Popular Fetishes You Can Try On OnlyFans Page

There are a lot of fetishes on Onlyfans where you can make a name for yourself and be a category leader. Whatever you love to create, create it irrespective of how many people will like it. You can try the weirdest fetish on Onlyfans and hundreds and thousands of people subscribe to you. It is about providing content to your subscribers. Creators on Onlyfans can make money in many ways and you can stick with one category of content and make a name with it.

OnlyFans is one of the popular platforms to sell fetish content, and that too anonymously. There is a long list of fetishes you can choose to create content about and sell it legally on OnlyFans.

Here are some popular fetishes to build a lucrative career on OnlyFans.

1. Hotwife Lifestyle: The Fetish to share your wife with other men:

This is a category of fetish where Onlyfans creators make the most money. A husband wanting to see his wife making love with another man is an ultimate fetish and there are many dimensions to this category. The Hotwife lifestyle has three important persons; the cuck (husband), the bull (the lover or the invited man), and of course wife (hotwife)

You can make money either a bull (a man who visited hotwives and make love to them in front of their husband) or you can make money on Onlyfans as a couple by recording your wife having sex with another man in front of you (husband)

I believe there is a huge potential for both the actors in this fetish and you can make good money with this.

2. Ass Fetish

Do those naughty spanks on your butts feel good? Well, most of us can’t deny how dominating yet seductive it looks to get ass spanked.

Duh, if you love getting spanked, you also have this kink for ass. Not only do males get attracted to fat, big ass, but females are also into the butt stuff.

Some like to see ass getting spanked, while others feel gratified to grab them in hands. Of course, you’re not going to deliver your ass to your buyer’s address. But, you can click your toned ass caught in such acts in pictures, and videos and sell it on OnlyFans.

Many popular OnlyFans user flexes their bubbly booties and gets paid for them. They maintain their glass door figure and pose without or with undies that barely cover their butts.

3. Navel Fetish

This is purely a manly fetish for female belly buttons. But, we all know that’s low-key for females to get their naval worshipped, and they feel kinky for it. Maybe, because the naval is the most erogenous zone for females.

The pierced navel is more attractive than most other screwed body parts. Women have flashed it through the ages because men are turned on by it.

So, this body part is meant to be seen and flaunted. And now that, it’s considered as one of the popular fetishes you can get paid by selling your naval pictures.

4. Foot Fetish

You can find this content hosted by both male and female users. This is why foot fetish is among the most subscribed content on OnlyFans.

A famous OnlyFans user from Arizona is making more than $4000 per month by selling his feet pics. He also hosts some mind-controlling sessions in which he hypnotizes the viewers with his seductive feet show.

There’s a big market for you to sell feet pics as a guy. And you would be surprised to know that most of your buyers would be men.

You can use other feet-selling websites like FeetFinder, where you can make money in two ways; by creating a feet album and selling it unlimited times and the second way is to get paid subscribers who pay you a monthly fee. You need to be a regular feet creator if someone subscribes to you because they want to see your feet pics or videos daily or at least once weekly. Sell feet pics on FeetFinder here.

5. Fluid Fetish for sweat

The fetish that runs in the blood of a few women, unless sweat is not exposed to oxygen that makes it stink.

Men are also fetishized by sweat and can be seduced to see sweaty bodies during workouts. The sweat on the body feels so sensual and gives one a thought of getting all hot and tempted when there’s extreme sexual arousal.

Most individuals who develop sweat fetish are between ages 18 to 24 and are most intrigued about sweat-themed videos on porn sites.

This is what Pornhub Insights has to say about its sweat-fetish community.

“It is found that the 5,000+ sweat-themed videos they host are watched over 300,000 times per month”

So, that’s pretty sure you can make good money by selling your sweaty clothes and pictures of your body parts sweating excessively.

6. Fluid Fetish for Pee

Urophilia, the fetish for pee, is something new in the industry, despite being fantasized for so long. Yes, Kactus Kutie is making freaking $58 per medical cup full of her urine.

Former OnlyFans content creator Kactus Kutie is popular for making videos of herself peeing and then selling the pee at $71 per jar. source

That’s perfectly legal on OnlyFans and other legitimate platforms such as Manyvids to sell urine unless it’s not the cause of transmitting bacteria and diseases.

You can record yourself peeing in your panties or take pictures during the act and sell it in exchange for big dollar notes. Not just that, you can also sell your undies and bottoms you peed in and charge extra for it.

7. Used Underwear

Well, all those who feel kinky for getting all wet and messy while making out are the ones who develop a fetish for dirty and used undergarments.

It’s mostly the underwear and particularly cum filled undies and not the one you wore for the whole day long.

You can earn real good if you’re interested in selling the undies you masturbated in. People also sell their videos of ejaculating in undies as proof that spices up the game.

It’s important that you consider safety and hygiene by sealing your used garments in a plastic bag before sending your order.

Also, it’s better to stay anonymous for such kinds of jobs or at least don’t share your personal address. Consider investing in a PO box if you have a return policy.

8. Auralism

The fetish for voice. You can absolutely host your voice recordings on OnlyFans and can earn lucratively.

Most girls have this kink for a male’s sexy, and heavy voice. There is a big demand for naughty voice-overs. So, you can have some dirty talk, or maybe record your voice while you masturbate. This can turn into a lot of money-making business.

Here’s one tip by a sex expert, Googy Howard, you can use to record a high-paying voice-over.

“Use your words and sounds to express your pleasure, and don’t be afraid to make noise,” Howard recommends.

Not just the human voice, any sexual act that can be heard clearly as much as one imagines while listening to those voice records, can be a perfect fetish item to put on sale.

Many people love the sound that arousal naturally brings via a lubricated vagina source

9. BDSM Fetish on Onlyfans:

Popular Fetish on Onlyfans such as BDSM
Popular Fetish on Onlyfans such as BDSM / Photo by Artem Labunsky / Unsplash

You might have watched that movie “50 Shades of Grey” where a billionaire found a girl and then he introduced her to the room where she find all the instruments like Blindfold clothes, Chocolate massage candle, pinky cuffs, egg vibrator, foreplay dice, and spanking rubber paddle.

There is some extreme version of this that isn’t allowed on Onlyfans but you can bring more audience by building your own site on other platforms.

Where to sell the fetish content?

You can sell the fetish content legally on many platforms. However, Reddit OnlyFans, FeetFinder(only for foot fetish), Manyvids are the perfect medium for you to advertise adult content.

Create your accounts with a choice for you to stay anonymous or sell your content under your real name. Set the subscription and PPV charges, and you are all set to post your pictures and videos on your profile.

You can also sell your demand bounded pictures exclusively to your customers who pay you for that.

You name a fetish, and you’ll find out it’s already been a part of OnlyFans content with millions of subscribers.

The platform is greatly known for the adult content and various fetishes such as a foot and fluid fetishes are the major source of income on OnlyFans.

However, the industry is quite competitive when it comes to selling fetishistic content for money.

The most popular pages on OnlyFans are those who are sex workers, celebrities, or content creators with a huge fan following on social media platforms such as Instagram.

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