5 Best OnlyFans Management Softwares For Creators

What software can you use to manage your OnlyFans account? We have listed several of the best OnlyFans Software programs in this article that you could use to manage your OnlyFans messages and social media.  

You can make 50 to 60% more income with your OnlyFans page by having a team and working with management software where chatters or ghostwriters could help you make more money by upselling your content in messages and better managing your content. 

If you want to make $100k a month on OnluFans, you will need a team, and for the team, you need software to manage them and give your account access. This article is for anyone who is serious about making money on OnlyFans and looking to make big on the platform.

Best OnlyFans management software 

The following five are the best OnlyFans management software: 

  1. Working with an OnlyFans management agency 
  2. Infloww
  3. Fansmetric
  4. CreatorHero 
  5. OnlyCreator 

Let’s discuss each of these software in detail with their pros and cons: 

Working With an OnlyFans management agency:

ofagency.co OnlyFans management agency

If you are an OnlyFans creator who wants an expert team to take care of your account management, analytics, earnings, and marketing, you must consider hiring an OnlyFans marketing agency. An OnlyFans agency is a group of professionals that uses all necessary analytical tools and management software to help you maximize your growth on the platform. 

Want to know about the most credible OnlyFans agency on the internet? Let us help you.

OFAgency.co is the best OnlyFans agency, with a group of experts who care about your growth on the platform. The services of OFAgency include:

  • Digital Strategy: OFAgency creates a personalized digital strategy for every creator according to their preferences.
  • Content Management: From editing your pictures and videos to scheduling your posts, OFAgency focuses on everything to ensure top-notch content on your OnlyFans feed.
  • Provides Chatters: OFAgency’s chatters respond to your DMs 24/7 in order to sell your PPV content and take custom orders.
  • Data-Driven Approach: OFAgency deeply looks at your customer behavior and buying history to improve ROI on your OnlyFans account.
  • Effective Marketing: The marketing specialists at OFAgency use different methods, like social media campaigns, paid promotions, share-for-share, and ads, to diversify your content and convert buyers.

Working with an OnlyFans management agency could help you with making more money as they provide you with all the services to help you make more money on the platform and provide you chatters who are available 24/7 and upsell your content.

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Infloww: OnlyFans Management software:

Infloww OnlyFans software

When looking for the top OnlyFans management software that offers numerous engaging tools to agencies and individual creators, Infloww stands out from the competition. To better analyze the software, let us delve deeper into its features, benefits, and drawbacks.

Infloww for OnlyFans Management Agencies

Whether you are a beginner-level or intermediate-level OnlyFans management agency, Infloww can help your business with extraordinary Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Here’s how:

Helps Improve PPV Revenue of Your Models

As an OnlyFans management agency, your top priority must be maximizing your models’ PPV earnings to generate thousands of dollars monthly. Infloww understands your preferences and has simplified the procedure of identifying, responding to, and prioritizing the most valuable fans on your model’s OnlyFans account.

In order to increase your odds of getting PPV sales, Infloww spots the most highly spending subscribers by leveraging insights and key metrics. This way, chatters can focus on messaging top spenders and get increased chances of PPV sales.

Manages Agency Employees

Running an OnlyFans agency requires teamwork, and Infloww can help you manage, organize, and keep everyone in sync. The software assists you in monitoring the performance of your chatters and schedules shifts for every team member so everything stays well-organized. 

Re-engages Lost Subscribers 

The greater the fanbase of your models, the more they will earn on the platform. Infloww helps you reengage the unsubscribers through the auto-flow feature and allows you to get them back again. 

Infloww for OnlyFans Creators

As an OnlyFans creator, you must understand the importance of collaboration. Collaborating with other creators helps you reach a larger audience and grow your fanbase. Infloww helps OnlyFans creators organize their share for share in minutes instead of days and weeks. Sounds perfect, doesn’t it? 

Here is how Infloww helps OnlyFans creators grow their fanbase:

Connects You to Genuine OnlyFans Creators

Infloww saves you the effort you put in for many days to find genuine OnlyFans creators to collaborate with. Just link your OnlyFans creator profile with Infloww and get connected with thousands of real OnlyFans creators instantly.

OnlyFans creators can use Infloww’s personalized share-for-share link to promote their social media, Telegram, Discord, or any other channel with a single click. 

A Free 10 Day Trial

Creators can enjoy a 10-day free trial at Infloww to see how it helps them grow their fanbase and experience a faster share-for-share feature. 

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FansMetric: Best OnlyFans Management tool:

Fansmetric OnlyFans software

FansMetric is another all-in-one management software for agencies and creators that provides a data-driven approach to maximizing your earnings on OnlyFans. This analytical suite assists users in identifying their weaknesses, understanding revenue, and discovering endless opportunities to level up their growth on the platform. 

Below is a list of Fansmetric tools you can use to grow a genuine OnlyFans fanbase:

Analytics Dashboard

Fansmetric provides you with a personalized analytical suite where you can analyze your performance through revenue matrices and reports. The software offers professional-level analytical tools like ARPU and LTV to understand the critical metrics of your OnlyFans profile.

OnlyFans Super Powers Extension

Fansmetric offers features like the Fans Insight Sidebar to help you have a detailed look at your relationship with each client. Moreover, the enhanced emoji and script menus assist chatters in establishing better communication with clients. Other extensions, like an auto-upgraded chat menu and an auto follower for unsubscribers, can save you time while improving your OnlyFans performance. 

The software effortlessly tracks all significant metrics that are critical to the performance of your OnlyFans. For example, it informs you of the most recent trends on OnlyFans based on user behavior and what interests them the most. 

Three Simple Steps to Get Started with Fansmetric

All creators and OnlyFans agencies can take advantage of the 14-day free trial on Fandmetric before buying the subscription. Following the trial period, the platform charges a reasonable monthly fee of $39 for each OnlyFans account. Following are the three simple steps to get your Fansmetric journey started:

Step One: Registration For Fansmetric

Click the link to register for Fansmetric using your name, email address, and password. On the following page, you will choose whether you are an individual OnlyFans creator or an agency.

If you are an individual creator, inform the platform about the number of your OnlyFans account, and if you are applying as an agency, submit your agency name and the number of clients you manage.

Step Two: Download the Chrome Extension

Once you have submitted the required information, both creators and agencies must download the Chrome extension in order to sync your OnlyFans account with Fansmetric. 

Step Three: Sync Your OnlyFans Fansmetric

Log in after downloading the Chrome extension to your device, and let the extension automatically sync with your OnlyFans accounts. Tadaa! You are all set to enjoy the Fansmetric superpowers.

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CreatorHero Management software for OnlyFans

CreatorHero developed by OnlyFans agency owners, is the ideal all-in-one solution for new agency owners. Over 500 OnlyFans agencies rely on CreatorHero because of its guaranteed results. The platform claims to boost your chat revenue by 45% in just one month while saving you time to create premium-quality content. 

The Key Features of CreatorHero

Following are the features that will multiply your OnlyFans revenue through CreatorHero:

1. Monitor and Testify the TikTok Performance of Your OnlyFans Clients

CreatorHero can track your creators’ TikTok views, followers, and link clicks to see what drives the most engagement on the platform. 

2. Auto Notification for Expiring OnlyFans Subscribers

CreatorHero notifies you about the status of all fans on your OnlyFans account. The software enables you to instantly inform clients whose subscriptions are about to expire and urge them to renew their subscriptions.

3. Direct Access to OnlyFans Accounts

CreatorHero makes accessing OnlyFans quicker and smoother. As an agency, your team can access the OnlyFans accounts of your models directly through the software. You can also create various access options for each team member to ensure the security of your models and establish a disciplined work environment.

4. Auto Messaging Feature

With the CreatorHero messaging feature, you can automatically send welcome texts, promotional messages, and follow-ups to your OnlyFans audience.

5. Customer Analytics

The software provides smooth and time-saving access to customer analytics. For example, you can view your customers’ time zones, the money spent buying your content, and availability on the platform. 

6. Send Mass Messages

To increase the effectiveness of your texts, you can send personalized mass messages to your OnlyFans audience using their names. Additionally, the messages are visible in the priority tab to encourage reading. 

7. Tracks Performance

You can monitor the performance of your chatters and ghostwriters to see how much revenue they generate by selling content. 

Conclusively, CreatorHero is multipurpose software that eliminates the need for many other tools. OnlyFans creators can take a 14-day free trial to see how CreatorHero benefits their models. Later, they must buy one of the following licenses:

  • Basic License: $95 monthly per creator
  • Advanced License: $165 monthly per creator
  • Professional License: $242 monthly per creator
CreatorHero OnlyFans Management software

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OnlyCreator OnlyFans Management software

Are you ready to unleash the full potential of your OnlyFans accounts?OnlyCreators is a recommended tool to start your growth process today. The software is available for individual creators and agencies to enhance their overall performance on the platform.

The Key Features of OnlyCreators

Below is the list of features that OnlyCreators offers.

Saves Time

It has never been easier to switch between accounts. OnlyCreators enables quick switching between creator accounts and receives centralized notifications to speed up the process.

A Safe Access

With OnlyCreators, you do not have to share all the information with every team member of your agency. Instead, you can control who has access to private information about models. 

Monitor Team Performance

OnlyCreators helps agency managers view and monitor the performance of team members. It allows you to see which team members have remained active and generated the most revenue.

Client Insights

Agencies can gain actionable insights, such as their subscribers’ activity and time zones, to help you communicate with them at the right time. 

OnlyCreators offers a free trial for creators and agencies. After that, you must invest in one of the two payment plans. The basic plan costs $50 monthly for each OnlyFans profile, whereas the Pro plan costs $150 monthly for each OnlyFans creator account.

PS: Best OnlyFans Management Software, Tools, and Extensions

OnlyFans is a lucrative platform with endless opportunities for creators. At the same time, it is a highly profitable website for agencies that manage OnlyFans creator accounts. As an agency owner, you can make more accurate and strategic decisions if you use the right tools and software to manage your models’ OnlyFans accounts.

We hope the management software, tools, and extensions mentioned in this blog help you maximize your growth on OnlyFans.

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