FunWithFeet Reviews 2024: Pros and Cons and Is it Worth It?

FunWithFeet is a website where you can sell Feet pics and videos. It is a very old-designed website with a poor UI, but still, it is one of the websites where you can make money selling Feet pics; in this article, we will write in-depth FunWithFeet reviews.

If you want to sell Feet Pics or buy feet pics on FunWithFeet, it is better to read Fun With Feet Sellers reviews. This article is the cornerstone for anyone looking to join FunWithFeet.

Are you looking for a legitimate platform to start selling feet pictures and videos? Or are you afraid of falling victim to the scam of fake foot fetish websites? In either case, you have landed on the right blog.

As bizarre as it may sound, there is a massive foot fetish market, with potential buyers willing to pay hundreds of dollars for even a single feet photo. At the same time, numerous fake websites on the internet can misappropriate your personal information or content. Therefore, you always have to stay on the safe side.

FunwithFeet is a 100% legitimate and secure platform that protects the privacy of creators and verifies the identity of users to ensure your content goes into safe hands. Moreover, the payment process on the website is also safe and smooth, with no scams reported to date.

So, if you decide to sell your feet photos and videos on FunwithFeet, we guarantee a legitimate and secure transaction. However, when it comes to foot fetish platforms, FeetFinder is a better option to find potential customers and having a better experience.

In this blog, we have covered a detailed review of FunwithFeet, discussing everything you need to know about the website. So, without further ado, scroll down to read our in-depth guide.

Fun With Feet Comprehensive Review – Review of the Article

Fun With Feet is a growing platform where foot models can make big bucks by selling foot photos and videos. However, the platform has a few flaws that must be addressed to provide a better experience for both creators and buyers.

Here are the key takeaways from this comprehensive review of Fun With Feet:

  • FunwithFeet is a growing platform with more than 10K users investing in Feet pictures and videos every day.
  • The signing-up process is easy and hassle-free. As a creator, you have to log in using your email address, verify your age, and get started.
  • The creators must pay a subscription fee to the platform before listing their content on the platform.
  • Selling foot pictures on FunwithFeet is a low-investment job with lots of growth potential.
  • You do not have to be a professional photographer to sell feet pics and videos on FunwithFeet. Just learn some basics and get started.
  • Through its promotional services, FunwithFeet assists creators in connecting with appropriate buyers.
  • You can maximize your earning on the platform by creating custom content and interacting with clients.
  • FunwithFeet has some drawbacks, like website glitches, inbox malfunctioning, slow customer service, and subscription fees.
  • FeetFinder is a better platform with millions of potential buyers. The website is technically flawless and does not charge the creators any subscription fees.

What is Fun with Feet?

Fun with Feet is a rapidly growing subscription-based platform with over 3.5 million users paying big bucks to buy Feet pictures and videos.

The platform allows creators to showcase their foot-related content and earn money by selling it. Recently, Fun with Feet has emerged as a great way to make a full-time or part-time income while having fun with your feet.

There are several categories of foot content on the platform, like BDSM, soles, ankles, heels, and nails, which we will discuss later. So, you are free to film your feet however you want. Either dress them or picture them naked; you can find a potential buyer using

Don’t know how to take pretty feet pics? Not to worry, the platform also provides helpful resources such as tutorials, tips, and guides on how to take attractive foot photos and videos and how to promote them.

What Makes Fun with Feet a Good Place to Sell Feet Pics and Videos?

If you have researched, you must know that selling foot content entails certain risk factors, such as security issues and content misuse. Unless you create your own website to sell foot images and clips, selling content on other websites will always raise some concerns.

A good website, like FeetFinder or FunwithFeet, minimizes the risk factor and makes the feet pics selling and buying process easy for creators.

Here are some of the factors that make FeetFinder the best and FunwithFeet a recommended platform to start selling feet photos:

1. Maintains Anonymity

Many foot models prefer to stay anonymous, and rightly so. They are concerned about privacy and do not want to reveal their name or personal information. If a website, particularly one dedicated to foot-related content, does not allow you to remain anonymous, it has high-risk factors for content theft. We suggest you leave such websites and work on legitimate ones, like FeetFinder and FunwithFeet.

Fun with Feet is a safe-to-use platform that allows creators to stay anonymous or show their identity according to their preferences.

When you create a new FunwithFeet account, the platform will ask a few personal questions, like your email address, phone number, sex, size, ethnicity, and country. These questions are supposed to assist you in reaching out to potential customers, and the information provided is never made public without your permission.

However, you are free to provide as much information as you like. It means you can easily skip any questions you do not want to answer. Furthermore, you are also free to show as much of your body as you like. The platform does not compel you to reveal your identity or face if you do not want to. Sounds safe and secure, right?

2. Buyer Verification

Users may search for foot content for a variety of reasons. Some people have foot fetishes, while others invest in foot photos for stock websites. Some users buy your content for a beauty product or shoe brand advertisement, while others may want the content for medical reasons. As a result, foot fetish websites attract a diverse range of users with varying needs for foot content.

It is thus the responsibility of a website to verify a buyer before granting access to foot models. FunwithFeet is a legitimate platform that verifies every user to protect the privacy of the creators and save their content from being stolen.

3. Data Security and Protection

When selling photos and videos of your feet on an online platform, the most important consideration is data security and privacy. Once your content has been stolen, anyone can use it or resell it on other platforms. So, it is crucial to use legitimate foot fetishes platforms like FeetFinder and FunwithFeet to avoid scams.

FunwithFeet is a secure platform that follows General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) guidelines to protect the privacy of your content. You can also add a watermark or a pseudonym to your content to prevent it from being stolen.

4. Safe Payment Method

A reliable foot fetish platform offers various payment methods to its creators rather than limiting them to bank account information. We understand that personal bank information is private, and not all users are comfortable sharing that data on a website. Therefore, payments on any platform must be safe, regulated, and issued on time.

FunwithFeet is a trustworthy platform that allows creators to choose a payment method according to their preferences. The platform’s payment methods are simple and do not require any personal information, such as credit card numbers or passwords. The options include PayPal, Paxum, and Segpay.

A Better Way To Sell Feet pics

The No.1 platform for selling Feet pics and videos is FeetFinder. On FeetFinder, you can make money by getting paying subscribers, selling Feet albums, and making money through getting a Tip. On FeetFinder, your fans can also create an offer. Want to sell Feet pics? Sell Feet Pics here

Seven Easy Steps to Get Started on FunwithFeet as a Foot Model

Fortunately, the process of starting FunwithFeet is simple and easy. You have to follow the steps mentioned below to get started earning money on the platform.

Step One: Create a New Account

Of course, you must create a new account to start selling feet pics and videos at Click the link to land on the registration page. On the registration page, you have to create a display name, which the users will see. Select a display name that is easy to remember and related to your niche.

Here are some examples of display names you might get ideas from:

  • Yoyo Feet
  • Feet Fun
  • Angel Feet
  • Solely Yours
  • Bold and Barefoot
  • Foot Diaries

As shown in the examples, the display name should be related to the feet niche to make it easier for users to find you on the platform. In addition to creating a display name, the platform asks you to give information about your gender, ethnicity, age, and country on the registration page.

Below the registration page, you have to provide your email address and create a password. Don’t worry; this information is kept private and hidden from FunwithFeet users. The final step requires you to confirm that you are at least 18 years old.

Step Two: Set Profile Picture

FunwithFeet is a foot-focused platform, and therefore, you, as a foot model, must upload a profile picture related to your niche. Set up an attractive profile picture featuring your feet from an attractive angle. But remember, the website does not allow creators to upload nude images as profile pictures.

So, if you want to post adult content, you can show it in your account’s private gallery but not in the display picture.

Step Three: Write an Engaging Bio

Your FunwithFeet bio or description works as a frontline soldier for your profile. It is a brief introduction to your personality, likes and dislikes, the type of content you produce, a peek into your personal life, and much more. When users have to pay to access your content, they want to know what they are paying for. Is it worth the money or not?

Your bio provides the information users need to subscribe to your content. Therefore, it is crucial to write a compelling yet brief piece of text to attract potential customers.

Below are some tips for writing a productive FunwithFeet bio:

  1. Be Clear: Do not stuff your content with ambiguous words and phrases. Deliver your message in a clear and easy-to-understand way.
  2. Optimize your Bio: Include Search Engine Optimized (SEO) keywords in your bio to increase your chances of appearing at the top of a user’s search results.
  3. Be Funny: Do not make your content boring and straight. Start with a naughty joke and sprinkle some humor everywhere to grab the buyer’s attention.
  4. Write Precisely: Long bios tend to distract and bore users; therefore, be as specific as possible.
  5. Create Personalized Description: Thinking of copy-pasting someone else’s bio? Well, copied bios are easily detected, whereas personalized descriptions are more likely to win subscribers.
  6. Show Honesty: Be truthful to your buyers and mention the type of content you create. Mention whether you show your face, upload adult content, expose your body, your availability, etc.
  7. Give a Peek at Your Personal Life: To make your FunwithFeet description engaging, tell the users about your likes, dislikes, and hobbies.

Examples to Write an Engaging FunwithFeet “About Me” Section

  • Ever seen a Foot Goddess? I bet you haven’t if you are not already on my subscriber list.
  • Roses are red; Violets are blue; my feet are lovely, yes, that’s true!
  • My soles are as soft as snow and as lickable as a lolly. Subscribe now to see them!
  • HI! I love giving foot jobs until you cum. Do you want one?
  • I am worried my feet don’t know how to rest; they are always in the air. Subscribe to have a look!

Step Four: Set a Payment Mode

Your earnings on the platform get transferred to the FunwithFeet wallet. Once you start getting the payments, you can withdraw them from any authentic and recognized medium.

FunwithFeet offers various payment mode options to make it easy for creators to select one according to their preferences. Some commonly recognized platforms are PayPal, Paxum, Segpay, or your personal bank account.

Step Five: Select a Subscription Plan

Like all subscription-based online platforms, Funwithfeet also charges a service fee from creators. So, before you list your feet pics and videos for sale, you have to pay a reasonable fee of $9.99 for a three-month package or $14.99 for a six-month package.

Step Six: Post Your Feet Pics and Videos to FunwithFeet Account

Once you are done with creating a new account, the verification process, and buying a subscription plan, now comes the most crucial part– creating content. All of your efforts will be futile unless your content is creative and engaging. Therefore, look out for the latest trends in foot content, check the gallery of other foot models to get inspiration, and learn photography skills to create top-class content.

After preparing your first batch of feet pictures, start posting them on your FunwithFeet gallery. We suggest new models offer cost-free or free-to-view content in the beginning, to attract buyers and later start charging fees for their content.

Step Seven: Promote and Sell your feet Pics and Videos

Set a reasonable fee for your content at the start of your FunwithFeet journey, ranging from $5-$10 for a foot photo or video. You can also make money on the platform by creating custom content or receiving tips from your buyers.

Promote your account to direct followers on other platforms to your FunwithFeet profile. However, keep in mind that not all websites and social media channels permit adult content. So, read the content guidelines for each channel before prompting your FunwithFeet account to avoid account suspension or ban.

FunwithFeet is all about feet content and feet lovers. A recent study has found that more than 100,000-foot pictures and videos on the platform are for sale.

It implies that the website sells all different kinds of feet images. However, some popular categories of foot content on the website are mentioned below:

  • BDSM: One of the most popular categories on FunwithFeet is BDSM content. There are specific poses, boots, and postures, like foot worship, for the BDSM lifestyle pics and videos. Many foot fetish users love the idea of submission and dominance when buying foot-related content.
  • Dancing Feet: Pictures and videos of dancing feet are also frequently bought. From ballet dance to barefoot dancing, you just have to let your feet enjoy the music. Learn how to balance and be flexible to take attractive pictures of dancing feet.
  • High Heels: Fancy heels are also popular and attract buyers. You can take pictures of your feet wearing pencil heels with painted nails, feet jewelry, or other props.
  • Tattooed Feet: Many feet lovers are attracted to tattooed feet and legs. So, if you wish to make a bold statement with your feet, get them tattooed in vibrant colors and designs.
  • Others: Some other FunnwithFeet popular categories include dirty feet, soles, sandals, foot job, foot worship, socks, and poolside feet.

Sell Feet Pics on FeetFinder

FeetFinder is the best website for anyone looking to sell Feet pics. On FeetFinder, you can make money through getting paying subscribers, selling albums, making money through getting a Tip and also receive an offer from your fan. You can charge $100 to $400 per custom video request. 

Sell Feet Pics on FeetFinder

Pros and Cons of Using FunwithFeet to Sell Feet Pics and Videos

Nothing in this world is perfect, and foot fetish websites are no exception. FunwithFeet also has some exceptions and drawbacks that are mostly shared by all other foot fetish websites. In this article, we have discussed some pros and cons of selling Feet pics.

But let’s discuss the benefits first.

Pros of Using FunwithFeet as a Creator

Below is the list of benefits of selling feet pics and videos on FunwithFeet.

1. Easy to use

Most foot fetish websites have a lengthy and complicated process of account creation and management that models find difficult to understand and follow. In contrast, FunwithFeet is simple to use and does not necessitate any lengthy procedures.

2. Reasonable Fee

The platform’s subscription packages are also very reasonable, and the platform does not deduct anything from the creators’ earnings.

3. Secure and Monitored Process

The FunwithFeet team constantly monitors the content delivery and receiving processes, making it a safe place to sell your feet photos and videos. Furthermore, the platform verifies the identities of both users and creators to ensure that the environment is safe and free of fraud.

4. Minimal Startup Cost

Low initial investment is needed to start a career as a FunwithFeet model. Not only are the subscription fees reasonable, but the required equipment is also inexpensive. You only need a camera and an internet connection to get started.

Most creators begin their foot modeling journey with a mobile phone camera and later invest in high-end products as they start to earn.

5. Easy Account Cancellation Policy

As a FunwithFeet model, you can deactivate your account at any time. The platform has a simple policy and removes all personal information without leaving anything behind. So, you do not have to worry about anything and can work according to your preferences.

6. FunwithFeet Provides Marketing and Promotional Services

FunwithFeet, unlike other foot fetish websites, assists users in promoting their accounts. It provides marketing services to its models to ensure everyone gets an equal chance to make money on the platform.

7. Access to a Large Audience

FunwithFeet is a rapidly growing platform with over 3 million users buying feet pictures and videos every day. As a result, the platform gives creators access to a large potential audience and allows them to earn top dollar each month.

8. Maintains Anonymity

FunwithFeet allows you to stay anonymous if you want. Without any restrictions from the platform, you can sell your foot videos and images while keeping your real name and face hidden.

9. Unlimited Earning Opportunities

There is no cap on how much money you can make on the platform. Furthermore, FunwithFeet transfers 100% of the creators’ earnings to their wallets with no deductions.

10. Custom Content

FunwithFeet creators can take advantage of the platform’s various revenue streams. As a foot model, for example, you can take orders from customers to create custom content and charge a premium for it. Additionally, you can expect big fish customers to tip you generously.

Cons of Using FunwithFeet as a Creator

Like everything else, the platform has some shortcomings. On the contrary, FeetFinder is a perfect place with unlimited opportunities for creators and almost no drawbacks. We suggest you create an account on FeetFinder to earn a sizeable monthly income.

We have mentioned below some drawbacks of

1. Strict ID Verification Process

FunwithFeet has a stringent verification policy. So if you are under 18 years of age, you cannot use the platform to sell feet pics and videos.

2. Early Stage Subscription Fee

The creators have to pay the subscription fee before listing their content in the FunwithFeet gallery. This means that regardless of whether you succeed or fail on the platform, you must pay in advance to use your account.

3. No Mobile Phone App

Most people nowadays use their mobile phones to access content. FumwithFeet has not introduced any mobile phone app until now, which necessitates using your computer or going to a browser whenever you want to use your account. Users also prefer using feet fetish apps rather than browsing, which limits the number of buyers on

4. Slow Customer Service

The customer representative service on the website is also slow and sometimes unresponsive. Many creators complain about having to wait several hours for a response from a representative.

5. Website Glitches

The website frequently experiences technical glitches, requiring creators and users to log in and try multiple times to access their FunwithFeet account.

6. Inbox Malfunction

FunwithFeet has an inbox feature for creators and clients to chat and receive orders for custom content.

Most users complain about their inbox malfunctioning and the website failing to respond after several attempts. Most of the time, messages vanish into thin air, making it difficult for creators to respond to them.

In a sea of foot-fetish websites, it can be difficult for creators to choose the best ones with the most potential for growth and success. To help you get out of the woods, we have compared Funwithfeet with the top foot fetish platforms.

FunwithFeet vs. the Best Foot Fetish Platform – FeetFinder

FeetFinder is among the most legitimate platforms for sellers and buyers of foot pictures and videos. In comparison to FunwithFeet, which has a Trustpilot rating of 3.7 stars, FeetFinder has a higher rating of 4.9 stars. It indicates customer satisfaction and excellent service on the platform for both sellers and buyers.

FeetFinder is also well-known for its quick customer service and assistance to creators during the account creation and marketing processes. Furthermore, the registration process at FeetFinder takes no more than 5 minutes, making it a user-friendly website.

FeetFinder deducts 20% of the creators’ earnings for its excellent and timely services. Similar to FunwithFeet, FeetFinder also has unlimited opportunities for foot content creators to earn top dollar monthly. You can make money from the subscription fee paid by your buyers, by creating custom content, by selling feet pics albums, and from tips as well.

Summary: FeetFinder is a better platform with more than 50 categories for foot-content creators. It does not charge any subscription fee from creators and also helps in marketing their content.

FunwithFeet Vs. OnlyFans

OnlyFans, founded in 2016, is another rapidly growing online subscription-based platform that grew in popularity during the global lockdown. OnlyFans has more than 170 million users, which means it has a larger audience than FunwithFeet and more potential customers. However, OnlyFans allows creators, artists, and models from all walks of life to showcase their content on the website, whereas Funwthfeet is a niche website dedicated solely to foot lovers.

The platform is used primarily by adult content creators who sell pornographic content to make money. Among the 2.5 million creators on OnlyFans, many foot models are earning more than $1000 each month. All this and much more make OnlyFans a credible place to sell feet pictures and videos.

In contrast to FunwithFeet, which charges creators a website subscription fee, OnlyFans does not deduct anything at first but later takes 20% of the creator’s total earnings on the platform. That is, if you earn $10 on the platform, you will receive $8 after-service deduction charges.

Although OnlyFans is a legitimate and secure site for selling foot photos and videos, it does have one drawback. The website does not offer any marketing or promotional services to the creators, whereas FunwithFeet does.

Furthermore, OnlyFans lacks an internal discovery algorithm, requiring creators to drive traffic from other social media channels to make money on the platform.

Summary: OnlyFans is a rapidly growing platform with an increasing number of users every day. However, the platform is not primarily used by foot-content creators. Another drawback of OnlyFans is the lack of a search algorithm, leaving it up to creators to promote their content on other websites.

FunwithFeet Vs Dollar Feet

Dollar Feet, like FunwithFeet, is a niche website dedicated solely to foot lovers. However, there are several differences in the way things work on both platforms. DollarFeet, unlike FunwithFeet, works as a marketplace that purchases feet pictures and videos from creators and puts them on the “Model Page” for sale.

The website does not allow any direct interaction between the creators and clients and works as a middleman, taking content from one end and delivering it to the other. Furthermore, unlike FunwithFeet, DollarFeet does not charge creators a subscription fee, instead paying a flat rate of $15 for each Feet video.

As previously stated, FunwithFeet allows you to remain anonymous by hiding your face, whereas DollarFeet requires creators to show their faces and body to attract buyers. Additionally, DollarFeet requires you to answer some personal questions, such as your weight, height, gender, and age.

Summary: DollarFeet operates differently, coordinating directly with models to purchase their feet videos. Furthermore, the platform only deals with foot videos and does not purchase images. In addition, DollarFeet encourages users to show their faces, so if you prefer to remain anonymous, FunwithFeet is a better option.

FunwithFeet Vs Feetify

Feetify is another niche-based website for buying and selling feet pics and videos. The platform is free to join, and unlike FunwithFeet, it requires no subscription charges from the creators. It also has a chat option, so the models can get into direct contact with clients and take orders for custom content.

Feetify is a safe platform where you can earn money while working anonymously. However, the number of users on Feetify is lower than on

One of Feetify’s distinguishing features is its premium model plan. If you are a premium Feetify model, the platform will pay you real money for being active, regardless of whether or not someone purchases your content. Feetify premium plans cost $57 for five months and $97 for a 12-month subscription.

Summary: Feetify is a reliable platform for selling feet pics and images, but FunwithFeet can give you access to a larger audience.

How Much Can You Earn as a FunwithFeet Foot Model?

Although there is no set amount or limit to how much money you can earn on Funwithfeet, we can tell you that people are earning a full-time living from the platform. It means the top foot models on the website are making more than $1500 monthly.

How much you can earn on the platform is determined by the four factors listed below:

  • The time and effort you put into your FunwithFeet profile,
  • How well you interact with clients,
  • What are your marketing plans and strategies,
  • And how much you charge for your content.

To give you an idea, an average FunwithFeet foot model charges $10-$15 for a foot image. So, if you sell 10 pictures in a week, you will earn $100 per week and up to $400 per month. For videos, collections, and custom content, you can set your price and easily earn a handsome monthly income.

Like any other source of income, the more patient and consistent you are, the greater your chances of growth and success.

What Customers Have to Say About Fun With Feet

On Trustpilot, FunwithFeet has 279 reviews with a rating of 3.6 stars. 55% of the total reviews are 5-star ratings, while 24% are 1-star ratings. This indicates that FunwithFeet is a mediocre platform with some drawbacks. To give you a clear picture, here are some FunwithFeet customer reviews.

“I’ve had a great experience with Fun with Feet since signing up a few months ago. The customer service team is super responsive and helpful, and the chat feature makes it easy to connect with buyers. I can easily update my portfolio and sales page with new pictures and videos without much hassle, and new buyers are joining the platform daily.” Ruth Gomez (5-Star Review)

“I paid the subscription fee for essentially no service. The website is unbelievably slow. I received a ton of messages, but I am unable to open them. The ones I did manage to open were from scammers anyway. Please don’t waste your time. I’ve canceled my subscription and deleted my account within less than 24 hours of opening it due to how awful the site is.” Lily (1-Star Review)

“I hope you read this before buying the subscription. I created my profile easily and then started to get messages, but I cannot open the inbox from any of my devices. It says: You’re going too fast; try again in 10 seconds.” RosaR (1-Star Review)

After reading the reviews, it is clear that the creators have a love-hate relationship with Some succeed in making as much as $2000 monthly, while others face trouble even responding to clients through their inboxes.

The website also has bugs that make it difficult for users and creators to sign up for their accounts and access content. Keeping this in mind, we suggest you look for better options like FeetFinder.

FeetFinder is the perfect website to sell and buy foot pictures and videos. Out of 5,463 reviews, the platform has a rating of 4.9 stars. Only 1% of the reviews are one-star, with 91% being five stars. This reflects the level of satisfaction and trust that creators and users have in

Frequently Asked Questions about FunWithFeet reviews:

Here are some of the questions you might be interested

1. Is Fun With Feet a Legit Platform for Foot Content Creators?

FunWithFeet is a 100% legitimate platform that provides a smooth and convenient user experience. So far, there have been no complaints about the legitimacy of the website.

2. Is there a mobile phone app for Fun With Feet?

No. Although mobile applications are more convenient and provide quick access, you must use a web browser to access your FunwithFeet account.

3. How much does it cost to sell content on FunwithFeet?

The sellers have to pay a subscription fee to the platform to sell feet pics and videos. There are two payment options provided by the FunwithFeet website – to take a 3-month subscription plan, you have to pay $9.99, while the 6-month plan costs $14.99.

4. How are payments processed on Fun with Feet?

When a client buys your content on the platform, the payment is instantly deposited into your FunwithFeet wallet. You can later withdraw your money through a bank account, PayPal, Segpay, or Paxum.

5. Can I only sell feet photos on FunwithFeet?

No. Selling feet pics and videos is just the beginning of your FunwithFeet journey. You can also sell adult content, custom content, and even your belongings like heels, sandals, or boots on the platform.

Fun With Feet Review — The Bottom Line

Believe it or not, thousands of potential buyers are willing to pay top dollar for the pics and videos of your pretty-looking feet. FunwithFeet is a lucrative platform that can turn into a permanent income source if you use it the right way.

Also, keep in mind that no one becomes a top model overnight; it takes consistency, patience, continuous hard work, effective marketing, and a little bit of luck to touch the sky. Consider learning about the latest trends in the foot-content niche and taking inspiration from the content of other models. You can also learn advanced photography and marketing skills or invest in a high-quality camera to grab potential buyers on FunwithFeet.

We sincerely hope our blog was informative and explained everything you wanted to know about FunwithFeet.

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