LoyalFans Review: Does Sellers Think It is Worth It?

Are you a digital creator looking for a reliable alternative to OnlyFans? Or would you like to monetize your content on a website with multiple revenue streams and significant growth potential? In both cases, LoyalFans is a trustworthy option.

Loyalfans review what creators think about loyalfans

In this detailed guide, we have analyzed and reviewed everything you want to explore about LoyalFans. This blog discusses the core values, features, pros, cons, and every aspect of this new but seasoned content monetization platform. So,  what are you waiting for? Scroll down till the end to explore every nitty-gritty about LoyalFans. 

As an adult content creator, you can make money on OnlyFans as well as join other OnlyFans alternative platforms like LoyalFans.

What is LoyalFans? A Brief Overview

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Since the launch and widespread popularity of OnlyFans, hundreds of alternative platforms have emerged to facilitate meaningful relationships between creators and their fans. LoyalFans is another credible alternative to OnlyFans that encourages artists, influencers, digital creators, and adult models to turn their content into money. 

Eduard A. Braileanu owns LoyalFans, which was founded in 2019 and is headquartered in Tampa, Florida. The platform allows creators to monetize their pictures, videos, teasers, behind-the-scenes, and services to make money. Furthermore, LoyalFans prioritizes the stability and security of its creators, allowing them to share, connect, grow, and earn in a safe environment.

In the same way that LoyalFans protects the privacy of its creators, it also ensures that fans have a secure space to pursue their passions. So, for any creator seeking an online venture to build their brand or a client looking for a platform to build meaningful relationships, LoyalFans is the perfect place to be. 

The Six Primary Core Values of Loyal Fans

The reliability or legitimacy of any online platform is determined by its values and the steps taken to maintain them. LoyalFans has established the following six core values and makes necessary efforts to ensure their maintenance. 

1. Support

Whether you are a digital creator who wants to make money by selling your content or a fan who seeks deep connections, LoyalFans is available for your support. The platform offers on-site marketing to its creators and advanced search options to buyers in order to facilitate and support all users. 

2. Transparency

Transparency across all levels is another primary value at LoyalFans. The platform ensures its commitment to transparent business practices between all creators and buyers.  

3. Communication

The platform has highly responsive and trained customer staff that ensures its availability for all users. So, when it comes to timely, open, and clear communication, LoyalFans is committed to it.

4. Innovation

LoyalFans employs advanced, cutting-edge technology to create, innovate, and maintain a seamless user experience for everyone. As a result, a buyer or seller can easily navigate and utilize the platform’s services without any confusion.

5. Inclusivity

Unlike other social media platforms that restrict the publishing and marketing specific content types, LoyalFans welcomes creators from all walks of life. However, you must not post illegal, pirated, or violent content. So, as long as you are not buying or selling anything unlawful, LoyalFans encourages the exchange of all forms of positive, creative, and consensual expressions. 

6. Stability

The last core value of LoyalFans is the website’s overall stability. From safe financial transactions between buyers and sellers to seamless site operations, LoyalFans is everything about top-level service stability.

Who Can Post Content to Make Money on LoyalFans?

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Now that we have taken an overview of LoyalFans as a brand and its core values, let us discuss who can sell their content on the platform. Unlike niche-focused content monetization platforms, LoyalFans welcomes creators and buyers from all walks of life. You can be a fitness guru, a cooking expert, a singer, an artist, or any other digital creator to monetize your content on LoyalFans. 

However, LoyalFans is populated majorly by adult content creators and their fans. Most of the sellers on LoyalFans belong to the X-rated or pornographic industry and use the platform to make money by selling their content. 

Remember, while LoyalFans welcomes all creators, regardless of gender or sexual orientation, all users must be 18 or older to use the platform.

LoyalFans: Content Guidelines and Limitations

In order to maintain the stability and security of all users, LoyalFans has established terms of service and content guidelines that every user must follow. Every picture or video posted on LoyalFans must comply with local, state, federal, and international laws. Furthermore, sellers are strictly prohibited from sharing or promoting any content that depicts violence, minors, illegal actions, or nonconsensual acts of any kind. Every LoyalFans creator must have a copyright for the content they sell.

While LoyalFans sets limitations and guidelines for sellers, it also protects them through buyer verification processes. To join the platform, users must provide their real name, government-issued ID, credit card information, and contact and address information. This subscriber verification method protects sellers from scams or fake profiles. 

The Primary Features of LoyalFans For Buyers and Sellers

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Whereas LoyalFans gets often regarded as an alternative to industry giant OnlyFans, it truly distinguishes itself by providing various unique and advanced features. We have mentioned below the primary features of LoyalFans and how creators can make handsome incomes by utilizing these options. 

1. Video Store

Although LoyalFans is a subscription-based platform, it offers several other income streams to creators. The video store is one such feature where you can post pay-per-view videos. On a video store, creators can upload their most exclusive videos with a price tag. 

You can use your profile’s newsfeed to share teasers or highlights of the content you post in the video store, encouraging them to purchase the full-length video. The feature serves as an extra income tier for the LoyalFans creators.

2. Live Shows

Did you know that LoyalFans was previously named NexoCams? The earlier version of the platform offered live camming between adult sellers and buyers only. However, luckily for you, they have continued the live show feature in the latest version, too. 

Models can hold live sessions to interact with all fans and build deep relationships. You can also use the live camming options to make announcements or have a general chit-chat. 

3. One-on-One Calls

Your method of communication with buyers is not limited to text messages only. Instead, you can interact with your fans through audio and video calls. Fortunately, these calls are more than just a way of communicating. Creators can also expect generous tips from their clients during the calling sessions. 

4. Auto Tweet Option

Out of all social media channels, Twitter is the top favorite for all adult models due to its feasible privacy policies. LoyalFans recognizes the importance of promoting your content across social media platforms and, therefore, provides the AutoTweet feature. Creators can link their Twitter profiles to their LoyalFans accounts and send automated tweets to their followers.

5. Referral and Bonus Programs

LoyalFan’s referral programs allow you to make extra income as a model. The best part about LoyalFans referral bonuses is they last a lifetime. For example, if a buyer uses your referral link to access LoyalFans, every time they make a purchase, you will get a 5% commission on their spending. Similarly, if a model creates a seller account using your referral code, you will get a 5% commission on her earnings for a lifetime. 

6. Discovery Feature for Sellers

Unlike OnlyFans, LoyalFans does not delegate all marketing and promotion responsibilities to sellers. Instead, LoyalFans offers an on-site discovery feature, enabling buyers to find the top sellers, newcomers, and popular models. Moreover, buyers can find you using the video store, live, call, popular, shoutouts, or recently updated filters. So, whether you have an existing fan base or not, everyone gets a chance to gain buyer attention on LoyalFans.

7. Easily Navigable User Interface

Another significant factor of LoyalFans is its user-friendly interface. Features such as video bookmarks, shoutouts, trending videos, and hashtags intend to make the user experience more navigable. LoyalFans models can establish their brand and engage with fans by leveraging the platform’s interactive features. 

Pros and Benefits of Using LoyalFans 

Despite being a relatively new adult content monetization platform, LoyalFans offers a lucrative way to make a full-time income for all creators. Below is a list of the many benefits of using LoyalFans as a seller:

1. Multiple Revenue Streams

One of the primary advantages of using LoyalFans is the abundance of revenue streams for creators. As a model, you can earn from monthly subscriptions, PPV content, video stores, PPV messages, custom orders, referrals, and private calling.

2. Industry Experts

Although the website launched in 2019, LoyalFans is managed and operated by industry esports professionals with over 35 years of experience. It makes the platform a reliable and legitimate venture to monetize your content.

3. Innovative Features

LoyalFans has introduced new and innovative features to make content monetization profitable for digital creators. For example, lifetime referral bonuses, paid messaging, video store, and live camming are advanced methods of making big bucks from your fans.

4. Free To Join

Another positive point about LoyalFans is that it does not charge an early-stage subscription fee. The platform is free to join for all buyers and sellers. However, once you gain followers, LoyalFans deducts 20% of your total earnings.

5. On-Site Marketing

LoyalFans helps you gain subscribers through the “Discovery” and “Our Creators” options. Using these features, buyers can access LoyalFans creators of all experience levels. 

6. Safe and Secure Venture

LoyalFans prioritizes the safety of all buyers and sellers by employing the most advanced security methods. 

Potential Downsides of Using LoyalFans 

Like any other online venture, there are some potential drawbacks to using LoyalFans for content monetization. Read below to learn the cons of using LoyalFans:

1. Limited Payment/Transaction Options

LoyalFans creators can withdraw their payments just twice every month. These inflexible and limited payment options may make it difficult for them to withdraw their income at the desired time. Moreover, sellers must have a minimum earning of $50 to make a withdrawal.

2. A Comparatively Small User Base

Given that LoyalFans is regarded as an alternative to OnlyFans, it has a comparatively smaller user base. However, the platform is gaining popularity and has a steadily growing user base.

P.S. LoyalFans Review: Pros and Cons, Is It Worth It? How to Make Money on LoyalFans? 

Conclusively, LoyalFans is a distinctive platform where content creators can establish profitable and meaningful relationships with their fans. While the platform amplifies a secure venture to communicate with your audiences, it offers numerous revenue streams to make thousands of dollars. Moreover, LoyalFans maintains legal compliance and a safe environment, making it a worthwhile place to sell your content.  

We sincerely hope this detailed guide has helped you learn everything you need to know about LoyalFans, an innovative content monetization platform.

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