How To Start an OnlyFans Agency? A Step-by-Step Guide For Beginners

How can you start an OnlyFans agency? This is a step-by-step guide for beginners to start an OnlyFans marketing or management agency and start making money.

How To Start an OnlyFans Agency? A Step-by-Step Guide For Beginners
How To Start an OnlyFans Agency? A Step-by-Step Guide For Beginners

OnlyFans agencies make a lot of money and help adult content creators start making more money by helping them upsell pay-per-view messages.

Are you amazed by the money that many OnlyFans management companies are making? Or have you already decided to start your OnlyFans marketing and management agency? If so, you have made the right choice to earn big figures.

OnlyFans management agencies are rapidly growing and making a metric ton of money through their marketing, counseling, and coaching services. But how to launch a management agency? We know that there are not a lot of resources on the internet to guide you through the long process of launching a management company. We have created a comprehensive step-by-step guide for your management agency to take you out of the woods.

Scroll down to learn how to start your OnlyFans management business.

What services does an OnlyFans agency provide to their models?

What are some services do OnlyFans agencies offer? It is better to know the type of services you are going to offer to creators:

  • OnlyFans management services include management-related services like helping creators with chatting, upselling their pay-per-view videos, and helping creators with all the management-related stuff.
  • OnlyFans marketing services: These services include helping creators with marketing. You can devise a social media marketing strategy to help creators get more fans and produce special content for platforms like Reddit, TikTok, Instagram, and other OnlyFans marketing services.  
  • Mentorship: You can mentor your creators to produce better content and start helping them to get more fans.

Other paid services to buy as an Owner of an Agency:

If you are looking for some of the paid tools that could help you with getting more engagement, make your agency a better agency among a pool of agencies, and help your models get more engagement, you can use these tools as an agency owner:

Use Scrile Connect to build a site like OnlyFans for the models in your contract:

You can use Scrile Connect solutions to create a site like OnlyFans for individual models or for all the models you manage. They provide you with all the features to help you make more money and bypass the 20% cut of every transaction between the creator and the fans.

Scrile Connect offers you all the features and tools to effectively monetize your site like paid subscriptions, mass DMs, selling PPVs in chats, live chat bookings, full control of your site, and owning the platform.

Now That You have an Agency, it is time to add Superpower to your agency by using Supercreator tools and CRM:

Supercreator is a bot that helps agency owners optimize the chatting experience of their employees and help creators make more money by upselling pay-per-view videos in less time.

Using the Supercreator extension, you can optimize your time, increase productivity, avoid freeloaders, follow back your expired fans, and do much more. The Supercreator is trusted by 100s of agencies and the top 0.01% of creators. Sign-up for Supercreator here.

Step-by-Step Guide for Starting an OnlyFans Management Agency

Following is a step-by-step process to start an OnlyFans agency:

  1. Establish a business plan for your OnlyFans management and marketing agency.
  2. Design a Website for Management Agency
  3. Decide How Much of the Model’s Income You Will Cut
  4. Recruit Models for your Management Agency
  5. Focus on Growth and Management
  6. Outsourcing Your Management Agency
  7. Get to Work

Step#1: Establish a Business Plan for Management Agency

OnlyFans is a rapidly growing fans platform with more than 1.5 million models showcasing their talent. But not all of the 1.5 million models earn 6 to 7 figures in revenue in a month. In particular, the new models are unsure how to rise to the top. This is where they need you as a manager.

In case you do not want to work with new models, several popular ones are looking for account managers to handle their DMs, promotions, and content scheduling to save themselves some time in creating high-quality content. So it is up to you to decide whether you want to train new models as a mentor or the popular ones. In both ways, it is always a win-win for you.

So, if we start from scratch, the first thing you have to do is jot down a proper business plan. Of course, you can tell others what to do once you know what to do. Keeping this in your mind, establish a comprehensive business plan that includes

  • Services you are going to provide.
  • Percentage of revenue you will charge from your models.
  • Models you will work with.
  • And the people you have to hire to work with you.

Moreover, you should also have a business bank account and proper strategies to work with models. Consider having a skillset for training new models and other workers to start as a professional.

Step#2: Design a Website for Management Agency

Most management firms undervalue the necessity of creating a website for their offerings, which is where they lose out. Having a website can help you gain the “leap of faith” of new models and other employees you will need to hire while also increasing the legitimacy of your management agency.

It’s not difficult to design a website for your management company. You can hire a freelancer from Fiverr or Upwork to do the task for you in a few days. Remember, you do not have to go fancy, but look professional.

A credible website can serve as an effective sales tool and demonstrate your legitimacy to a model who gives you access to her content and agrees to give you a cut of her earnings. Also, a website serves as a symbol of dedication, seriousness towards work, and competence. So, skipping this part is a no-no for your management business.

Note: Do not make the mistake of making your website using free web hosting providers for your management agency. These free sites do not look professional and can also be deleted at any time.

Step#3: Decide How Much of the Model’s Income You Will Cut

Once you have established a proper business plan and a professional website, now is the time to decide how much you will earn from all your services. Generally, the OnlyFans managers take a percentage of the model’s monthly revenue. This percentage ranges somewhere between 20%-50%.

Mostly, the management agencies charge 25%-30% of the total revenue of the model. However, you can charge more if you offer exceptional assistance through promotion services that can significantly boost the model’s subscriber count.

So, it is up to you as a manager to decide the percentage of the model’s revenue you will cut. But, if you are providing your services to a popular model, keep in mind that even 20% of her revenue would be sufficient for you.

Step#4: Recruit Models for your Management Agency

Here comes the tricky but crucial part — recruiting OnlyFans Models. Before you even launch as a management agency, you must find legitimate models to make your management business a success.

But who are the legitimate models? The following are the things you should consider as a manager when partnering with an OnlyFans model:

  • Consistency: It is recommended to work with hard-working models and remain consistent with their content creation.
  • Career Oriented: Make sure your OnlyFans model has long-term plans for her OnlyFans career and won’t just vent away after a while.
  • Work Ethic: Consider working with models with a professional work ethic rather than a random girl just looking for a few dollars to pay her bills.
  • Easy to Work With: Look for models with flexible schedules and adaptable personalities so they can understand and learn new strategies to attract big whales on the OnlyFans platform.
  • Personality and Looks: You must have read the famous quote, “First impression is the last impression.” Search for chicks with attractive shapes and personalities to catch the cash cows.

There are several online platforms like Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, or some relevant cam sites where you can research the ideal models. Or else you can also hire a virtual assistant from freelancer platforms like Fiverr and Upwork to search for models for your new management agency.

We have listed the best OnlyFans agencies here in one of our articles. You can contact us to include your agency.  

Step#5: Focus on Growth and Management

Once you’ve finished running all your search campaigns and signed up with your models, the onboarding process begins. You should create a secured folder for this onboarding process containing materials and data to help your models comprehend your strategies. In this way, you can also leave an impression of professionalism on your models.

Another thing you can do to scale your professional relationship with your model is to give them personal advice. Analyze their OnlyFans and social media accounts and give them detailed suggestions on what they can do instantly to increase their followers or subscribers. This can include suggestions like changing the display picture, writing an attractive OnlyFans bio, changing the frequency of content, or changing their pricing structure.

Then begins the coaching and training process. Here you can give your models specific examples of what they should be posting on their OnlyFans, Tiktok, and Instagram accounts. Teach and coach them about particular postures, angles, outfits, lighting, movements, and anything else that can aid in spotting their potential.

Also, as a manager, this coaching and training is a continuous process. Try out different techniques and tactics on each model to determine what works the most for them to get more and more subscribers.

Step#6: Outsourcing Your Management Agency

This step entails hiring new people and utilizing their skills to advance your agency. However, before starting the hiring process, ensure you understand what you want from the candidates. From marketing to management, understanding every department will help you with the following thing:

  • Training and coaching the new candidates effectively,
  • Deciding a suitable salary,
  • And giving them deadlines for every task.

So, as an OnlyFans manager, you must learn fundamental skills to understand every aspect of your job. Because once you have learned everything, it will be simple to train your employees professionally.

In case you are wondering where to look for these ideal candidates, there are several reliable platforms like Upwork, and Fiverr that can connect you with people who can run the following tasks for your management agency:

  • Virtual assistants that can outreach new OnlyFans models
  • Managers for handling social media accounts.
  • Marketing experts to promote your agency and the models.
  • A sales team
  • Content writers for writing attractive bios and blogs
  • Chatters to manage and respond to DMs

Step#7: Get to Work

After all the hustle and bustle of searching for legitimate models, marketing, and management experts, you can now get to work with your team comprehensively. Remember that running a management agency is a 24/7 job. You must keep experimenting with new ideas and strategies to attract big fish buyers on the OnlyFans platform.

PS: How to start an OnlyFans agency?

Launching an OnlyFans management agency is a time-consuming and research-based project. But once you are done with all the hard work of creating a business plan, searching for models, establishing contracts, and hiring a team, you can reap the benefits of the OnlyFans platform for a long time.

OnlyFans is a rapidly growing platform with more than 120 million potential buyers. All these cash cows are paying big bucks to models and management agencies. Therefore, starting an OnlyFans management service is a win-win for you. The procedure includes seven steps:

  1. Create a business plan
  2. Design a website
  3. Decide the percentage of revenue you will cut from the model’s income.
  4. Search for models
  5. Focus on management and growth
  6. Outsource your work
  7. And finally, get started.