15 Best OnlyFans Tip Menu Ideas For Adult Content Creators

OnlyFans Tip Menu ideas with examples

You can make 50% to 55% more money by selling your content as an OnlyFans creator. A good OnlyFans tip menu could help you make a lot of money.

The same can be said about the Tips menu on OnlyFans because whatever the kind of content you create, having some good tip menus will certainly make your earnings exceed. Many content creators on OnlyFans are doing this, and you can do it as well.

Earning money on OnlyFans should not be limited to subscriptions; you can actually earn more from tips. The idea of tipping on OnlyFans is the same as going to a restaurant and giving some tips to a waiter for his service. Tips are a kind of appreciation a customer shows for a service or entertainment.

How to earn more money from a Tip?

The following are some of the tips which will be helpful for you to make more from the OnlyFans tips. Please note that these are simple tips, and their working may vary depending on your niche.

1. Offer free subscription:

Especially important for those who are just starting since you are on the roadmap of building a following right from scratch, and that means you do not have many people who know who you are and what you offer unless you are a celebrity.

Thus you will have to consider going free for some time before you win over the trust of your followers. Read: OnlyFans Pricing

If you create adult content, then you need to put seductive content.

This is going to attract more people, and they would want to go one step forward with the help of the tips so that they can acquire the whole package.

2. Content needs to be of good quality:

Please remember that quality over quantity.

You need to release content that has quality and some value. Quality content is what is going to take you forward.

So, remain open to learning and keep on producing quality media that comprises photos and videos. The more you entertain your subscribers with quality media, the more likely they are to appreciate the hard work you are putting through the help of the tips section.

3. Always reply to fans who pay a Tip:

A good brand always listens to its customers and interacts with them. This is precisely what you need to do. Consider yourself as a brand, and the content that you create, consider to be what that brand offers to the customers. Whenever a subscriber responds to that post, either good or bad, you need to respond to it in a very diplomatic tone.

The more you respond, it helps to increase your engagement and therefore ensure your subscribers that they need to go one step forward too and may prefer tipping you for the good customer care that they have been given.

Also, to note, the more friendly you are to your subscribers, the more likely they will be ongoing one step forward.

4. Opinion of the subscribers:

I would recommend going one step ahead and start asking for the opinion of your followers at the end of every month.

Do you know what this will do? Not only allow you to be better at what you do but will also let your subscribers know that they have a voice in the matter, and their words will help them get “more” of what they are looking for out there.

5. Live Camming on your OF Page

Going live is the best you can do. You can use it to talk about the stuff that you do, give some background information on how you make it possible, give a sneak peek of what is to come next, and so on.

This will certainly help you win over Tips from your subscribers.

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Best Tip Menu Ideas For OnlyFans:

While creating a tip menu, you should decide what kind of content you want to post on your OnlyFans account. OnlyFans offers a diverse range of content creation categories, for instance, Yoga Instructor, Adult Content Creator, Fitness Freak, Motivational Speaker, and much more. After deciding your niche and optimizing your profile, here are some tip menu ideas that you can implement on your Onlyfans.

Following are some of the best Tip Menu ideas for OnlyFans:

  1. Beautician Tip Menu
  2. Cocky Extras Tip Menu
  3. Birthday Special Tip Menu
  4. Fitness Freak Tip Menu
  5. Girlfriend Experience Tip Menu
  6. Dick Rating Tip Menu
  7. Zoom Video Date Tip Menu
  8. Wearables Tip Menu

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Let’s discuss each of these OnlyFans Tip Menu in great length.

The following are some of the examples of the OnlyFans Tip menu ideas for creators:

OnlyFans Tip Menu ideas with examples
OnlyFans Tip Menu ideas with examples

1. Cocky Extras Tip Menu:

Suppose you are an adult content creator and want some good tips from your subscribers by creating an OnlyFans tip menu similar to this. Design an attractive tip menu that shows your services and their prices graphically.

This particular tip menu includes the creator’s tip of $3 for three pre-made photos, $4 for four pre-made images, and $5 for five pre-made photos. You should also mention tip prices for custom photos, pre-made videos, and custom videos as a creator.

3. Birthday Special Tip Menu:

There are many categories in which you can create tip menus as a content creator, including a birthday special tip menu to show amazing bondage between you and your subscribers.

Design an attractive tip menu that clearly presents the prices and services you will provide to your subscriber during his birthday.

Most content creators provide services of sexting, pictures, and girlfriend experience on the birthdays of their subscribers.

4. Fitness Freak Tip Menu:

The audience of OnlyFans is changing gradually, and content creation is going more toward the health and fitness niche. The content creators in this niche design their tip menus according to their services as well as profile tip menus.

You can create a fitness tip menu mentioning the prices of personalized advice, training sessions, fitness advice e-book, personalized diet/workout plan, and consultancy sessions. For example, the charges can be $45 for a personalized diet/workout plan. $50 for the fitness-advice e-book.

5. Girlfriend Experience Tip Menu:

Engaging with your subscribers as though you’re dating them, via direct messages, videos, and voice messages. It’s all about building personal relationships and having actual conversations with your fans.

It could be priced into various categories, each with increasing services available for a day or more, allowing for a greater personal experience. For example, the ‘silver’ category could include texting and sexting throughout the day and selfies for $25, while the ‘gold’ category may also feature Snapchat access and video call for $40.

7. Zoom Video Date Tip Menu:

People are craving for romantic interaction hence exploring the possibilities of discovering potential exciting intercourse with an individual.

It would provide a glimpse of your personality to the fans, which would, in turn, entice them into opting for more sessions. As many people are not willing to commit to a relationship, they are only looking for an enjoyable experience.

More Tip Menu Ideas:

The following are some of the best tip menu ideas for OnlyFans:

  1. Showcasing your new undergarments or lingerie: As an adult content creator, you can make a tip menu where you will send snaps of wearing new lingerie that you have purchased. You can put a price of $25 to $60 for your subscribers.
  2. Fitness Tips: As an adult creator who remains fit and active all year through, you can create a tip menu for your followers for them to also learn from your fitness routine and stay fit.
  3. Beauty tips: As a female content creator, you can initiate tip menus where you can give beauty tips that help your followers to learn from your beauty routine.
  4. Girlfriend Experience, Tips: Most men are looking for girlfriend experience out there, and to achieve that, they may go to some extra lengths. Create a girlfriend experience tips menu and offer such services to those who are looking for this.
  5. D*ck rating tip menu: For $10 to $15, rate the dick pics that men send you. You can do the dick rating live video every weekend where you will rate a dick depending upon different factors and give genuine advice on how men can improve their dicks.
  6. Birthday tip menu: Make a birthday tip menu where you will wish your loyal subscribers a happy birthday in a short video clip. You can earn somewhere from $15 to $50 from this.

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Common Tip Menu Mistakes

If you are adding an OnlyFans Tip menu to your OnlyFans, what are some mistakes that you should avoid? I have listed the top five mistakes that most creators make while adding a Tip Menu and how to avoid them.

  • Don’t add more text: Just add a simple text of what you want to provide in the Tip Menu. For example, if you want to add a Dick rating Tip Menu, just add it as “Dick Rating,” and that’s it.
  • Don’t complicate it. If you have to record a video, just be more clear in it. For example: “Custom video at $50, 1 Minute long.”
  • Poor graphics: This is one of the big problems with a lot of OnlyFans creators. They use Canva with graphics that have a lot of text and look ugly.
  • Don’t overthink the tip menu: You can always edit it and add more items to your Tip menu.
  • Be honest. I saw a lot of creators have a tip menu but don’t provide the requirements when they are paid. Be honest with what you can deliver in a quick time or in 24 hours.

How much can you earn from OnlyFans Tips?

There is no exact answer to this. It only depends upon your subscribers and how much they are willing to keep on viewing the content you are putting up.

Creators who are into FinDom (financial domination) are also reported to be earning higher tips largely because that is their line of work.

However, the average OnlyFans tips that a creator earns per month is somewhere between $100 to $180.

Unfortunately, as OnlyFans does not have a policy of revealing how much their creators are earning from the platform, thus we cannot say for sure.

PS: OnlyFans Tip Menu ideas for Creators:

Adding a Tip menu in OnlyFans could help you make more money, and you don’t need to chat or talk with fans.

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