Dick Ratings Examples: How To Do Cock Ratings With Tips & Tricks

How to give the best dick rating? This is a guide for OnlyFans or creators from other platforms to better record cock ratings and submit videos that your fans love. I also explain how much you can charge for Dick ratings? and explain different types of the dick ratings.

Dick rating Guide with examples
Dick Rating Examples

Dick rating is one of the most requested custom content requests that an OnlyFans creator gets from their subscribers. This is the guide where you learn everything about dick rating, how much to charge for it, and how to do it following OnlyFans terms and services.

With the rise of OnlyFans, a lot of adult content creators have conversations with their fans in real time, and most of those subscribers are also interested in getting to know what you think about their cocks.

As an OnlyFans creator, you might end up receiving a lot of dick-rating requests. This article helps you better understand how you can record a dick-rating video. How much should you charge for it? And everything to help you rate dicks of your fans.

Dick rating is a very popular form of custom request. A lot of creators receive this request from fans, and it is completely legal to rate your fans' cock.

What is a Dick rating?

A lot of your fans will be interested in what you think about their cock. In this article, we understand how you can do Dick's rating as an adult content creator. Most of the OnlyFans creators receive a message from their fans who are interested in getting their dick rated.

A dick rating is usually done in text or an in a video message. Mostly, it is a video message.

Why do your fans ask for a dick rating? It helps them boost their confidence in themselves, give them the feeling of what a woman thinks about their cock, and get recognized.

Whether you are doing Dick Ratings on OnlyFans, Fansly, ManyVids, or any other platform, you can use this guide to help you do better dick ratings.

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Step-by-step guide for dick rating:

Here is the step-by-step guide for dick ratings:

  1. Fans send you their picture: Fans will discuss the pricing with you and ask you if they have their own custom request.
  2. Fans send you a Tip: After a fan asks for the dick rating, you can ask for pricing. The pricing depends on how busy you are and how many followers you have. If you are new, you could ask for less than $30, but if you have a lot of messages and custom video requests, you can charge somewhere between $50 and $100.
  3. You record a video showing your face-to-do dick ratings: Remember, it is against OnlyFans terms to use your fan dick in the video. You just record yourself. Remember, if you ever use other people's content, you have to fill out an OnlyFans release form.

A lot of your fans will be asking for a dick rating in the messages, but you can also increase the time of getting more dick rating custom requests by adding a dick rating in your Tip Menu. They can see that you are charging an X amount of money for a dick rating and proceed with the tip there.

This removes a lot of thinking and makes it easy for the fans or subscribers to have a conversation with you.

Dick Rating examples:

When recording a Dick rating video, make sure to explain the following things in your video:

  1. The texture
  2. The thickness.
  3. The rating is from 5 to 10. Yes, always be positive and give a good message if it is a small dick.
  4. Other features like the girth, length, hair, and the way it looks.
  5. In the end, relate it to yourself, like how you feel if it is inside you.

Types of dick ratings:

The following are different types of dick ratings:

  1. Honest Dick rating
  2. Cock or dick worshipping
  3. Small Penis Humiliation video request

What is the Honest Dick rating?

Honest dick rating is giving your honest opinion or your opinion about the dick of your fans or subscribers. If the dick has a good size, you can complement it, or if it is a smaller one, you can add a compliment about the size of the head and or any other smaller detail that are worth mentioning.

A lot of fans order a custom content request for comparison of their cucks with your fans, like how big they are compared to all other of your subscribers.

What is Dick worshipping?

Dick worshipping is another popular dick-rating request from fans. They ask you to worship their dick. You could say in the video, like how big the dick is, how you will go with it forever.

Small dick humiliation:

Some of your fans will know that their dick is smaller, and they will want you to humiliate them. So, it is better to comply with the request and humiliate them for their smaller dick. Small Dick humiliation (SDH) is a fetish, and a lot of your subscribers would love to be humiliated.

Where to learn how to do dick rating?

The best platform where you can learn dick ratings is by watching other creators doing dick ratings. One way to do this is to by watching videos on Pornhub or other free porn websites.

Go to Pornhub and search for Dick ratings, and you will find a lot of videos of other creators dick-rating their fans or subscribers.

One interesting thing to do is to never show your subscribers or fans' dick or cock in the video because they already know about this. You just have to follow the

How much to charge for Dick's ratings?

This is another important question that a lot of OnlyFans creators are asking about on different platforms. We have different articles related to pricing, like how much to charge for a PPV in OnlyFans and how much to charge for subscriptions in OnlyFans.

There are two types of Dick rating: First, you can write a dick review of your subscribers in text form, and the second type is to record a video giving a detailed review of a dick picture sent by your subscriber. You can charge less for a text-based review and charge more for a video review.

How much to charge for a Dick rating? You can charge $30 to $50 to $100 depending on how busy you are, and if you are new to the platform, it is better to charge less.

Written or text-based dick rating:

Written Text dick rating is writing everything you should say about a dick of your subscriber. Texted-based dick ratings are less expensive, and it is fine if you charge less, like $5 or $10.

Audio dick rating:

Audio-based dick rating is recording an audio in your voice rating a dick. Text and Audio dick ratings are very less in demand.

Video dick rating:

Video dick rating is recording a video naked or just showing your face rating cuck of your fans or subscribers. You can charge

PS: Dick Rating Examples:

The following are some of the examples of the dick rating.

Dick rating is one of the easiest ways to make money on OnlyFans, and easy to deliver the custom offer. You can charge $20 to $100 per custom dick rating video or in any other form.

I have worked with a lot of OnlyFans creators and interacted with the fans a lot and a lot of fans have asked for rating the ,ick pics they send in messages. So, I shared my experience here to help you better charge and sent videos that are well recorded.

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