Free Vs Paid OnlyFans Page: Make Money With Free OF Account?

difference between free OnlyFans page vs paid OnlyFans account

You can verify a free OnlyFans page and start making money posting free content. In this article, we have discussed a number of differences and benefits between a Free OnlyFans Vs a Paid one.

OnlyFans allows its creators to have two accounts without violating the terms and conditions. 

You could have one free and one paid page. Or you could opt for two paid or two free accounts. You also reserve the right to convert the free page to a paid page and vice versa. 

The system has sparked quite a dilemma amongst content creators. Free vs. paid OnlyFans page- which is better?

Should you be paid only? 

Can you even make money with a free OnlyFans page? Is it less or more profitable than a paid page?

Let’s find out. 

What Is OnlyFans?

OnlyFans homepage

Think of OnlyFans as the adult version of Patreon. It’s for content creators to interact with fans directly but also gather more in the process. There is no set content type. You could crochet on the platform if you wish. 

However, not-safe-for-work (NSFW) content is probably the most common. This could range from basic thirst traps and nudity to sexually explicit material. 

Creator tools include the ability to:

  • Message fans
  • Upload photos and videos
  • Live broadcasts. 

According to stories shared with Business Insider, Jade Nicole earns over $1 million on the platform from 1000 subscribers.

Nita Marie cashes in $1 million per month with over 50,000 subscribers. Though three platforms, including OnlyFans, has a part in her earning. 

It’s profitable for adult industry workers and people who want to explore their sexuality without going to a studio. 

Often, OnlyFans creators are solo women, men, non-binary, and agender folks. Many of them are couples who only create content with each other. 

As such, you have to be 18+ to consume or upload content. 

To weed out teenagers, the site asks you to;

  • Upload your credit card details
  • Connect your bank account
  • Takes a live picture of your face via a third-party company.
  • Match the photo to the one in your passport or driver’s license.

OnlyFans is not a niche site anymore, either. It hosts celebrities like Cardi B, Amber Rose, DJ Khaled, etc. 

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Free Vs. Paid OnlyFans Page: What Is The Difference?

Free OnlyFans Vs Paid OnlyFans

Some creators would argue there is no difference between a free and paid OnlyFans page. 

It is true for the most part. The features offered on the paid page are hardly more advanced than the non-paying one. The only and ultimate difference is your subscribers. 

On the free page, subscribers don’t have to pay anything to view your content. 

For the paid OnlyFans page, subscribers have to pay a fee. The fee can be anything you set, though it starts at $5 for most creators. 

Paid followers can renew their subscriptions per month or for a selected number of months. 

It is up to you to decide how many months of subscription they can opt for. Creators also offer a discount on the total cost if the fan decides to subscribe for a couple of months at once. 

For instance, you can set it so your fan may subscribe to you for $10 per month. If they renew every month, they will pay $120 for the entire year. However, if they pay 12 months in one go, they only have to pay $90. 

You can divide the payment plan into groups of three, six, and twelve months. Or you can form your subscription model in any other way you find convenient. 

Loads of subscribers only pay for the first month, view all the content behind the paid page, and never follow again. 

Your free page needs to exist to keep them tuned in. 

What makes subscribers cash out at all?

Well, the promise of exclusive content on your paid page. It is expected you will never post your paid content on your free account or any other social media. 

Some creators also lessen the overall price of pay-per-view content on their paid page. As it may save them money in the long run, fans might choose to pay the subscription fee. 

Other than this, the ways to make money from a paid OnlyFans page are the same.

Here is the TLDR version of the difference between a Free OnlyFans page Vs a Paid OnlyFans page.

  1. You can make money through a Free OnlyFans page as well as a Paid one.
  2. Most of the creators use a Free OnlyFans page for uploading free content and making a community. A paid page is for getting superfans.
  3. OnlyFans allows you to make a free as well as a paid OnlyFans page.
  4. You can make money through ways like selling customs, receiving a Tip on your free posts as well as in messages, and selling PPVs from your Free page.
  5. The big difference between a free OnlyFans page and a paid OnlyFans page is it is free to subscribe.

How to Make Money on a Free OnlyFans Page?

User interference of subscription on OnlyFans

Kati, an OnlyFans creator, claims she makes more from her free page. She has less than 100 subscribers on her paid page and more than 800 on free. Now, followers do not always translate to money. 

Her main income comes from sensual text exchange and custom content. 

Another confessed to making $3,000 per month on their free account but only $1,000 on their pay. 

Here are some ways creators are monetizing their free OnlyFans page. Also read: How to make money on OnlyFans?

1. Pay Per View Posts

Creators like Kayla only upload safe-for-work content on her free page. Anything risque is reserved for pay-per-view (PPV) posts. 

Think nude photos, pictures of your dirty socks, bra, etc. You place them behind a paywall.

On OnlyFans, the lowest you can set content fee is $3, and the highest is $50. Suffice it to say creators stick to the $10-$20 range. 

You can post the PPV to your wall and send it as a mass message to your followers. It’s a good idea to create an ultimate guide post with links to all the paywall content. 

Stick it to the top of your profile along with a tip menu

While you can upload videos behind a paywall on the free page, you can’t do it on the paid page. So, the free account can be an advantage here. 

Not all your fans would be willing to pay a subscription fee. But special content where they only have to shell out $8? Why not. 

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How Much Should I charge for PPV In Onlyfans?
How much should you charge for Pay-Per-View (PPV) based posts? This is a detailed guide for creators who are looking to priced their PPV and get more sales.

2. Paid Live-streaming

The psychology of PPV content applies to paid streams. 

New fans might not pay for your monthly content, but they could be curious about your live streams. 

You can make it so that free subscribers pay a minimum amount if they want to view your live show. Set it as low as $5 to encourage spending for each show. 

You can request people to pay for the live streams on the paid page, too. However, since your subscribers are already paying members, most creators steer clear of it. 

3. Tips

Two kinds of tipping occur on OnlyFans. 

One is random payments your fans may send you. They find the tip option under all your posts. It’s up to them how much they want to send. 

Another is a tip menu you set up for your live stream. You pin it to the top of the comment section and let people know about your pricing during the show, too. 

The price is based on actions your fans may ask you to do during the stream. 

A typical creator sets their tip menu like this:

  • $6 for pulling the top off
  • $8 for the bottoms
  • $11 for a bra
  • $14 for panties
  • $20 for full nudity. 

The extent of your show determines how varied the tip menu will be. If you are a strictly SFW creator, you can ask them for tips for tasks while producing your final content. 

For example, a musician may get a tip for playing the guitar. 

4. Messaging:

Fans have to pay a flat fee or a fee per message to interact with you.

It is up to you whether you want your fans to pay in one go and get the chance to interact with you for a lifetime. If it is a one-time payment, you should set it the highest you can. For payment per message, make it as low as possible. 

The maximum pricing limit on messages is $100, and the minimum is $3. Determine what pricing you will go for with it. 

5. Custom Requests

Fans can make custom requests via messages. There is no limit to how much they can pay. 

Negotiate with your client. Base your pricing on what they ask you to do. 

If they ask for a special selfie, $5 makes sense. Conversely, you are entitled to demand $200 if they ask for a video striptease. 

6. Promoting Other Creators

Other OnlyFans creators can pay you for giving them a shoutout on your page. Suppose you have 20,000 free followers. It’s lots of eyes on your content. 

If even 2,000 people follow the creator you gave a shoutout to, it’s a leg up for them. New OnlyFans influencers can pay you good money for this kind of promotion. 

Should You Make My OnlyFans Free?

How to make free OnlyFans page?

Are you planning on creating a new free page or turning your paid one into a non-paying one?

Seasoned OnlyFans creators Angel and Hannah Evans converted their paid page to free for a short period. 

Reasoning? It had nothing to do with money. They were experiencing burnout. 

Their paid page made them feel obligated to upload content for their followers constantly. 

So, yes, if you feel too pressured, temporarily shifting to a free page may be a good idea. 

The new subscribers who came because it’s free would leave the moment you go back to a paid page. 

  • 10 subscribers willing to pay $5 per month $50. 
  • 1000 followers unwilling to pay an ounce is $0. 

The same principle applies when transforming a free page into a paid one. 

It is smarter to have separate pages and never convert one to another. Both pages have their strength, which gets lost during the switch. 

Warning: All content behind the paywall instantly unlocks when you switch to a paid page. Your free subscribers will be able to view it all until their subscription runs out. 

New subscribers now have to pay money to view what used to be your free uploads but not your pay-per-view content. It is all under the subscription umbrella. 

Unless you go to each post and turn it back to PPV. 

Wrapping Up: Free Vs. Paid OnlyFans Page

If you are a small-time creator, a free OnlyFans page offers more earning opportunities. 

You have yet to cultivate the loyalty which makes subscribers want to pay for your monthly content. But you can entice them into paying for particular posts. 

The best option is to have both. Link the two pages. The subscribers who become proper fans will commit to your paid page. 

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