this famous gig.

Foot fetish and companies looking for foot models make a good part of paying subscribers. You can become a popular OnlyFans foot model. All you need to do is learn what kind of photos and videos will please your subscribers. Knowing all the best angles to make your feet look voluptuous will be your key to popularity. You can read our guide about Selling your feet pics on Onlyfans.

OnlyFans’ creators in costumes:

Your subscribers can be broad-minded. So you will need to please them in every possible way. One of the rising trends on OnlyFans is creators in superhero costumes. There is a good demand for this pretense.

Creators mostly do the Marvel stunts by wearing Captain America or Captain Marvel costumes. Wearing a wig or having Thor’s hammer in your hand doing stunts that make you look spicy and stimulating is one way to be your subscribers’ favorite creator.

This is largely in the roleplaying genre; while it does not have to be completely nude or for the adult audience, it is, however, something people cherish and wish to see more of. What’s interesting is you can add some traditional flavor too. Maybe some traditional colors on Thor’s hammer you may hold. That is something going to attract a lot of traffic because in a competitive market like that of Onlyfans; uniqueness helps you to stand out!

The SFW category in Onlyfans represents only 2% of the creators.

Besides all the adult content, many people are also looking for artists to buy their work. So, if you are not into pornography or intimating content, you can still make a name through your skills.

The kind of skills that can make you famous on OnlyFans include:

  • Photography: people buy photos of their interests for different purposes.
  • Painting and sketching: You can find clients through OnlyFans and deliver your work if you are an artist.
  • Yoga and gym training: you can also be a famous OnlyFans trainer if you have the skills.

Lack of Content ideas? Here, I have shared some of the best Onlyfans content ideas to help you produce better content and make more money.

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PS: What type of content is best for OnlyFans?

OnlyFans is a good option if you are thinking of being a famous artist or creator. The start of the process requires a lot of hard work and an ambitious mind. But once you learn all the tricks and codes for popularity on OnlyFans, you can count your name among the leading creators.

If you are comfortable with pornography and intimate content, you will be popular without any doubt. Make sure to keep your content unique and different from others, and always ensure that you go one step ahead so that you can beat your competition.

You can still keep an audience through your skills and arts, if not into adult content. Whatever you choose, make sure to be distinctive in your work and fulfill the demands of your fans.

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