Is Fanvue The Best Alternative To OnlyFans?

Building up an online fanbase is no easy feat. It takes time to gain followers, earn their trust and support, and convert them into loyal fans willing to invest in you as a brand. So imagine how devastating the consequences would be if the platform you used to connect with these hard-earned followers suddenly banned the content you were creating, leaving you with no way of giving back to your fans and taking you right back to square one.

This was a reality for many creators back in August 2021 when popular subscription site OnlyFans announced they would be banning adult content. After an outcry from their users, the ban was renounced shortly after… but it left creators feeling bitter, betrayed, and disillusioned, as though they had lost trust in the platform that once provided them with so much.

In addition to this, the OnlyFans website has gradually become more and more outdated and difficult to navigate, with many users reporting unresolved glitches and poor customer support. Creating an online space for your most loyal fans should always be an enjoyable process, but a poorly maintained website and missing features can quickly turn a positive experience into a negative one.

Because of the uncertainty caused by the adult content ban, strong rumors it may happen again soon, and the increasingly hard-to-use site, many OnlyFans users have been searching for an alternative platform that provides the support they need to create a safe and effective online space for their followers…. and Fanvue is quickly becoming that place.

What is Fanvue?

Fairly new on the scene but already making a big impact, Fanvue is an online subscription space welcoming creators of all types. Used by chefs, authors, podcasters, and fitness gurus, Fanvue has been described as a platform “for all creators, now and always,” and openly welcomes adult creators too.

In fact, the team at Fanvue has made an official promise that they will never be banning adult content. This should provide comfort to those who have been made to feel unwelcome after the OnlyFans ban and are seeking a new platform that doesn’t come with the same risks.

How Do I Earn on Fanvue?

Earning money on Fanvue is extremely easy and the process is very similar to that of other subscription sites, meaning that making the switch should be pretty much seamless.

The main way to earn on Fanvue is via monthly subscriptions. To access your content, users can subscribe to your channel at a price determined by you (usually between $3.99-$50 per month), allowing them to view your existing pictures and videos and provide them with updates about any new content you post.

Whilst subscriptions will likely make up the majority of your Fanvue income, there are additional ways to supplement your earnings which can be really helpful as you grow on the platform.

Users can choose to pay tips to their favorite creators, so if you have built up a great relationship with your fans you will be more likely to receive extra bonuses from those who appreciate what you do.

A feature that isn’t available on OnlyFans, users on Fanvue can choose to purchase individual pieces of content from you and don’t need to be subscribed to do so. This is a great way to earn a little extra cash from those who are interested in your content but are not quite ready to make the financial commitment of a monthly subscription, and also allows users to check out examples of your content before making the decision to hit the subscribe button.

Another great way to earn additional income is by referring other creators to use Fanvue. Each time a new creator signs up to the platform using the personalized link you provide them, you’ll be able to earn 5% of any money they make – for a lifetime. So if you have a lot of creator friends that haven’t yet signed up, this could potentially be very lucrative!

Like other subscription sites, including OnlyFans, Fanvue takes a 20% cut of its creators’ subscription fees to keep the site running. However, until the end of 2022, creators will be able to keep 85% of their earnings instead of the usual 80% as an early signup bonus.

Receiving payment differs a little between Fanvue and OnlyFans, with many users complaining that the latter takes a long time to process payments. Earnings received on OnlyFans will take at least 21 days to process, compared to just seven days when using Fanvue – a much shorter time to wait for your hard-earned cash!

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What’s the Customer Support Like?

An important thing to consider when choosing a new platform is the usability of the site and the customer support offered.

One of the most common complaints from OnlyFans users is that the support provided is very poor. Email support or Twitter is the only given option, which can often leave users waiting days for a response to queries that may be potentially urgent.

Taking this into account, the team at Fanvue has worked hard to create a space that provides a high level of support to help guide their users through each part of the process and allow a streamlined, enjoyable experience for all.

On the Fanvue website, frequently asked questions can often be solved via the help center, but if further assistance is required there is a live chat function to get instant feedback. The chat feature is usually answered in less than one minute, and users will be speaking directly to a core member of the team who will be able to provide the knowledge and expertise required to advise a solution or fix a problem.

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What’s Fanvue like to use?

After witnessing the outdated, clunky website that OnlyFans is yet to update, Fanvue takes pride in giving its users a smooth and enjoyable experience when using the site. To ensure the site remains up to date with the needs of its users the team opens openly welcomes feedback via the ‘Suggest a Feature’ section, and fans and creators can also vote for the new features that want to see.

Keeping the Fanvue site running at high performance is particularly important to the Fanvue team, and the site is constantly adapting as the needs of its users change. Fanvue is focused on embracing the future of connection, moving towards web 3.0, and the development team continually check the site to fix any glitches as soon as they are reported.

Ok, so what’s the catch?

The great news is that there is no catch. Fanvue has been created with its users in mind, taking into account past struggles, concerns, and issues that creators no longer want to deal with and making sure they won’t have to. Whilst it doesn’t yet benefit from a widely-recognized name as OnlyFans does, it’s already fast becoming one of the best choices for content creators who are looking to start taking their online content creation seriously, reconnect with their fans and earn money in a safe space that puts them first.

So if you’re ready to find your new online home, look no further. Whoever you are, whatever you do, Fanvue is waiting for you – and it’s not going to let you down. Sign up here!

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